Chapter 1

Elena’s POV:


            I grinned as I snapped a picture of the beautiful bride and groom as he whispered something in her ear, causing her to laugh. Gripping my camera, I put it against my eye once again and took a picture of the people dancing on the dance floor. I took pictures of people that wanted their pictures taken, doing my job. Everyone seemed so happy as they enjoyed their time at the wedding. Music pumped through the speakers as I continued taking pictures of the wedding reception as I had been doing so for the past couple of hours.


            “Elena!” I heard someone call my name, and I turned around to see that it was the bride herself, Sarah.


            “Hey,” I smile, letting go of my camera as it hung around my neck.


            “I think we have enough pictures,” she laughs. “Thanks so much – you did an amazing job.”


            I grin. “Thank you,” I say. “I’ll get you the pictures as soon as possible.”


            Sarah smiles. “Thanks.”


            Saying goodbye to the bridal party, I walk out of the wedding reception and to where my car is parked. Ever since I moved to California a year ago, I graduated high school and went to photography school. And now I’m a photographer for this big company, practically living the dream. I know that my father wouldn’t be proud of my career choice – which I could hardly care about – but I know my mother is proud as can be. She’s proud of me for going after I want. A lot has changed within the year.


            For example, Melody now lives with Mum and I. After she finished high school in Holmes Chapel, she came here to go to college, getting into her dream school of UCLA. And it felt good to be with my best friend again – I missed her so much. I have a great job that pays pretty well, live with my mum and best friend in Los Angeles, and my life as a nineteen year old is actually going pretty well.


            And as for Harry?


            Our relationship didn’t work out. We broke up after a few months of me moving to Los Angeles. Trust me, it wasn’t easy for me. I cried endlessly, because breaking up with him was the last thing I wanted. We grew apart, since the time difference wasn’t in our favor. It literally tore me apart, and everyday I just want to be with him once again. But it doesn’t help when I see him everywhere I go.


            You see, after I left, something possessed Harry and the rest of the boys to audition for the X-Factor. And it’s hard to believe that they are in this big, world famous boy band called One Direction created by Simon Cowell himself. I hear their songs on the radio all the time, see their interviews on the TV, and it’s hard to buy a magazine that doesn’t have their five faces plastered on them. But to be honest, they all sounded amazing. I watched them on the X-Factor, even though it pained me to see Harry. I bought their first album, and they sounded like absolute angels. I missed them all, no doubt about it.


            Getting in my car, I drove back to my house. As I pulled into the driveway of my house, I saw Mum’s car, meaning that she was home. She was still a doctor here in LA, and a good one. Parking my car and grabbing my camera and regular bag, I walked into the house.     


            “Mum?” I call out as I enter.


            “Hey, sweetie,” Mum replies, coming into view. “How was the wedding?”


            I smile. “Really fun,” I tell her. “I got lots of amazing shots.”


            Mum smiles. “That’s wonderful,” she says. “Elena, can you do me a huge favor and get the groceries? I would but I have a lot of paper work to do,” she adds, holding a piece of paper.


            I chuckle, putting my camera bag on the table and taking the paper from her. “Sure, Mum,” I say.


            I walk out of the house once again and get into the car, driving myself to Wholesales Foods. Parking my car, I lock it and go inside of the giant store. Taking the list, I check what’s the first thing on it which is milk and yogurt. I take a cart and push it down to where the dairy products are, until I’m in front of the milk. Opening the glass door, I grab two bottles of regular milk and some yogurt.


            Taking a carton of eggs and putting it in the shopping cart as well, I push the cart down the store as I make my way to where the frozen foods were. I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going, because my cart suddenly bumped into another cart that was coming from an aisle in front of me.


            “I’m so sorry,” I quickly apologize, pulling the cart towards me.


            “No, no. It was our fault,” an all too familiar deep voice replied.


            My eyes widened as I look at the two familiar pairs of eyes. Deep, chocolate brown ones and sky blue ones. “Elena?” the two of them ask in unison, shock lacing their voices.


            I can’t help but smile. “Zayn... Niall...”