Chapter 2

Elena's POV:


I looked at the two boys, a smile on my face as each of their faces broke out into grins as well. "Elena!" they shout, both tackling me into a tight hug.


I laugh, hugging the strong boys back. "It's so good to see you two again," I say as we pull away. "What are you doing here?"


"We're here for some interviews and photo shoots. Stuff like that," Niall says, his Irish accent thicker than ever. "We were actually hoping to see you."


"Well here I am," I laugh. "How've you been?"


"Good. What about you?" Zayn smiles.


I nod. "Great. I work for this photography company."


"Ah, so you went after your dream job afterall, huh?" Niall grins, revealing his teeth.


I gasp. "You got your braces off!" I exclaim, looking at the braces free, straight teeth.


Niall laughs loudly. "Sure did!"


"Well you look great," I tell him. "What have you guys been up to? Getting any girls lately?"


"Nah, I'm single," Niall shrugs.


I frown slightly. "What happened to you and Candice?"


"We didn't work out," Niall says nonchalantly.


I look at Zayn and he grins proudly. "I'm dating this girl from a band called Little Mix. Perrie Edwards."


"I've heard of her, she's really pretty," I smile. Zayn and Melody never worked out either. When she moved here, she told me how they just didn't want to be together. It was a mutual decision, but the both of them are still good friends. It didn't end in hate or tears, thankfully.


"You should come meet the rest of the boys," Niall pipes up. "We've all missed you like crazy!"


"Why don'tyou guys come over to my house?" I ask. "When I get these groceries done, I'll text you my address and you all can come over."


Zayn grins. "Sounds like a plan."


Harry's POV:


"You'll never believe who we saw at the grocery store!" Zayn shouts as he and Niall burst through the doors, entering our hotel suite.


"Justin Bieber?" Louis questions, his eyes not leaving the TV as he, Liam, and I watched some American football.


"No," Niall says. "It was Elena!"


That name causes all of us to jump up, me looking at the two boys with wide eyes. That one name that always made my heart jump and breathing get heavy. That one name belonging to that one girl that I loved more than I loved singing. It's been a year since I last saw her or spoke to her. Her name sounds foreign, but at the same time it's a name that I love.


"Y-You saw her?" I ask, my eyes widening.


Zayn and Niall nod. "She was doing some grocery shopping," Niall says.


"How is she?" Liam asks, shutting off the TV.


"Really fit," Zayn smirks. I glare at him and he throws his arms up in a surrender motion. "Just saying. But she was just as glad to see us when we saw her."


"And she wants us to go to her house today," Niall says. "She texted us the address."


"Well, what are we waiting for?" Louis exclaims. "Let's go!"


"Wait... Now?" I ask, my eyes widening.


Liam looks at me, an arm around my shoulder. "You gotta see her at one point, Haz. We all know that you've missed her like crazy."


I bite my bottom lip and nod, putting on my sunglasses as we all exit our hotel room and the hotel itself. We get into the van and Zayn tells the driver the address of Elena's house. Throughout the drive, thoughts swirl my mind.


Elena and I had thought that we would be okay. That the distance wouldn't matter. But even a few months after she moved, it wasn't working out. The time difference was a major pain, and we would never have time to talk. Not to mention, when we auditioned for the X-Factor, we barely got time to call our own families. Before auditioning and after Elena leaving, I worked at this bakery in Holmes Chapel to pass my time, but it was never enough to get my mind off of the blue eyed, brown haired girl.


I never in my life thought I would get so attatched to one girl, wanting nothing more than to hold her and kiss her and be with her. But it happened, and that one girl was Elena. I tried to move on after our break up, but it never happend. I'm stuck on this one girl, and I don't know how I feel about that.


Soon enough, the car parked in front of a huge house. It certainly reminded me of Elena's old house in Holmes Chapel, no doubt about that. I sighed as I got out of the van along with the rest of the boys, and we walked up to the front door. Liam rang the doorbell, and after a few seconds of waiting, the door swung open.


Standing there, in denim shorts, a red V-neck, and white Converse was the one girl I hadn't seen in a year. She looked beautiful, with her long hair going down to her waist and a grin plastered on to her face.


"Elena!" Louis shouted, tackling the girl in a hug.


She laughed, her voice music to my ears. "Louis!" she exclaims, hugging the older boy back. "It's been a while."


"No shit," Louis laughs as they pull away.


"My turn," Liam chuckles as he and Elena hug.


Once they pull away, all that there was left was me and Elena. She looks at me, her big blue eyes locking with mine. Elena gives me a smile, which I most definitely return. "Can you two just hug already?!" Zayn yells, causing the rest of us to jump.


Elena just laughs, before wrapping me in a hug. I can't help but smile as I hug her back, her apple scent filling my nose, which I missed oh so much. When we pulled away, Elena says, "Come on in."


The lads and I step inside her house. Elena leads us to the giant living room, and we all sit on the couches as she takes a set on a sofa chair. "How have you guys been?" she asks.


