Chapter 5

Elena’s POV:


            “Ice cream?”










            “Hell no.”


            “The beach?”


            “No – wait, YES!”


            I grin as the boys agree to my suggestion. We had been sitting in my living room, wondering what on Earth we could possibly do. It clicked to me that we were in Los Angeles, and there were beaches here. So that’s where we are going to go. The boys all quickly left to their hotel to get their beach stuff, saying they will meet us at Venice Beach. Melody and I went to our own rooms, changing into proper clothes for the beach.


            I put on my ruffled white bikini with a button down blue shirt on top and short denim shorts. Letting my hair fall into it’s normal waves, I grabbed my beach bag and walked out of my room, meeting up with Melody. She was wearing her sunglasses along with a purple singlet that said Born to Dance in white and shorts.


(Outfit: )


            Walking out of the house, the two of us got into Melody’s car and drove to Venice Beach. When we got there, we grabbed our bags and walked onto the white sand, feeling it squish under my flip flops. Soon enough, we spotted the five boys sitting on beach chairs and talking and laughing, wearing nothing but swimming trunks and sunglasses. I tried not to stare at Harry’s toned chest as we approached them, feeling the urge to trace my fingers over his oh-so-many tattoos.


            “Hello there, girlies,” Louis grins as he sees us.


            “Hey there, Lou,” I smile, setting my bag down on one of the empty chairs.


            We all talk for a while until Liam says, “Let’s go swimming!”


            Everyone agrees as I shake my head. “You all go ahead. I’m gonna walk on the boardwalk.”


            “Why?” Niall scrunches his eyebrows.


            I shrug. “I don’t wanna get in the water just yet.”


            They all nod and run towards the ocean, and I chuckle. Before walking to the boardwalk, I pull down my shorts, leaving me in my bikini bottom and button down shirt. I then go towards the boardwalk, walking along with the other people. As I walked on the wooden ground, I heard someone call my name. Turning around, my eyes widened slightly from behind my sunglasses when I saw it was a shirtless Harry.


            “Hey,” he says breathlessly as he catches up with me.


            “Hey,” I reply, biting the inside of my cheek. I tried to stop myself from staring. His chest was wet, water dripping down his abs and down his treasure trail. Harry’s curly hair stuck to his forehead and his eyes were hidden behind his own sunglasses. “I thought you were swimming with the others?”


            Harry shrugs careslessly. “I’d rather walk, now that I think about it.” I chuckle slightly as the two of us begin to walk. “Are we still friends?” Harry suddenly blurts.


            This causes me to stop walking and Harry does the same as I look up at him from behind my glasses. “W-Why would you ask that?”


            Harry licks his lips. “I don’t know. I guess I just...”


            “Just because we broke up, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends,” I tell Harry, offering a small smile. “Look at Melody and Zayn; they broke up yet they’re still the best of friends. We shouldn’t let a broken relationship come in between our friendship.”


            “So we’re friends?” Harry asks with a small smile.


            I mirror his smile, nodding my head. “Friends.”


            The two of us continue to walk some more, before returning to the beach itself. We passed by where our stuff was, and I quickly shrugged off the shirt I was wearing, leaving me only in my bikini. Also taking off my glasses, I grinned at Harry.


            “Wanna swim?” I ask.


            A smile breaks out on Harry’s face. “Let’s go!”


            The two of us, laughing, race towards the big blue ocean, the waves crashing against our legs as we reach the shore and I jump into the cool water. I go underwater for a few seconds, wetting my body from head to toe and resurface. Harry and I swim over to where the rest of the guys and Melody are, seeing them playing around in the water.


            As we just played in the ocean, a large current came and push me towards someone. Clearing my vision, I looked up to have my blue eyes lock with deep green ones. Harry and I were so close, our chests touching each other’s. My heart beat was becoming erratic, out of control as I tried to relax, trying to keep it calm. We were close. Way too close.


            Suddenly, I felt a hand tug on my wrist and I was pulled away from Harry. Looking up, I saw that it was Melody as she gave me a knowing smile, and I smiled back. My best friend sure does know how to save me from a tough situation.




            “Harry?” I ask quietly, stepping inside.


            Harry’s head turned, looking at me. “What’s up?” he asks.


            I bite my bottom lip. “I can’t sleep,” I say as a blush rises up to my cheeks. Thank God it’s dark in here.


            I hear Harry lowly chuckle. “Come on over.”


            I smile slightly as I walk over to the bed and he moves over to give me some space. Climbing on to the bed next to him, Harry pulls the cover on top of the two of us. Another loud thunder passes by and I let out a quiet whimper.


            “You’re really scared of thunder, aren’t you?” Harry’s husky voice asks, amusement lacing it.


            “Just a bit,” I mumble, tightening the duvet around me.


            “Come ‘ere,” he mumbles, and I soon feel two strong arms wrap around my waist. My eyes widen as Harry pulls me towards him, my back being pressed up against his hard chest. “You’re safe,” he whispers.


            Tears spring in my eyes all of a sudden, the memory of that night replaying in my head. It was the first night of when Harry was stuck at my house back in Holmes Chapel, since there was a huge storm going on outside. He had let me sleep with him without hesitation, because he knew that I was absolutely terrified of thunder storms. He kept me safe that night, just like he had said.


            Why am I doing this to myself? Why are these memories of the two of us playing in my head? Why now, when he has come back into my life? It hurts enough to see him now, and having these painful memories play back just makes this whole thing more unbareable. I can’t deal with it, because it’s too much.


            “Don’t you see, Elena?” Melody chuckles softly as I tell her all that I’m feeling. I look up and my blue eyes lock with her light brown ones. “You want him back.”