Chapter 33 *LAST CHAPTER*

Elena’s POV:


            I felt as if there was a weight on my heart the minute I woke up. Why? Because I knew today was the day I had been dreading. The day where I was moving to California. I looked around my room that in my opinion looked naked. My dresser had no make up or brushes or perfume, because all of them were packed in my bags. The only clothes I had left in my closet were the clothes I was wearing to the airport.


            My flight wasn’t for another five hours, so I quickly got up and got dressed. I put on a sleeveless red button down blouse, white pants, and my light brown boots from Nine West. With my make up done and hair wavy, I grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs. As I passed the living room on my way to the door, Dad stopped me.


(outfit: )


            “Where are you going?” he asks me.


            “To see my friends,” I snap. “Is that a problem?”


            “Just be back before your plane leaves,” he replies.


            I roll my eyes. “My friends are driving me. You don’t need to put up the effort in doing so,” I tell him, before walking out of the house.


            Instead of taking my car, I walked down the street. I texted the girls to meet me at Pinkberry as I walked, and they all replied almost immediately. Soon enough, I reached the place and walked in, going over to the counter. Once I got my chocolate frozen yogurt, I sat down on a round table and waited for the rest of the girls to get here. A couple of minutes and spoonfuls of yogurt later, the three familiar girls walked in. First they all got their own frozen yogurt, and then sat down next to me.      


            “I can’t believe that you’re actually leaving,” Becca pouted as soon as she sat down.


            I sigh, nodding. “Neither can I,” I tell her. “I don’t want to go.”


            “We don’t want you to go,” Candice gives a half smile.


            “When’s your flight?” Melody asks, removing her purple spoon from her mouth.


            “In five hours,” I tell her with another sigh. “Can you guys like, kidnap me so I don’t have to go?”


            They all chuckle solemnly. “If only it were that easy,” Becca says.




            My head was against Harry’s chest as Louis drove us all to the airport. It was sweet how all of the guys and girls were coming. Louis, Harry, Niall, Candice, and I were in Louis’s car while Liam, Melody, Zayn, and Becca were in Zayn’s car. Harry had me on his lap with his arms wrapped around my waist, my head on his chest as I stare out of the window. Cars pass us by as we make our way to the airport, and I feel tears already gathering in my eyes.


            All too soon, Louis pulled up in front of the stupid airport, and we all got out one by one. I grabbed my duffel bag as one of the airport attendents took the rest of my suitcases for security check before they go on the plane. My flight left in exactly ten minutes, which meant I only had ten minutes to say goodbye to my friends.


            As soon as I stepped out, I was tackeled into a hug by the one and only Melody. “I’m going to miss you so fucking much,” she cried into my shoulder.


            I hugged her back, squeezing her equally as much. “I’m gonna miss you too, Mel,” I tell her. “But we’re gonna Skype every chance we get, alright?”


            She nods, pulling away as I see that she’s already crying. “And we’ll definitely see each other again when I go to UCLA,” she laughs through her tears. I smile, remembering how she’s always wanted to go to that college in Los Angeles – which ironically, is where I’m moving.


            I then move on from hugging the rest of the girls and guys, each of them saying how they won’t forget me as long as I don’t forget them. Lastly, I hugged the one person that I was going to miss the most. Everyone stepped off to the side, talking amongst themselves so it was just Harry and I.


            “I love you, you know?” he whispers quietly, his large hands cupping my face.


            I give off a small smile, looking into his beautiful green eyes. I can see the pain in them, along with the love, and that made my heart fall into my stomach. I’m going to miss him so much. “I know,” I reply, a tear falling out of my eye.


            “Shh, don’t cry,” he hugs me, and I rest my cheek against his chest as my eyes shut. “We’ll see each other soon. I promise.”


            “You don’t know that,” I say, sniffling.


            “I do know that,” Harry says, pulling away to look down at me. “And I know this won’t be our last time seeing each other.”


            Before I could protest, he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. This kiss was nothing like we’ve shared before. It was much more softer and more gentle. Full of love and care. His arms were wrapped around my waist as mine were pressed against his chest, moving my lips with his. Sadly, every kiss has to come to an end, and ours got interrupted.


            “Flight 193 to LAX, California will now be boarding. Flight 193 to LAX, California will now be boarding.”


            Harry and I pulled away, and I looked up at him as the tears once again gathered in my eyes. “That’s me,” I murmur.


            “Yeah,” he whispers sadly.


            Before I pick up my duffel bag, I  look at everyone else. “One last group hug?” I ask with a hopeful smile.


            They all smile, before everyone comes in and surrounds me in a hug. I smile, loving the feeling of hugging my friends, before we all pull away. “You better get going,” Melody murmurs quietly.


            I nod, picking up my duffel bag. “I’ll see you guys real soon,” I tell them.


            They all nod, smiling sadly. “Have fun in California, Elena,” Louis smiles.


            “And keep away from those LA boys,” Harry tells me, a small smirk on his face. I laugh for the first time today.


            “Don’t worry, I will,” I tell him. I sigh, running a hand through my hair. “Bye, guys.”


            “Bye, Elena,” they all say.


            Right before I leave, Harry mouths the words ‘I love you.’ I give him a smile, before turning around and walking towards my gate. Before I disappear through the gate, I turn around one last time and see my ten friends still standing there, and I see Melody clinging on to Zayn as tears stream down her face. I give them all one last wave, which they return, and board the dreaded plane.


            Every ending is a beginning, we just don’t know it. For me, at the moment, it was like everything was ending. Like my life was ending. I was leaving my brother, my friends, and my boyfriend. I didn’t know when I would see them again. A couple of months, years maybe. I didn’t know what the future held for me. I didn’t know if I should look forward to it or be scared. I don’t want new friends or a new boyfriend or a new high school. I want this. What I have here, in Holmes Chapel. Because nothing, no one, and no place can replace the life I had over here.


            Overall, I think I just made a big mistake.