Chapter 4

Elena’s POV:


@ElenaCarter: On my way to the @OneDirection concert with @MelodyParker! :D x


            Melody and I were in my car, driving to the Staples Center. The boys had sent us our tickets early in the morning, along with VIP backstage passes. They also told us to park the car at the back of the stadium, and that’s what we did. As Melody and I got out of the car, I could hear the screaming of the girls outside of the arena. The boys had told us to enter from the back entrance door, and when we approached it, we knocked on it loudly.


            “Can I help you?” a burly man opens the door, asking us not too rudely.


            “Yeah, um, the boys told us to come back here,” I say, holding the VIP pass.


            He looks at our passes and then a grin breaks out on his face. “Ah, you must be Elena and Melody. Come on in.” Melody and I smiled and walked in, and he says, “I’m Paul, the boys’ tour manager. Follow me.”


            We followed Paul further back stage. People with head sets were running around the place, checking if everything was set for the concert. Paul took us towards a door, and when he opened it, it revealed a sight millions of teenage girls are probably dying for.


            All five boys were walking around in the room, starting to get ready. All they had on were pants and shoes, no shirts whatsoever. Except for Louis, who had a shirt but it was unbuttoned, revealing his toned chest. A girl with blonde hair with the bottom dyed hot pink and blue eyes sat on the couch, playing with a baby as another woman, a bit older, helped the boys get ready.


            “You’re here!” Liam’s voice shouts, and everyone’s heads snap towards Melody and I.


            Paul closes the door behind him as he leaves and Melody and I smile. My eyes were fixed on Harry’s green ones as a smirk plays on his pink lips. I have to admit, I missed that smirk of his.


            Suddenly, the girl on the couch stands up and gives the baby to Harry, who takes her willingly and kissing the baby’s forehead. I had to suppress the urge to say aw, because the sight was adorable. “Girls,” Zayn says, making Melody and I to look at him. “This is my girlfriend, Perrie. Perrie, these are our friends Elena and Melody.”


            Melody and I smile at her as she grins. “It’s lovely to meet you both,” Perrie says pleasantly. “The boys have told me so much about you.”


            “Same here,” Melody chuckles. From the corner of my eye, I see Zayn let out a sigh of relief, obviously glad that his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend are getting along.


            Harry walks over to me, still carrying the baby. “Elena, meet Baby Lux,” Harry grins, dimples popping. “This is my little Goddaughter.”


            My lips part as I look at the adorable baby as she giggles cutely. “Oh my God, she’s so precious,” I say. “Who’s daughter is she?”


            “That would be me,” the lady from before smiles, walking up to us. “I’m Lou Teasdale,” she smiles, extending her right hand.


            I gladly shake it, returning her smile. “Nice to meet you. I’m Elena Carter.”


            “Wait, you’re that new photographer for Wilkins and Co., aren’t you?” Lou grins and I nod. “My cousin works there, and he was telling me about you. You’re brilliant at taking pictures, I heard.”


            I smile modestly. “Thank you,” I chuckle.


            The boys then continue to get ready as I talk with Melody and Perrie. The concert was about to start, and Paul came to show us girls our seats. We walked out from back stage and towards our seats, dodging the fan girls that were already screaming. Our seats were on the right side of the arena, but up front so we could see the boys clearly.


            Soon enough, the lights dimmed, the screaming grew louder, and on stage came those five boys that I so dearly missed.




             “Elena, boss wants to see you,” the intern, Georgia tells me.


            I nod and exit the room, going down to the end of the hallway where our boss, Jenny Wilkins’s office was. I knocked on the door and a ‘come in’ was called out. Turning the knob, I walked into Jenny’s modern-styled office where I saw her sitting on her chair behind her desk. “You wanted to see me?” I ask, entering the office and closing the door behind me.


            Jenny looks at me and smiles. “Yes,” she grins. “I have an assignment for you. I’ve heard you’re familiar with the One Direction boys, correct?”


            “Yes,” I nod, furrowing my eyebrows. What do they have anything to do with this?


            “Well, I got a call just now saying that they need a photographer for a photo shoot, and they requested for you,” Jenny smiles.


            My blue eyes widen. “Me? Really?”


            Jenny nods, handing me a piece of paper. “This is the address they need you at right now. I suggest you get going.”


            I nod, taking the paper from her. “Alright,” I say, before walking out of her office.


            As I gather my things and go down to the underground parking lot, I wonder why the boys need me. Don’t they already have a photographer? I mentally shrug, deciding that I would ask them when I get there. Pulling out of the parking lot, I follow the directions my GPS was giving me. I got to the destination in no time, and grabbed my stuff and walked in. As soon as I did, I was greeted by Paul.


            “Great, you’re here,” he grins as he sees me.


            I chuckle, hoisting the strap of my camera bag up on my right shoulder. “I’m here. Where’s the shoot?”


