Chapter 9

Elena's POV:


"Call me soon, alright?" Mum smiles. "Have fun out there."


I smile and nod. "Alright, Mum," I say.


She smiles back, kissing my forehead. I then give Melody a hug as she squeezes me. "Have fun, babe," she says. "I'll miss you."


"I'll miss you too," I smile.


After saying our goodbyes, the boys, Paul, and I went to where our plane was boarding. We all were in first class, now waiting for the plane to take off. Harry and I sat together as Louis and Zayn sat in front of us, and Niall and Liam sat on the opposite side of the plane behind Paul. As I looked to my right out the small window of the unmoving plane, I felt something playing with my left hand. Turning my head back, I saw Harry looking down at my hand, his fingers fiddling with my own.


"Having fun there?" I ask with a smile.


Harry's head snapped up and he looked at me, a smile spreading across his face. "Sure am," he replies. I laugh, shaking my head as he picked up my hand and examined it. "Did your hand get smaller?"


"No!" I exclaim, pulling my hand from his grasp. "Yours just got bigger."


"Rude," Harry gasps with a laugh.


I roll my eyes. "Says the guy who called my hands small."




"Welcome to London," Harry grinned as we drove along the streets of the beautiful city.


We had landed fifteen minutes ago, and it took us a while to get our bags at the airport. And then we had to go through the airport itself, and it didn't help that over fifty of the boys' fans surrounded us. They all got confused as to who I was, but we didn't tell them. The boys had taken a couple of pictures, until Paul pulled us away and put us in the van where we were now.


"By the way, boys," Paul suddenly says, turning around to look at us. "You have a meeting with Management soon. We'll drop off Elena at the flat and then we'll go."


The boys nodded and I shrugged, indifferent. I had come to learn that all of the boys had moved into a big flat complex, getting their own flats while Louis and Harry shared one together. While we were in London, we would be staying at the flat so we didn't have to waste any money on a hotel. I mean, why bother?


When the van pulled up in front of a building, Harry opened the door. "I'll take her up and then come down."


Paul nods as Harry and I grab my bags and walk towards the entrance. A burly looking man was standing there, like he was on gaurd. "Afternoon, Mr. Styles," he smiles.


"Hey, Roy," Harry grins. "This is my girlfriend, Elena. Elena, this is Roy, our doorman."


"Hi," I smile politely, and he smiles back.


Harry and I then enter the building, where he takes me up to his flat. When we get there and I enter, my eyes widen. Louis and Harry's flat was big and beautiful, to say the least. White couches and a beige carpet, and a window with a beautiful view of London. The kitchen was gigantic, and the living room wasn't too small either. Harry put my bags down and turned to me.


"You're staying in my room," he says. "The lads and I will be back soon, so make yourself at home."


I smile and nod. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."


Harry chuckles. "Alright," he says, before leaning in and pressing his lips to mine softly. "See you."


"Bye," I say quietly, and Harry turns to leave. I look around the flat, a sigh escaping my lips. "What to do now..."


Harry's POV:


"So we heard that you have a girlfriend, Harry," one of the men from our Mangement, Bruce, says.


I frown, sitting up in my chair as I was previosly slouching. "Um, yeah," I say, confused as to what Elena had anything to do with this. "Why?"


The four men exchanged looks with each other as I looked at Louis worriedly before looking back. "You see, Harry," the other guy, Martin, speaks up. "You are still very well known as the flirt of the group; the player." I may or may have not flinched at the last word. "And with you having a girlfriend, it can ruin that image for you."


"I don't care about that image," I say matter-of-factly. "In fact, I hate it. I hate being known as the player of the group."


"Yes, but the fans don't," man number three, Robert, says. "They love seeing you as the single lad who just roams around, doing whatever we wants."


"But Niall's single too," I remind them.


The fourth guy, Fred, nods. "Yes, he is, but the fans love him the way he is now, and if we try to change him into a flirt or player, they would loathe it."


"So what are you trying to say?" Zayn frowns. "Do you want Harry and Elena to break up?"


I freeze at that sentence, my hands gripping the ends of the arms of the chair tightly. Bruce then looks at me through curious eyes. "How long have you known this girl?"


"We were together all throughout high school," I admit. "But then we broke up because she moved to Los Angeles, but now we're back together."


The men exchange looks as I suck in my bottom lip, my right leg bouncing nervously. Robert looks at me and sighs. "We're not asking you to break up," he tells me, and I let out a sigh of relief. "But, she is your band's photographer. We don't need people thinking that she only got the job because she's your girlfriend. She got the job because she's good at what she does, and if people think so otherwise, it will ruin her career. Modest isn't like that, and we don't need people thinking that we are."


"Yeah, especially 'cause the fans already hate you," Louis mutters under his breath, and I press my lips together from keeping the laugh escaping.


"However," Martin starts. "I advise that you two keep your relationship down low. Don't go out in public when it's just the two of you, and don't post too many pictures of yourselves. One or two is fine, as long as you post pictures of her with the rest of you as well. Make her look like just as a friend, for now at least. And when we give you the okay, you can make it public. Understand?"


I nod without hesitation, liking the plan. "Understood," I reply.


Hopefully Elena understands as well.