Chapter 8

Elena’s POV:


            “Elena, I can’t fucking take it anymore,” Melody bursts through my bedroom doors.


            My eyes widen, as I was startled because I was in the middle of packing my bags. “What are you talking about?” I ask her.


            “You and Harry!” she exclaims. “You two are so perfectly perfect and still love each other! Yet you’re not back together! Like, why –”




            “No but you two need to get over the break up and just –”






            I shake my head, a sigh escaping my lips. “Don’t get your panties in a twist,” I tell her. “Harry and I... I’m gonna talk to him about it.”


            Melody’s light brown eyes widen. “You’re what?”


            “I’m gonna talk to him about it,” I repeat. “I realized that everyone was right. I still do love Harry and I want him back. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to tell him that.”


            Melody’s lips formed an ‘o’ shape, her body freezing. All of a sudden, a grin breaks out across her face and she cheers, tackling me in a hug. “Finally!” she exclaims, pulling away. “You and Harry deserve to be together. Helena – I ship it.”


            “Helena?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.


            “It’s yours and Harry’s couple name,” Melody shrugs. “First thing I could think of.”


            I laugh, shaking my head as I put a pair of shorts in one of the suitcases. “You’re a freak.”


            Melody simply rolls her eyes. “Are you gonna ask him before you guys leave for tour or after?” Melody questions.


            I shrug. “I don’t know,” I tell her honestly. “I’m actually kind of worried what his fans might say. They’re not gonna be happy.”


            “Don’t worry about the fans,” she replies. “Just focus on you and your boy.”


Harry’s POV:


            “Are you serious?” Louis asks excitedly.


            I nod. “Yep.”


            “You’re actually going for it?” Zayn questions.


            I chuckle and nod again. “Yeah, Zayn, I am.”


            “When?” Liam is the next one to ask.


            I bite my bottom lip. “Now?” I say, not so sure myself.


            “YES!!” all of the lads yelled, making me jump slightly and eyes widening.


            “Should I like, text her?” I raise an eyebrow.


            Niall nods his head violently. “Tell her to come over!”


            I nod, whipping my phone out and creating a new text.


To: Elena


Can you come over to the hotel? I need to talk to you x


            Hitting sned, I look up at the lads. “Could you guys, erm, leave before she gets here?” I awkwardly ask.


            The guys chuckle and nod. “See you in a bit,” Zayn says, leaving the hotel suite with Liam and Niall in tow.


            “Good luck, mate,” Louis pats my back, leaving the suite and closing the door.


            I let out a nervous sigh, sitting down on the couch. I lean forward, arms resting on my knees as my hands lace together. Countless thoughts swirled my head, thinking about what was about to go down in a few moments. My nerves were a wreck, no doubt about it. I was finally going to do it, listening to the boys’ pleading. Hopefully, everyone would be okay in the end.


            The hotel suite was eerily silent. The only sound there was were the honking of cars in the distance in the LA streets and a few people talking outside in the hotel hallway. My right leg bounced up and down, impatiently waiting for Elena to arrive. A few minutes later, a knock sounded on the hotel suite door. Shooting up from my seat, I walked over to the door and opened it, revealing a beautiful Elena.


            She was wearing white pants, black studded cross boots, a pink full sleeved crop top that said GEEK across the chest in black and revealed a bit of her flat stomach, and her long hair was falling over her front in waves. Like usual, she looked beautiful.


(Outfit: )


            “Hey,” she smiles up at me.


            I smile back. “Hey,” I say. “Come on in.”


            I open the door wider, letting Elena walk in. Closing the door, the two of us walk into the living room area of the suite, and Elena turns to me. “So, um, what did you want to talk about?”


            My upper set of teeth sink into my bottom lip as Elena looks at me questioningly. Honestly, I didn’t know how to talk to Elena about this, without making it awkward or anything. What do you say in a situation like this? I want to make sure I say the right words and not mess up, or all of this would be for nothing.


            Elena’s blue eyes lock with my green ones, her eyebrows scrunching in confusion. I take a deep breath; here goes nothing.


            “I love you,” I begin, Elena’s eyes widening. “Hell, I never stopped. When you moved, it was absolutely heart breaking, and I couldn’t find myself to move on. Going on the X Factor and forming One Direction was kind of a way for me to move on from you, but it never happened. You never seem to leave my mind, Elena. It’s like your tattooed in my brain. I love you today just as much as I did the first time. And I just can’t let you go.”


            I watched as Elena’s pink lips parted, staring at me with her wide blue eyes. “H-Harry,” she stammers. “I... I d-don’t...”


            “Please,” I say, my voice begging. “Just give me another chance. Give us another chance.”


            Elena looks at me, and I can see the calculating look in her dark blue eyes. I wait patiently for her to answer, my nerves building up gradually. Instead of speaking, Elena’s right hand places itself on the back of my neck, and she pulls my head down, her lips connecting with mine.


            I smile against her lips, feeling her smile back as our lips move together. I had missed the feeling of Elena’s soft lips, really. My arms snaked around her waist as her right hand remained on the back of my neck, my teeth biting her bottom lip lightly.


            The two of us pulled away a few moments later, our faces only inches apart as our noses touched. “I’m definitely willing to give us a chance,” Elena smiles.


            I grin, my dimples in view before I lean back in for a kiss.




Elena’s POV:


            The smile on my face has been stuck there since yesterday afternoon. Harry and I were back together, and it was honestly the best feeling ever. The boys and Melody were more than happy, and Mum was also pretty content about it. She said she had always liked Harry, but just could never say anything because of Dad. I understood, though, because I was too damn happy to be in a foul mood.


            We were leaving for the tour in three days, and were just enjoying our last few days in sunny California. Though Harry and I stayed in for some time, watching movies and just relaxing. It felt good, just knowing that Harry and I were back together. I felt happy and content, like everyone else did.


            “I can’t believe it finally happened!” Eleanor grinned widely. “I totally saw it coming.”


            Danielle rolls her eyes. “Sure you did, El.”


            I laugh at the two girls. It felt good talking to these two again after such a long time. I was currently on Skype with them, catching up with them on that year and a half we didn’t talk for. Turns out that Danielle was now a dancer for the X Factor, and has worked with a number of different celebrities. And Eleanor goes to the University of Manchester, and works as a floor model for Hollister. They are still dating Liam and Louis, going strong for almost two years.


            I had just told them about Harry and I getting back together again, and they were just as happy as everyone else. “I’m just glad that everything’s back to the way it was before,” I sigh, leaning back on my bed as I look at the girls on my laptop screen.


            “We can’t wait to see you,” Eleanor smiles.


            Danielle nods. “We’re coming to the first two shows in London,” she grins. “So we’ll be able to see you!”


            A smile breaks out on my face. “See you girls then.”