            “Follow me,” Paul says.


            As we walk, I say, “So what happened to the actual photographer?”


            “Apparently his wife is giving birth right as we speak,” Paul tells me as we enter a large room. “You can set up your stuff there, the boys are just about done getting ready.”


            I nod, walking over to where the camera stands and lights were. Once there, I took out my camera and set it up, making sure it was straight. The backdrop was sky blue, and I wondered what the photo shoot was for. Suddenly, a pair of hands covered both of my eyes, letting me see nothing but blackness.


            “Guess who,” a familiar deep voice whispers in my ear, causing shivers to travel down my spine.


            “I’m gonna take a wild guess and say Liam,” I smirk.


            The hands drop from my eyes and I turn to see Harry pouting down at me. “Way to ruin the game.”           


            I laugh, rolling my eyes. I then take a good look at his wardrobe. He was dressed in khaki pants, a white button down shirt with a black and white checkered tux on top, and an adorable navy blue bow tie. His hair fell perfectly on his head, swooping to the right as his green eyes sparkled.


            “So, um,” I cleared my throat, looking away from his eyes. “What’s this photo shoot for?”


            “Our calendar,” Harry replies simply.


            I look back at him, raising an eyebrow. “A One Direction calendar?” I chuckle and he nods. “That’s weird.”


            Harry rolls his eyes. “Come on, we need to start the shoot.”


            “What about the other guys?” I ask as Harry walks in front of the back drop.


            “We need a single shot for each of us, and then some group ones,” Harry informs me, and my lips form into an ‘o’ shape.


            “Okay,” I say, standing in front of the camera. I keep my hands on the camera, biting the corner of my bottom lip as I think of what he should do. “You know what, just put your hands in your front pockets and smile. We’ll keep the single shots simple and do something else with the group ones.”


            Harry nods and does as I told him to. A grin forms on his face as the most adorable dimples indent on his face. I bend down and put my eye next to the camera, and press the button, snapping the picture. Soon enough, the rest of the boys came. They all were dressed in white and navy blue, matching and looking really dashing. I took each of their single shots then.


            The boys then left to change their clothes. While they changed, some men brought out a large brown, leather couch. “So what do you want us to do, boss?” Louis smirks.


            I roll my eyes, chuckling. “Niall, sit in the middle of the couch,” I directed and the Irish boy did so. “Liam, sit to his left. Louis, sit on Niall’s other side but with your back against the arm rest and your legs over Niall and Liam’s laps. Harry, sit on the head of the couch in between Niall and Louis, and Zayn you do the same in between Niall and Liam.” The boys did so as I instructed them, and I grabbed the camera as I lifted it up. “Now smile!”


            I then took another picture of the boys simply gathering around and grinning. They changed their outfits once more, and the picture I took was of them standing with their arms around each other, Zayn poking Harry’s cheek while Niall poked Louis’s, and Louis was cupping Liam’s cheek. It was quite funny, actually. I took a couple of more pictures, and then the shoot was done.


            As the boys went back into their dressing room to change back into their regular clothes, I was on the laptop as I looked at the pictures. I kept scanning them, proud of how well they came out. The boys also came out of the dressing room, and I showed them the pictures.


            “Wow, those are really good, Elena!” Niall grins widely.


            “Why thank you,” I say in a posh tone.


            “You wanna grab some lunch with us?” Zayn asks. “We’re all headed out to get some burgers or something.”


            I shrug. “Sure.”


Harry’s POV:


            I watched as she laughed along with the rest of the boys, her brown side bangs falling over her eyes as she tucked them behind her ear. A happy look on her face as she grinned widely, revealing her perfect white teeth. Elena looked so happy to be here with us, with me. And that gave me a weird feeling in my stomach. But it was good weird.


            We all were at Burger Food, getting our dose of fast food. We all sat at a booth in the back of the restaurant, away from everyone even though they easily recognized us. All of us laughed and talked, about anything and everything. My eyes, though, were fixed on Elena. Her every movement, every time she opened her mouth to say something, and her beautiful blue eyes.


            I think I missed her more than anyone else, possibly. She was the first girl I allowed myself to get close to, and she was the first girl I ever had a serious relationship with. All of these other girls I meet at clubs or go out with once in a while mean nothing to me. Truth is, they are just there to get my mind off of the one girl that I truly want to be with.


            Elena Carter.


            But the thing is, I don’t know if there even is a chance for us to get back together. I’m in a band that has paparazzi tracking their every move, and she’s living her own dream of being a photographer. I don’t think that we can just get back together, after seeing each other after a year or so. Both of us have grown, for better or for worse. For all I know, Elena may not even feel the same way she felt about me a year ago. But if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s this;


            To this day, I still love Elena the way I did when I first admitted it. And nothing’s going to change that.