Chapter 13

Elena’s POV:


            “I don’t even know how this happened,” I groaned in annoyance, turning my body so my face was buried in my pillows.


            “You probably caught it while we were travelling,” Niall says as he sits cross legged on the floor of the hotel room we were at.


            I turn again so I’m staring above at the room’s ceiling. “Well this is great,” I say sarcastically.


            “Don’t worry, babe,” Harry gives me a smile as he sits on the edge of the bed, lifting up my feet and putting them back down on his lap. “You’ll get better soon.”


            I groan once again, my right hand on my forehead, which was burning like fire. I frowned at that and Zayn sensed something wrong, reaching forward and touching my forehead. “Shit, Elena, you’re burning up.”


            “Yeah, I know,” I sigh as Zayn pulls back his hand.


            “We need to get you some medicine,” Liam says, standing up. “I think we have something.”


            I watch as he opens up one of his bags, pulling out a bottle of some sort of medicine. “You carry around medicine with you?” Louis asks, raising an eyebrow.


            “Yes, for situations like this,” Liam says, handing me the bottle. “Take a spoonful of this.”


            I nod, sitting up as I take a spoon Liam handed me. Harry gives me a glass of water, and I take the bitter tasting medicine, scrunching up my face in disgust. “That was revolting,” I say, putting the glass and spoon on the bedside table.


            “You’ll get used to it,” Harry says.


            I roll my eyes. “Thanks,” I say sarcastically.


            Suddenly, Louis’s phone rang. “Hello?” he answered it. “Hey, Paul. Really? Now? Um, alright, I’ll let them know. Okay, bye.” He hung up, and looked at us with a sympathetic look directed towards me. “We have an interview to go to... Right now.”


            “What?” Harry frowns. “No. No way am I leaving Elena by herself.”


            “I’m a big girl, Harry,” I roll my eyes. “I’m capable of taking care of myself.”


            “But you’re sick,” he tries to argue.


            “Sick, not dying,” I tell him with a small smile. “Now go, you have an interview to go to.”


            He looks at me, and then sighs. Kissing my forehead, he gets up and after saying goodbye to me, the boys all leave the hotel room. I guess I’ll take a nap.


Harry’s POV:


            The lads and I enter the hotel suite, laughing loudly at a joke that Louis just told us. As I head over to Elena and my shared room, I call out for her to see if she was alright. Though all I was answered by was a sound of someone throwing up.   


            “Elena?” My eyes widen in panic as I run towards the bathroom, throwing open the door.


            There, I see Elena on the floor of the bathroom, hunched over the toilet bowl as she throws up her lungs into the toilet bowl, pulling her own hair back. “Shit,” I curse as I walk over to her, standing behind her as I gather up her long hair and pull it behind her head.


            “Shh, shh, you’re okay,” I whisper, rubbing her back with my other hand in a soothing way. When Elena was done, I got her up to her feet. “Come on, let’s clean you up.”


            After Elena washed her face, we go back into the bedroom as she plops down on the bed, burying her face in the bed. “I hate the taste of throw up,” she mumbles.


            “I think everyone does, babe,” I chuckle softly, sitting down as well and rubbing her back.  “We should get you to a doctor.”


            “Harry, I’m fine,” Elena says, turning her head to look at me.


            I look down at her, raising an eyebrow. “Babe, you were practically coughing up blood,” I tell her. “We’re taking you to a doctor.”


            She huffs. “You worry too much.”


            “Only for you,” I say with a cheeky wink, causing her to chuckle.




            “It looks like the flu hit you hard, Ms. Carter,” Dr. Dawson says as he returns into the room. “You have a fever of 101.2, sore throat, your nose is a bit stuffy, and not to mention the nausea you have been feeling,” he explains.


            Elena sighs as she sits on the hospital bed, her legs dangling off the edge as I hold her hand, rubbing circles with my thumb on the back of her palm. “What do you want me to do, doc?”


            “Rest is the number one thing you need,” Dr. Dawson explains. “Don’t wear yourself out too much. And try to stay away from eating any dairy products – they’ll make your nausea worse.” He then writes something down on his small note pad, rips it off, and hands it to me. “Make sure she drinks this medicine twice a day, one in the morning and another at night.” Looking back at Elena, he says, “If you feel like you can’t breathe or continue vomiting persistantly, see me or any other doctor that’s close to where you are.”


            Elena nods and I smile at the doctor. “Thank you, Dr. Dawson. Appreciate it.”


            Dr. Dawson nods and after saying goodbye, leaves the room. Elena hops off the bed and sighs. “Let’s go; I’m knackered.”


            “You and me both, babe,” I tell her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as the two of us walk out of the hospital room.  The two of us exit the hospital, getting in the car and driving back to the hotel. Little did either of us know, that there was a sneaky paparazzi who got a picture of us together – and if that picture releases, we’re in big trouble with the big guys.