Chapter 16 Part 1

Elena’s POV:


            It pained me, seeing those two acting all lovey-dovey even though I knew it was only for the cameras. It made my heart churn and stomach twist, knowing Harry and I were never able to go in public and act like that ever since the two of us got back together. But seeing Harry and Tanya do what Harry and I could have done pained me, and I can’t help but admit it.


            He was mine first. I fell in love with him long before One Direction, and he fell in love with me. I still love him, and probably always will. It’s just upsetting that no one else knows that, except for him and the boys and our friends, of course. But it just hurt. It hurt so much and I couldn’t do anything about it.


            Of course, I wasn’t going to mention it in front of Tanya or any of the boys. It would just make me sound selfish. I can’t go against Management’s rules; who knows what they will do if I go against them. For now, I just have to suck it up and let Harry and Tanya be in their fake relationship.


            We were currently in Sheffield, and since I was the first to wake up, I decided to go out for a jog. So in my black yoga pants that went to my knees, sneakers, a tank top, and a light hoodie, I tied my hair into a high pony tail and started jogging with my earphones plugged in and music blasting. The jog was calm and relaxing, helping me get my mind off of the issue at hand.


            As I jogged past a magazine stand, I suddenly stopped as my eyes glanced at the cover picture of one of the magazines. Looking closely, my heart dropped to my stomach as I saw a picture of Harry and Tanya kissing while they were out in public. I swallowed down the lump in my throat as I looked at the picture, my heart breaking.


            It’s just for show, Elena. It doesn’t mean anything.


            I kept repeating that in my head, but other thoughts continued to swirl around. What if Tanya actually fell for Harry? Or worse, what if Harry fell for Tanya? He would just forget about me, and I would just be the photographer for One Direction. It already pains me enough to see them put on a show like this, but what if it becomes real? What if Harry starts to grow feelings for Tanya?


            Stop thinking about the what ifs! Harry loves you, not her.


            I shook my head, turning up the volume of my music as I continued my jog. After jogging for a while, I went back to the tour bus. Once there, I open the door and step inside the bus, a sigh escaping my lips as I shut the door. I was sweaty, obviously, so I went up the bus to take a quick shower in the bus’s bathroom. The boys were out for an interview, I think, so I was alone in the bus. After taking a shower, I sat down on the bus’s couch, waiting for the boys to return.


            Suddenly, my phone dinged. Looking at it, I saw that it was a new email that I had recieved. Though my eyebrows furrowed when I saw who it was from.


From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dear Ms. Carter,


We are sorry to tell you that your services as One Direction’s photographer are no longer needed. You have noticably broken a few of the rules that were set out for you, and we can’t do anything but replace you. If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call us on our number below.


Wishing you the best,


Modest! Management


            My eyes widened by the end of the email, my phone dropping from my hand and landing on my lap. Was I seriously being fired? For what?! I didn’t even do anything! This was unbelievable and confusing, since I was being fired for no specific reason. They can’t just fire me like that – just out of the blue. Being One Direction’s tour photographer was my biggest assignment yet, and now it’s no longer mine anymore.


            Just then, the front door of the bus swung open, revealing five loud and chattering boys. “Elena, we –” Louis cut himself off when he saw my face. “Love, what’s wrong?”


            I look up at the five boys who are looking down at me in confusion and worry. “I-I got fired as your ph-photographer,” I stutter out, myself being so confused.


            “What?!” Harry’s voice exclaimed loudly than everyone else’s. “When? Why?!”


            All I do is silently hand over my phone to Harry, who looks down and reads the email along with the boys around him, leaning over to get a glimpse of the email. When they finish reading it, their heads snap up and stare at me with wide eyes.


            “What did you do?” Niall asks.


            “I wish I knew!” I say in frustration. “I have no clue why they’re doing this.”


            “This is so stupid,” Liam frowns. “They wouldn’t be doing this for no reason.”


            Zayn nods. “Yeah, Management may be annoying, but they’re not that unreasonable.”


            “Well, when you find out why they’re firing me, please, let me know,” I sigh.


            My eyes lock with Harry’s, and I can clearly see the anger swirling in them. He’s gripping my phone tightly in his hand, and I was afraid that he would snap it in half. I know about Harry’s anger issues, he had them since high school. So I know he would blow up any second now. He was like a bomb, ticking until it was finally time for it to explode.


            I bit my bottom lip as Harry dropped my phone on the couch, his right hand reaching up as he ran it through his brown hair. “We need to talk to Management about this,” he says, “ask them what the fuck they think they’re doing.”


            “Yeah, but when?” Louis asks.


            Harry’s jaw clenches. “Now.”