Chapter 16 Part 2

Elena’s POV:


            “He exploded on them,” Zayn tells me as I packing my stuff while I listen carefully listening to his words. “He yelled and screamed, and I swear I thought he would’ve punched one of them. It was intense.”


            I sighed, putting my shoes in one of my suitcases. “He tried. That’s all that matters.”


            “But you can’t just leave,” Louis says stubbornly.


            “Well I am,” I give him a sad smile. “My flight leaves in one hour.”


            “It’s stupid how they’re making you leave so suddenly,” Niall grumbles. “Absolutely stupid.”


            I shrug as I zip up my suitcase and Liam speaks up. “You should talk to him,” he says, causing me to look at him. “Harry, I mean. You two barely speak to each other.”


            “Yeah, well,” I say, sitting down next to my duffel bag. “We don’t need reminders of what could have been.”


            Louis sits up. “Seriously,” he says. “He’s so grouchy, it’s not even funny anymore. You’re the only one who can calm him down, Elena, and you know that. You’ve always been the one to calm him down.”


            I bite my bottom lip, knowing he was right. I let out a sigh, standing up. “Fine. Where is he?” I ask.


            “In our hotel room,” Louis says. “Here’s the key.”


            Taking the key card from Louis, I walk out of my hotel room and down the hall to where Louis and Harry’s was. Unlocking it, I open the door and walk in, looking around for the curly haired boy.


            “Harry?” I call out in the empty room. “You in here?”


            “Elena?” I heard the familiar Cheshire accent speak, causing me to turn around. “What are you doing in here?”


            I bit my lip as Harry came into view, wearing a black tee and dark blue jeans. “I wanted.... I needed to talk to you. You know, to say goodbye.”


            Harry looks at me, his jaw clenching. “Why is it that everytime we have to talk, it’s to having to say goodbye?”


            I let out a small laugh. “I don’t know,” I say. “I guess nothing ever works out for us.” Furrowing my eyebrows, I add, “It’s like history repeating itself.”


            Harry frowns as well, tilting his head to the side in confusion. “What do you mean?”


            “Think about it,” I say. “When we were together in the beginning, my dad had forbidden us from seeing each other. He didn’t want me to do anything with you.”


            “And now it’s the same,” Harry continued, realization dawning on him. “Management’s doing the exact same thing your dad did,” he adds, and I nod in agreement.


            I sigh. “Except for this time we can’t do anything about it,” I say. “My... My flight leaves in half an hour.”


            Harry’s head snaps up. “So soon?” he asks and I nod sadly. I watch as Harry bites his pink bottom lip, his eyebrows scrunching together. He’s thinking about something, I know him too well. As his eyes catch mine, he takes a step closer. “Can I just... Try something?”


            My breath caught in my throat as Harry’s body towered over mine, my head tilting up so I could look at him properly. “Harry... W-What are you d-doing?” I manage to stutter out.


            Harry’s face was so close to mine, I could feel his hot, minty breath fanning my face. The tips of his curls were tickling my forehead as he leaned down, his nose now touching mine. “Just one last time,” his Cheshire accent murmured.


            If my heart had legs, it would have been long gone by now. I knew what Harry was thinking, and I made no move to stop him because I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to do exactly what was running through his mind, even if it went against Management’s stupid rules.


            My thoughts were cut short when I felt something soft come in contact with my lips. My heart beat picked up speed when I realized that it was Harry’s lips. Fluttering my eyes shut, I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands cupped my cheeks. The kiss was gentle and slow, a kiss that neither of us have shared before. In all honesty, it was the best kiss ever.


            When we pulled away, my hands were still on the back of Harry’s neck, too reluctant to let go. The room was completely silent, no sound being heard. Harry’s green eyes were a darker shade than usual, and my right hand slid from the back of his neck to touch his right cheek.


            “I’ll see you soon,” I say.


            “Real soon,” Harry says with a small smile.


            Returning his smile, I lean up and peck Harry’s left cheek, letting my lips linger there for a few seconds. When the two of us fully pull away, I leave Harry’s room, turning around once to look at the curly haired boy. “Bye, Harry,” I say, already feeling the tears sting the corner of my eyes.


            “Bye, Elena,” Harry’s throaty voice speaks, causing my stomach to churn.


            Exiting his hotel room, I return to my own where the rest of the boys were. As soon as I do, I’m being pulled into a group hug by the boys. I gladly hug them all back, and that’s when the water works start.


            “Don’t cry, El,” Zayn says. “We’ll definitely see you again.”


            “Yeah. You live in LA, and we always come by now and then,” Niall adds cheerfully.


            I shake my head. “I’ll just miss all of you.”


            “We’ll miss you too, don’t worry, babe,” Liam smiles.




            I stare out the small window of the plane solemnly, my stomach churning with all sorts of emotions. Anger, sadness, bitterness, and so many other things. This was way too familiar, and I didn’t like it. This exact same thing happened a year ago; me having to say goodbye to my best friends and the one guy that I love and leaving them.


            There’s always something or someone getting in the way of our relationship.


            And I was sick of it.


            Sick of Harry and I have to be hiding. Sick of not being able to be with him. Sick of the fake relationship he has. Sick of people telling us what to do. And sick of us not being able to be that high school couple that were so in love. It was like it was Harry and I against the world, and we were losing.


            But then again, I guess this is just the world telling us that it’s not going to work out. That Harry and I are not meant to be after. This whole thing is just a joke, and it’s obvious that Harry and I aren’t going to work out.


            So might as well just give up on it.