Chapter 7

Harry’s POV:


            “Haz, wake up,” Louis’s voice awakens me from my slumber.


            I open my eyes, almost blinding myself by the sunlight streaming in through the window. “What?” I grumble, still very much sleepy.


            “We have a meeting with Uncle Si,” he tells me, standing up the straight. “Get dressed.”


            I groaned as Louis walked out of my hotel room, closing the door behind him as he left. Throwing the duvet off of my half naked body, I stood up and went to the bathroom. After doing my business and brushing my teeth, I quickly changed into a pair of jeans, Converse, and a light blue shirt. Ruffling my hair and grabbing my phone, I slapped my Rolex watch on my wrist and walked out.


            Exiting the hotel, the lads and I got into the van with Paul, paprazzi surrounding us. The drive to Uncle Simon’s office was short, and when we got there, we immediately went inside. The receptionist told us to just go straight up to Simon’s office, so we did and saw him sitting on his chair behind his desk.


            “Ah, boys, come in,” Uncle Si says.


            The lads, Paul, and I sit down on the chairs and Liam asks, “You wanted to see us?”


            Uncle Simon nods. “Now, you boys are about to start your Take Me Home tour, yes?” he asks and we nod. “Your Management and I were thinking about doing a Take Me Home yearbook. As in, there are going to be pictures taken of you at concerts, signings, interviews, and photo shoots.”


            “That sounds cool!” Zayn grins.


            “Yeah, I’m sure the fans would love that,” Niall adds.


            Simon smiles. “Yes, but we need a photographer. One who would travel with you everywhere.”


            At the word ‘photographer,’ the lads and I look at each other, grins forming on our faces. The same girl was in all of our minds, knowing she was the perfect person for this specific job.


            I grin, looking at a confused Simon. “We know just the person.”


Elena’s POV:


            “You wanted to see me, Jenny?” I ask, stepping into her office as I close the door behind me.


            Jenny looks up, and a grin forms on her face. “Oh, yes yes! Come in, come in,” she says excitedly. “I have a wonderful job for you.”


            “What’s up?” I laugh at her enthusiasm.


            “I just got a call from Simon Cowell,” she begins, causing my eyes to widen. “Apparently, One Direction are leaving for their tour soon, and they need a photographer. The boys must be very fond of you, because they asked for you to be their tour photographer.”


            My jaw also now drops. “M-Me?” I stammer. “But there are more experienced photographers here! Why not send them?”


            “Because the boys want you, Elena,” Jenny says. “And plus, you’re the perfect person for the job. You’re very talented and I think this will be an amazing experience for you. What do you say?”


            Going on tour with five boys? Five boys that I’ve known since high school? I bite my bottom lip, my heart hammering against my chest. I’m sure Mum would love me doing this – she always told me how I should go out and see the world. Maybe this would be a great experience.


            Looking at Jenny, I grin and nod. “I’ll do it.”




            “You’re actually going on tour with us!” Louis grins excitedly. “This is awesome!”


            I laugh along, observing the happy boy. “I know. It’s pretty unbelievable.” Sitting up, I then ask, “When exactly is the tour?”


            “In one week,” Liam replies. “We’re flying off to London and doing two shows in the O2, and then going over to Scotland.”


            I nod and Zayn speaks up. “You’re basically going everywhere we’re going. Taking pictures while we rehearse and stuff, and more at the actual concert. It’s gonna be a blast.”


            I smile. “I still can’t believe you got your management to pick me as your photographer.”


            “Why not?” Harry shrugs, slightly smirking. “You’re an amazing photographer, and they seem to agree. They saw some of your shots, and they think you’d be perfect for the job.”


            I blush slightly, smiling. “But still, thanks. This is like, one of the biggest things I’ve done as a photographer.”


            “We’re happy to help,” Niall smiles.


            I had told Mum about the big job offer, and she was more than happy for me. Melody was also pretty excited, saying how she’ll make sure to come and visit when she’s off from college. I was currently at the boys’ hotel suite as we talked about their tour that was coming up. I was actually really excited. I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and this would be an amazing way to do so.


            As we talked, Harry got up to go to the bathroom, leaving just me and the guys. As soon as he left, Louis jumped up from his seat and ran across the room, grabbing something off of where Harry was sitting.


            “What are you doing?” Liam asks, eyes widening.


            “Shush!” Louis snaps. We all look at each other as Louis does something on what I realized was Harry’s phone, and shoves it in front of my face. “Look at his wallpaper!”


            My eyes adjust to the bright light of the phone, and they widen at the sight in front of me. Harry’s wallpaper was of a girl grinning widely, revealing her white teeth as her light brown wavy hair cascades down her front. Her arms are leaning behind what looks like a railing, and her blue eyes sparkling. I look at Louis, who’s smirking at me.


            “W-Why is that his wallpaper?” I stammer, not believing the picture.


            The girl in the picture was me. I remember Harry had taken this picture while we were in Paris and were up on the Eiffel Tower. But the fact that he has this as his wallpaper is just bewildering.


            Louis lowers the phone, grinning at me. “It’s what everyone’s been telling you, Elena,” he says. “The kid still loves you.”