Chapter 15

Elena’s POV:                                                                                


            His new, fake girlfriend. How the hell does that even make sense?! Didn’t Management break us up for the sole purpose of having Harry stay single? I started to feel a burning sensation in my stomach, my jaw clenching at the sight of the two. Yeah, I was jealous, and I had every right to be. This whole looks fucked up, and I’m going to get to the bottom of this.


            I swivel around, looking at the four boys who had worried looks on their faces. “What the hell?” I hiss angrily.


            “Talk to Harry about it, alright?” Liam says quietly. “He’ll explain everything to you.”


            Before I could argue, the familiar husky voice spoke. “Hey, guys.” I turned back around and my blue eyes locked with Harry’s green ones. His eyes showed concern, because he knew how I would feel about all of this. “Elena, this is Tanya. Tanya, this is Elena. Our, um, photographer.”


            “Nice to meet you,”  Tayna smiles. Her smile was anything but fake – it was genuine and real.


            “You too.” I can’t help but return her smile. Looking back at the curly haired boy, I ask, “Harry, can I talk to you for a minute?”


            “Uh, s-sure,” he says, biting his bottom lip.


            The two of us walked away from the lads and Tanya, turning around the corner. When we were out of sight and ear shot, I glared at Harry. “What the hell is going on?” I ask angrily. “I thought the whole point of us breaking up was so that you could keep your ‘ladies man’ image. Last time I checked, paying a bimbo to be your girlfriend doesn’t help.”


            “Look, Elena, I know you’re mad and you have every right to be,” Harry started and I rolled me eyes. “Trust me, I asked Management about the same thing and I wasn’t happy either. They told me instead of being single, getting a model as a girlfriend would help my image even more...”


            A model, so that’s what she is.    


            “And having a regular girl who’s your photographer destroys your image,” I say a matter-of-factly. “Alright, then.”


            “Elena,” Harry begins, taking a step towards me as I stand my ground. “You know this isn’t how I wanted things to be. I love you and only you. Always did and always will. This whole Tanya thing will be over soon, trust me. She’s not that bad once you get to know her.”


            I shake my head in defeat, my hair falling to my side to cover my cheeks. “This just isn’t fair.”


            “I know, love,” Harry sighs. I then feel his fingers on my chin, lifting up my head so he can look into my light blue eyes. “But trust me when I tell you this; nothing it going to happen between Tanya and I, alright? I promise.”


            I give him a small smile. “I’m holding on to that one, Styles.”


            Harry smirks. “Alrighty then, Little Miss Perfect.”


            My eyes widen and jaw dropped as Harry’s smirk widens as he walks away. Little Miss Perfect. I think that was the highlight of my day.




            The knocking on my hotel room door was the first thing I heard as I stepped out of the bathroom from my shower. Letting my wet hair fall on my back, I put the towel on a chair and walked towards the door. Opening it up, it shocked me to see Tanya standing there. She was wearing a floral dress that when down to her mid-thigh and was strapless, and white flats. Her hair was perfectly straightened, and make up wasn’t over done.  


            “Hey,” she gives me a smile. “Can I come in?”


            “Uh, yeah, sure,” I say, confused to as why she is here. Opening the door wider, I let her walk in and close the door behind me. “Um, what’s up?”


            Tanya turns to me and offers a small smile. “Look, I know what happened between you and Harry. And I just want to let you know I have no intentions of getting in between you two.”


            I was taken aback, to say the least. “Wait, what?” I frown.


            “I know how you and Harry were together, and how their Management didn’t exactly like the idea of you two being together,” Tanya explains. “But I’m just letting you know that I have no intentions with Harry. Yeah, he’s a great guy but he’s yours. I would never steal someone else’s boyfriend.”


            “He’s not my boyfriend. Or well, not anymore,” I murmur as I sit on the edge of the bed.


            “I know,” Tanya says, giving me a sympathetic smile. “But don’t just give up, you know? Fight for it. I swear, I won’t try anything with him. And if I do, feel free to punch me in the face.” I laugh at that, shaking my head as she joins me. “Seriously, though. I have this other guy I like, but my agent won’t let me be with him since he’s a ‘nobody.’ But hey, us girls have to fight for what we want.”


I grin at her, tilting my head to the side. “You know what, Tanya? You’re not so bad.”


Tanya grins widely, revealing her perfect white teeth. “Thanks,” she says.


“So hey, are you staying around for the tour or what?” I ask, turning my body a bit to look at her.


“Unfortunately, yes,” she sighs. “I know you don’t want to see Harry be with someone else, but trust me, other than being in public, Harry and I aren’t going to act all touchy-feely with each other.”


I laugh. “Alright then.”


“And just between you and I,” Tanya says, leaning in. With a whisper, she adds, “I totally ship Helena.”


And with that, I burst into laughter.