Chapter 12

Harry’s POV:


            “To keep it down low, that’s all we asked you for, Harry,” Bruce exclaims. “And what do you do? You take her out and get mobbed!”


            “I said I was sorry!” I reply, looking at his angry face on my laptop screen. “We didn’t think anyone would recognize us, since it was late at night.”


            “You’re Harry Styles,” Fred says, as if I needed a reminder. “You have the most well-recognized faces in the world. You’d be stupid to think that they wouldn’t know it’s you.”


            I clenched my jaw tightly, containing myself from telling him to fuck off. Instead, I let out a heavy sigh through my nose, balling up my fists. “So what can I do?” I ask.


            Bruce, Fred, Martin, and Robert exchange looks before looking back at me – or well, the computer screen. “If anyone asks, you two were just grabbing some dinner for yourselves and the rest of the lads. You two are strictly friends, that’s all,” Martin says.


            I nod, a small smile on my lips. “Alright, got it,” I say.


            “But,” Robert suddenly says, and I grow tense. “If this happens again, Harry, you two are done.”


            My eyes widen. “What?!” I shout. “You can’t do that!”


            “We can and we will,” Fred says.


            “So I suggest you be careful next time,” Bruce says. And before I could argue, the Skype call had come to an end.


            I glared at the blank screen, my jaw clenching and unclenching. I shut the lid of the laptop hard, earning a loud smack sound as it did so. My hands tangled themselves in my curls as I tugged at them slightly, my nerves wracking and thoughts all jumbled up. One more slip up, and Management would end my relationship with Elena. I can’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen.


            Suddenly, the hotel room’s door swung open and revealed Elena. She was clad in dark blue short denim shorts, showing off her tanned legs, black sandals, a dark purple tank top with a dark red button down over it with the buttons un-done and sleeves rolled up, and her light brown hair tied into a braid that fell over her right shoulder. When she saw my state, her smile disappeared and she closed the door.


            “Harry, what’s wrong?” Elena asks, walking over to me.


            I shake my head, sighing as I push the laptop further down the bed. “Managment,” is all I mutter.


            Elena frowns slightly, sitting criss-cross on the bed in front of me. “What happened?” she asks.


            “They’re angry about what happened yesterday,” I tell her with a sigh.


            “I figured,” she replied, biting down on her bottom pink lip softly. “What did they say?”


            “To make sure that it never happens again, or else...” I trailed off, swallowing the lump that started to form in my throat.


            Elena’s frown deepened, her blue eyes swirling with confusion. “Or else what, Harry?”


            “Or else we’re going to have to break up,” I tell her in a rush.


            Her frown disappeared suddenly, and her eyes widened in panic. “What?!” she exclaims. “They can’t... they can’t do that, can they?”


            “I don’t know,” I tell her honestly, sighing slightly. “But we need to take in account that they can. And if they can, then we have to be careful.”


            Elena lets out a breath of disbelief, moving her head as she looks down on the carpetted floor. “I can’t believe this,” she says, her voice barely above a whisper.


            I bite my bottom lip. “Neither can I, love,” I say. I then take her hands in mine, running my right thumb over her knuckles. “But don’t worry, we’re gonna be fine. We’ll just have to make sure not to be too....”


            “Couple-y,” Elena finished off for me, and I nodded in agreement.


            “But for now...” I trail off, a smirk forming on my face. “We can be as couple-y as we want to be,” I finish, pulling Elena towards me.


            She laughs as I press my lips to her’s softly. Elena laughs through the kiss, and I bring my hands up as I cup her cheeks, moving my lips with hers. Just as I bit her bottom lip, Elena pulled away with a small smile on her face.


            “I wanna sleep,” she says.


            My lips part. “You’re such a tease.”




Elena’s POV:


            The thought of Management forcing Harry and I to break up terrifies me. The two of us only just got back together, and to break up? Just the thought of that happening makes my heart clench and stomach twist in the most unpleasant way possible. If they break us up, I won’t be able to work with the boys anymore. Seeing him and knowing I can’t be with him will might as well just kill me.


            I looked out the window of the moving tour bus, watching as we passed fields and fields of nothing but green and yellow grass. The boys were all taking naps in their bunks, obviously exhausted from the concert that just happened a couple of hours ago. I was sitting by myself in the living room area of the bus, stretching my legs on the couch. The bus rattled and shook as the driver drove us to our next destination, which I was too lazy to find out.


            Suddenly, the urge to sneeze came over me. I tried to hold it back, but to no avail as I let out a sneeze, covering my mouth and nose. “Whoa there,” a husky voice spoke, and I looked up to see a shirtless Harry. He had bed hair, and was wearing only sweatpants that had his waist band of the boxers peeking out. “Bless you.”


            “Thanks,” I sniffle, grabbing a tissue as I rub my nose.


            “You’ve been sneezing a lot lately,” Harry furrows his eyebrows as he makes his way over to me. He sits down next to me and I turn my body to face him.


            “Probably just allergies,” I say. “No biggie.”


            Harry didn’t look convinced. “Are you sure?”


            I nod, giving him a smile. “Positive.”


            At the end of the day, it turns out I had the damned flu.