"Really good," Louis answers. "What about you?"


Elena smiles. "Good," she says. "I work for this photography company. I take like, professional pictures of weddings, events, parties... Stuff like that," she ends with a shrug.


"So you actually went after photography, huh?" I ask with a smile.


Elena looks at me, a smile on her flawless face. "Yeah."


"Elena, who was at the door?" a woman's voice calls out. Just then, I see Elena's mum walk into the room, stopping short when she sees us. "Oh, hello!"


"Mum, this is Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam," Elena introduces. "And you remember Harry, right?"


Elena's mum looks at me and nods, smiling. "Of course I do. It's nice to meet you all."


"You too, uh, Ms..." Liam frowns slightly, not knowing what to call her ever since the divorce happened.


"Just call me Melinda," Elena's mum laughs. We all nod and she says to her daughter, "I'm gonna head out to work. They need me at the hospital. I'll be back later on tonight. Melody's coming soon, right?"


Elena nods, checking the clock on the wall. "Her classes should be ending soon."


Melinda nods, picking up a bag. "I'll see you later, sweetie," she says. "Bye, boys!"


"Bye!" we all say to her as she leaves the house.


"Melody lives with you?" Niall asks, confused.


Elena nods, tucking her legs underneath her body as she sat on them. "Yeah," she replies. "She studies at UCLA, but didn't want to pay the extra money for a dorm room so Mum offered for her to stay with us."


"At least you have your best friend with you," Zayn smiles, and Elena laughs and nods.


Elena grins and nods, running a hand through her hair. It had grown longer than the last time I saw her. Everything else about her was the same, including the diamond nose ring she had. "So what happened with you guys?" Elena smirks. "All of a sudden you all are famous?"


The lads and I chuckle. "Yeah, we um, auditioned for the X-Factor and got in," Liam shrugs as if it was no big deal.


Elena leaned back in her chair. "I didn't even know that you all could sing," she muses. "But I've listened to a bunch of your songs - you're all really amazing, I have to say."


"Why thank ya," Niall grins.


The lads continued their conversation with Elena, meanwhile I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She looked more beautiful than I remembered her, if that was even possible. Her pink lips, her gorgeous blue eyes, and not to mention that voice of hers that I missed so much. As she talked with the boys, Elena's blue eyes locked with my green ones. She smiled when suddenly her phone buzzed. She took her phone out and checked to see what it was, and chuckled.


"Did you know that your fans are always attacking me on Twitter?" Elena asks with a raised eyebrow, her head lifting to see us.


I raise my eyebrows as the lads' lips part. "Really?" I ask her.


She nods. "Me and Melody both," she says. "Somehow your fans found out about the two of us and keep on asking about you. They even found our private Facebook pictures."


Louis chuckles, shaking his head slightly. "Our fans are a bit crazy."


Elena smirks. "No doubt about that," she chuckles.


"What's your Twitter?" Zayn asks her as he takes out his phone.


"@ElenaCarter," she shrugs simply.


The rest of us take our phones out and search for her on Twitter. When her profile pops up, I look at her picture. It was of her turning to her side and grinning widely, revealing her white teeth has her long hair cascading down her front. She looked flawless, actually, and I couldn't help but smile. I pressed her follow button, making it blue and then sent her a tweet.


@Harry_Styles: @ElenaCarter found you ;)


Elena's phone buzzed, and I watched as she looked down and at her screen. Her head lifted up and she sent me a small smirk, before typing something on her screen.


@ElenaCarter: @Harry_Styles I found you too... You're sitting on the couch across from me.... :P


@Harry_Styles: @ElenaCarter Really?! I had no idea! :O


I watched as the fans suddenly put a stop to what they were tweeting about and started screaming - well, typing in CAPS lock - about who I was tweeting. And then I saw how some of them realized that it was Elena, which caused them to freak out even more. I put my phone away as we heard the front door open and close, and all of our heads turned towards the entrance of the living room when we saw the familiar looking blonde haired girl walked in.


Her hazel eyes widened as she looked at all of us, and then she grinned. "Well if it isn't One Direction," Melody laughs, putting her bag down.


"Melody!" Louis grins, running over and hugging her.


Liam sighs. "Lou, why must you attack the girls like that?"


Louis pulls away from a laughing Melody. "Because it's fun," he simply says.


Zayn and Niall also greet Melody, and I give her a quick hug as well. Melody sits down next to Niall and looks at us. "So what brings you all here?"


"Visiting you guys," Zayn smiles. It was a relief to the rest of us lads that when Melody and Zayn broke up, it was a mutual thing. They didn't fight nor did they end up in tears, it was both of their decision to end things. And it's a relief to us because we're all such good friends with Melody, but we were happy to see that they both were mature about it. Melody looks like she has moved on and Zayn clearly has too, being with Perrie and all.


"Why don't you guys stay for dinner?" Elena asks, raising an eyebrow questioningly. "You know, unless you have to go somewhere."


The rest of us lads look at each other and smile, and I turn back to look at Elena. "We would love to."