Chapter 3

Elena’s POV:


            I had offered the boys for them to stay for dinner tonight, and I honestly didn’t regret it one bit. it was more fun catching up with the boys, laughing and reminiscing on the old, fun times we shared. We even talked about their families and how everyone was doing so well, with Louis’s mum getting engaged to her boyfriend. Harry even told me that Gemma and Tyler had came to one of their concerts back in Manchester. While we talked, I had ordered us all some KFC, and that’s what we’re currently having for dinner as we sat on the dining table. Mum still wasn’t home from work, so it was just us seven.


            “So wait,” I laughed. “You and Louis actually broke a bowling alley?” I ask Harry, not being able to contain my laughter.


            The boys laughed as Harry nods, sipping his can of Pepsi. “We accidently threw the bowling balls too hard, and it kind of destroyed the lanes.”


            Melody laughs, shaking her head. “You boys never fail to surprise me.”


            “We try,” Louis shrugs, smirking.


            It was actually kind of weird to see these five boys now, so cheery and loud and smiley. Back in high school, they were the most feared kids on the entire campus. Granted, they still have girls chasing after them, but they were in a band, for crying out loud. Who in the world would have thought that these boys, former bad boys of Holmes Chapel, were now in a world famous band?


            Certainly not me.


            All of their personalities sort of changed, even if it was very slightly. Niall is kind of the same, except for the fact that his braces are off and his blonde hair is turning back to brown. Other than that, he’s still the loud, hungry Irishman that I remember and loved. Louis is still crazy, but I think he’s gotten crazier and a bit more sassy. Zayn is more talkative than I remember, smiling all the time. And Liam’s much more softer and friendlier. Harry, though, kind of lost his bad boy persona. He’s still devilishly handsome, too much for his own good. His hair lost some of it’s curlyness, but nonetheless, it was still pretty curly. And I think he’s been working out more, judging by his big biceps, and he’s gotten a few more tattoos. Either way, he still manages to look like a God.


            When we were all done eating our food, we went back into the living room. But before I went in, I quickly ran up to my room and grabbed my prized possession; my Polaroid camera. Walking back down the stairs and into the living room with it, Harry’s eyes landed on the camera and they widened.


            “You finally got yourself a Polaroid camera?” he asks, a grin forming on his face as his dimples come into view.


            My heart fluttered. I don’t know if it was because of his smile, or because of the fact that he remembered that I wanted a Polaroid camera. I just nodded and smiled at him. “I figured we take some pictures – for old time’s sake.”


            The boys all grinned and nodded, jumping up to their feet. Soon enough, a full-fledged photo shoot had taken place. The first picture I took was of the boys as they each were standing and making crazy faces at the camera. The polaroid picture came out and I put it on the coffee table.


The next picture was taken by Louis. It was of me on the back of Harry and Zayn as they stood next to each other. Zayn was supporting my left leg with his right arm and Harry was supporting my right leg with his left arm, with my arms wrapped over their shoulders. The same was with Melody, Liam, and Niall as they stood next to us. Louis snapped the picture and it came out. Each picture we took was being placed on the coffee table.


The next few pictures were selfies that each of us took, the camera being passed around and us all making goofy faces. Melody even snapped a picture of Harry and I. It was me standing next to him on his left, my hands clinging on to his shirt as my lips were formed in a kissy way, about an inch away from kissing his left cheek. He was simply grinning at the camera, dimples in view with his arm wrapped around my waist. It was adorable, I have to say. I think by the end of the shoot, we took about fifty or more pictures.


“That was fun,” Harry grins as he sits on the recliner.


I grin, gathering up all of the photoes. I then scatter them around on the coffee table top properly, making sure you could see each of them clearly. I then take my phone out and snap an airiel picture of them, and post it on Instagram and Twitter.


@ElenaCarter: Our little photo shoot :D @MelodyParker @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial


            “Crap, lads, we gotta get going,” Liam says, standing up suddenly. “Paul said we have to be back at the hotel by ten because we have an interview tomorrow.”


            The rest of the boys groaned loudly, standing up. Melody and I also stood up, walking the boys towards the door. “Wait,” Louis says, turning to face the two of us. “We have a concert tomorrow night at the Staples Center. You two wanna come?”


            “Yeah,” Niall pipes up, smiling. “It’ll be fun!”


            Melody and I look at each other and then at the boys, nodding and smiling. “Sure,” we say simultaneously.


            The boys grin, and then we proceed to say goodbye to them. I give each of them a hug as they walk out the door, Harry being the last one. “It was good seeing you again, love,” his raspy voice whispered in my ear as he hugged me.


            “You too,” I whisper back.


            “See you tomorrow,” Harry says, pulling away but not before kissing my cheek softly. 


            I feel my cheeks blaze up as Harry smirks and walks out, and I close the door behind him. Turning around, I see Melody smirking at me with her arms crossed over her chest. “What?” I ask, hoping my cheeks weren’t so red anymore.


            “You two are so getting back together,” Melody grins, turning on her heel and entering the living room once again.


            I follow her in. “No, we’re not,” I tell her.


            “Yeah, you are,” she retorts, sitting on the couch and I sit next to her. “It’s so obvious that you two still love each other. You both were practically eye-raping each other the whole night.


            I bite my bottom lip, shaking my head as my cheeks heat up once again. Dammit. “He’s moved on, Melody,” I tell her exasperatedly.


            My best friend rolls her light brown eyes. “If you’re talking about those women he hooks up with, then you should know they don’t mean anything. We all know that. And we also know that he only has eyes for you.”


            I sigh. Ever since One Direction came to be, Harry had been getting a lot of media attention. Mostly because of him going to clubs and having women clinging on either of his arms. He’s never been light that. But I guess it comes with his image of being the flirt of the group. I can’t judge him by that, though – and I won’t.          


            “It’s not that,” I tell Melody. “It’s just that... what if he doesn’t like me like that anymore?”


            Melody scoffs. “Please,” she says. “That boy is still head over heels in love with you.”