Chapter 11

Elena’s POV:


            The tour was going on really great. We were currently in Birmingham, meaning that Eleanor and Danielle were no longer with us. At the moment, we had just gotten back from the boys’ concert, and were in the hotel room. Normally, the photographer doesn’t stay in the same room as one of the boys. But since I was Harry’s girlfriend, they let him and I share a room while the other boys split rooms as well.


            I was currently in Harry and I’s shared hotel room and sitting on the bed, cross legged as I stared at my MAC laptop screen. I had uploaded the pictures I had taken so far of the boys and looking through them, and I have to say, they all came out great.


            As  I clicked through the pictures, Harry walked in the hotel room, shutting the door behind him. I looked up at him and he gave me a smile which I returned, before my eyes returned to the laptop screen.


            “What are you looking at?” Harry questions, walking over.


            “The pictures,” I answer.


            “Ooh, I wanna see!” he exclaims, belly flopping on the bed next to me and resting his chin in the palms of his hand.


            I laugh as the two of us look through the different pictures, Harry commenting on each one saying how amazing it turned out, causing me to blush. Once we were done looking through the pictures, Harry had laid down on his back on the bed and turned his head to look at me with those gorgeous green eyes.


            “I always knew you had an amazing talent for photography,” he comments.


            “Oh, really?” I ask with a smile, putting my laptop away and lying down on my stomach, propping myself up on my elbows and keeping my face close to Harry’s.


            “Really,” Harry answers with a dimply smile. “You are the most talented photographer I know, period,” he says.


            I blush. “And you’re the most sweetest and most talented singer I know, period.”


            Harry chuckles softly, before pressing his lips to mine. When we pull away, Harry’s green eyes lock with my blue ones. “Have you realized how much we kiss each other’s butts?”


            I throw my head back and laugh, nodding. “I did, actually,” I say. “But hey, what else can we do?”           




            “You guys got dinner without us?!” I exclaim, looking at the four guilty looking boys.


            “Well, no one wanted to come into your guys’ room and accidently witness you two trying to make babies!” Louis exclaims defensively. My cheeks burn and eyes widen at his comment, glaring at him.


            “Lou!” Harry shouts exasperatedly, shaking his head. I huff as Harry looks at me. “Come on, we’re going to grab some food.”


            I mentally thank this boy as I glare at the snickering boys, walking past them as Harry and I exit Louis and Zayn’s hotel room. Grabbing our coats from our own rooms, Harry and I go into the elevator and down to the lobby, taking the back exit out of the hotel. As the two of us walk in the streets of Birmingham, I feel Harry’s left hand grasp my right, bringing a small smile on to my face.


            It’s scary how just his touch can make me smile.


            “Where are we going?” I ask Harry. Hey, I’ve never been in Birmingham.


            Harry thinks for a moment. “I know this great diner around the corner. Come on.”


            The two of us walk to wherever Harry was taking us, and soon enough we reach this diner. We walk in, and I ask, “Are we eating here or back at the hotel?”


            “Let’s go back at the hotel,” Harry says quietly.


            I nod and the two of us go up front and order our food. When we finally get it, Harry pays for it and we leave the diner, only to be bombarded with dozens of flashing cameras.


            “Fuck,” Harry curses. “Keep your head down,” he says in my ear. I silently nod as Harry pushes through the crowd, leading me with him.


            “Is this your girlfriend, Harry?!”


            “What’s her name?!”


            “Isn’t that the photographer?!”


            “Are you two together?!”


             I don’t think Management is going to be too happy about this.