Chapter 10

Elena’s POV:


            “Elena,” a voice whispers, making me stir.


            My eyes fluttered open and when they did, they locked with green ones. I let out a small yawn as I sit up on Harry’s bed. I guess the jet lag had caught up to me, and I fell asleep while the boys were at their meeting. Sitting up, I rubbed my eyes as I looked at the curly haired boy sitting on the bed in front of me.


            “Hey, what’s up?” I ask sleepily.


            “Sorry I woke you,” Harry apologized. “But I need to tell you something.” I nodded, telling him to continue. “Management knows about us dating, and they think that it’s best if we keep it down low for a while. Like, not go out in public too much.”


            “How come?” I furrow my eyebrows slightly.


            “They don’t want it to look like that the only reason we hired you was because you’re in a relationship with me. You’re here because what you do is great, and we don’t want fans and the media thinking we pulled some strings or something,” Harry explained to me. “Please understand.”


            I think it over for a bit, making sense of it all. It was a good idea, actually. His management would tell us when we could make it public – which would probably be somewhere in between the tour. And then when we do, people will think that we got together while on tour, not before. I guess it could work.


            I then chuckle softly a his worried expression. “I understand, Harry,” I assure him, and laugh at how visibly relaxed he looked. “To be honest, I’m glad your management decided that.”


            “Really?” Harry asks, surprised. I nod and he grins. “Thank God.”


            I laugh, shaking my head. “You thought I’d actually be upset?”


            “Yeah,” Harry admits a bit sheepishly.


            I roll my blue eyes, patting his right cheek and keeping my hand there. “Well, you were wrong.”


            Harry smiles, dimples in view as he leans in a bit. “Good, because for now,” he whispers, his lips brushing over mine slightly, “you’re my dirty little secret,” he finishes off, pressing his lips to mine.




            “El! Dani!” I squeal in excitement, tackling the two girls in a bear hug.


            “Elena!” the two of them exclaim, hugging me back as well.


            I pull away, grinning at the two girls. “I haven’t seen you in forever,” I grin. “How have you been?”


            “Great, thanks,” I smile. “What about you?”


            “Good,” Danielle smiles. “Gosh, you look stunning!”


            I blush, smiling. “Not as stunning as you two!”           


            “Okay, we all look stunning! Now can we please head into the dressing room now?” Louis interrupts our little reunion.


            Eleanor rolls her eyes at her boyfriend as we follow him inside the boys’ dressing room. Inside, the boys were getting ready for the concert, putting on their performance clothes as their make up artist, Lou Teasdale, and stylist Caroline assisted them in getting ready.


            As I caught up with Eleanor and Danielle, I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and a chin rest on my shoulder. The two girls grinned widely, with Eleanor sending me a wink as the two girls go to their own boyfriends. I chuckled softly, knowing exactly who it was.


            “What do you want?” I chuckle, staying still.


            “You know exactly what I want,” Harry’s voice murmured in my ear.


            I let out a laugh, turning around so I can look at the green eyed boy. “You perverted boy,” I say, shaking my head.


            “I’m not perverted,” Harry says defensively.


            I roll my blue eyes. “You’re right, you’re not,” I tell him. “You’re a harmoned-crazed teenage boy.”


            Harry smirks, pecking my lips. “Bingo.”


            “Okay, boys, it’s time for you to go on!” Paul announces.


            “Good luck,” I grin at Harry.


            “Thanks, babe,” he winks, pecking my lips again softly.


            With that, the five boys leave the room, and Paul takes the girls and I to our seats. We got good enough seats for me to take great shots of the boys and enjoy the concert as well. As the concert started, I got my camera ready and started taking pictures of the boys singing and jumping around on stage.


            As the boys went back stage for their first outfit change, a girl standing near me looked at me. “Why were you taking so many pictures?” she asks politely. “Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the show?”


            I chuckle. “Sorry, love, but I’m gonna have to see these boys for the rest of the tour,” I tell her. “I’m their photographer for the tour.”


            Her eyes widen, a gasp escaping her lips. “Oh my God!” she exclaims. “So you’re gonna be with them the entire time?”


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah.”


            “Can you please give this to Niall?” she asks, holding out a necklace. On it was a single pendant that was green and silver, shaped like the four-leafed clover. “I love him so much, it’d be amazing if he had this!”


            I chuckle and nod, taking the necklace from her. “Don’t worry, love. I’ll give it to him. What’s your name?”


            “Julie,” she answers with a smile.


            “Well, Julie,” I say, putting the necklace in my pocket. “I’ll give Niall the necklace. But you should go back to your seat; the boys are about to come back on.” Julie nods and goes to her seat, just in time for the boys to run back on stage.


            The concert was amazing, of course. It was the first show for the Take Me Home tour, and all the fans seemed to enjoy it and I got some amazing shots of the boys. When the concert ended, Paul came back and took Eleanor, Danielle, and I back stage to get to the boys. When we got there, I turned to the Irish boy.


            “A fan of yours, Julie, wanted you to have this, Nialler,” I smile, giving him the necklace.


            He looks at it and then grins, his right thumb and index finger holding the pendant. “Aw, it’s awesome!” he grins, putting it around his neck. Niall lifts up the pendant and grins widely. “It even has something engraved on it! ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish!’” he laughs.


            Louis walks up and places a sloppy kiss on Niall’s cheek, to which the blonde boy cringes at. “Ew, Louis!”


            “What?” Louis shrugs. “You said to kiss you.”


            Niall laughs, wiping off his cheek. “I didn’t mean literally, you doofus.”


            Louis smirks, sitting down on the couch next to Eleanor. “Be more specific next time, mate.”