Chapter 6

Elena’s POV:


From: Harry


We’re going to some party at a friend’s place. You and Melody wanna come? x


To: Harry


Hmmm sure, why not? What time?


To: Harry


Be ready by 7:30. The lads and I will pick you up.


            I put my phone away, looking up at Melody. “We’re going to a party in,” I pause, looking at the clock. “One hour.”


            Melody grins. “Yay!” she cheers, causing me to laugh.


            I then go up to my room and step into the shower. Once I’m done with the shower, I blow dry my hair until it is perfectly straight. Doing my make up properly, I go to where my closet is and pick out an outfit for the party. I finally settle on an ombre floral embroidered crop top that reveals a bit of my  stomach and belly, and black skinny jeans. Along with that I add a splash of color by wearing my aqua suede heels, and I was ready to go.


            Walking into the living room, I saw that Melody was ready as well. She was dressed in shorts, a red tank top, her black leather jacket with sleeves to her elbows, and ankle boots. The hour had passed by just with us getting ready, and soon enough, the boys were here. Melody and I walked out and got into their van, getting greeted by the cheerful five boys.


            Once we all were settled in the van, we headed to wherever the party was. When we got there and stepped out of the van, memories from a year and a half ago danced in my brain. How Harry and I would always go to those high school parties, and that one time where Harry got mad at me because James had managed to corner me.


            The house was big – gigantic, actually. Loud music was playing, Pitbull’s voice pumping through the speakers. We walked in, and I saw drunk people dancing the night away. We made our way through the crowd, pushing through the bodies. Grabbing Melody’s hand, the two of us went over to where the drinks were. I grabbed myself and her a red cup of beer, and she thanked me.


            “You planning on getting drunk tonight?” she raises an eyebrow.


            I chuckle, shaking my head. “I don’t think Mum would like that.”


            Melody laughs, nodding as she sips her ber. She soon gets into a conversation with some girl and I suddenly feel a pair of large, warm hands on the skin of my stomach that is visible and I freeze, terrified. I grip my cup tightly, my body tensing. “Relax,” the familiar voice whisper, hot breath fanning my ear. “It’s just me.”


            I let out a sigh of relief, immediately relaxing. “You scared me.”


            “Sorry,” he chuckles huskily.


            Harry’s hands remained on the sides of my stomach, pulling me so my back was pressed up against his hard chest. It wasn’t weird at all. None of this was strange. Harry holding me the way he was just felt so right, and I didn’t want him to let me go. Instead of saying anything to him, I lifted up my cup and took a sip of my beer. Harry’s curls tickled my cheek and my upper set of teeth sunk into my lower lip.


            “You want to dance?” he asked.


            “Sure,” I chuckle, putting my cup down.


            Harry then pulled me towards the dance floor where everyone else was. Harry and I got lost in the crowd together, dancing along to the loud music with everyone else. As we danced, we met up with the rest of the lads and Melody. We all danced in a big group, laughing along.


            After a while, I exited the party and went out back, where several people were. There was a big pool where people were in, drinking and just playing. Couples here and there making out, causing me to look away from them. I then sat down at the edge of the pool, taking my shoes off and dipping my feet in the cold pool water. I ran a hand through my hair, my feet slowly moving around the water.


            “He still loves you, you know,” a voice suddenly speaks.


            I look uo, seeing Louis standing next to me. “What?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows.”


            “Harry,” Louis clarifies, rolling his jeans up and sitting down next to me, his feet dipping into the water. “He still loves you.”


            I bite my bottom lip, looking down into the pool. “You don’t know that,” I mumble, my palms leaning back on the floor.


            Louis chuckles, sipping the beer he had in his cup. “Trust me, I do,” he assures me. “Harry told me so himself.”


            My head snaps up as I look at the light brown haired boy. “What?” I ask, my eyes widening.


            Louis nods as he swirls his feet around in the water. “He never stopped. I mean, you’re the first girl Haz ever fell for, let alone fall in love with. Do you honestly think he’d let go of you that easily?”


            I bite my bottom lip harder as I look at him. “Are you drunk?” I ask.


            A bark of laughter escapes Louis’s lips as he shrugs. “Maybe.”


            “Most people get loopy when they’re drunk,” I mutter. “You turn into Dr. Phil.”


            Louis chuckles. “You know how I do.”


            The two of us just sat at the edge of the pool, talking. It was weird how Louis gets so serious when he’s practically drunk, but it’s also a benefit. He talks sense into you and can be pretty helpful when you’re in a tough spot, like he did just now for me. After standing from the pool, Louis and I entered back to the party.


            As I pushed through the crowd, I suddenly spotted the familiar looking mop of curly hair. “Hey,” I smiled as I reached Harry.


            Harry grinned, looking down at me. “Hey. Where were you?”


            “Just walking around,” I shrug. “Louis is drunk.”


            Harry laughs. “Yeah, so are the others. I think we should head out now.”


            After rounding up the rest of the boys and Melody, we left the party. Zayn and Niall were flat out drunk, Louis and Melody were tipsy, and the only ones that weren’t drunk were Liam, Harry, and I. Harry first drove to my house, dropping off Melody and I.


            “I’ll take her,” I say, looking at a passed out Melody as I unbuckled my seatbelt.


            Liam laughs. “No way,” he says. “Haz, carry Melody into her room. I’ll watch these idiots.”


            Harry nods, getting out of the car as well and carrying Melody bridal style. Walking up to the front door, I took the keys out of my bag and opened the door. I walked in, Harry following me inside while carrying Melody in his arms. Opening the door to Melody’s room, Harry carefully laid her down on her bed, and we walked out of her room.


            “Thanks,” I give him a grateful smile. “I wouldn’t even be able to get her half way up the stairs.”


            Harry chuckles softly. “No problem,” he replies, and then sighs. “I’m gonna get going.”


            I nod, looking up at him through my eyelashes. “Alright,” I say. “I’ll um, see you later.”


            Harry nods as we head down the stairs. We get to the doors, and I put my hand on the door knob. “Night, Elena.”


            “Night, Harry,” I smile.


            Before he leaves, Harry leans down and pecks my cheek. He gives me a small smirk, before walking out the door. My cheeks blaze up as I close the door, turning around and leaning my back against the door. Harry will literally be the death of me.