They Don't Know About Us (Sequel to Teenage Dirtbag)

Elena and Harry are baaacckkkkkk.


But they're totally different people.


Elena's a professional photographer now in Los Angeles, only at the age of nineteen, as she works for this big company. Taking pictures of weddings, parties, events, and some times even photo shoots for celebrities. She went after her passion for taking pictures, and her mother couldn't be any more proud than she is.


As for Harry?


Well, he still has the bad boy reputation -- sort of. After Elena had left, him and the boys had figured out that they each had a passion for singing. They auditioned for the X Factor, and they got in. Later on, Simon Cowell signed them to SYCO, and now they're known to the world as One Direction - the hottest boy band on the planet.


After a year of no contact whatsoever, Elena meets the boys. Well, only two of them, at first. Reunited with her friends, Elena is forced to come visit the rest of the boys, including her ex-boyfriend, Harry.


Even when they broke up, Elena and Harry still have strong feelings for each other. They loved each other - love just can't disappear like that. Not to mention, Harry's world widely famous. Girls throw themselves at his feet, even if it is just to get a picture. Throw some paparazzi into the picture along with some crazed fans, it gets too much.


But true love conquers all... right?