Chapter 32

Elena’s POV:


            California. California. California.


            That’s all that was going through my mind. California. I was moving to California. That was on the other side of the world. In the United States. Why was Mum living there? Why not somewhere in England? Why did she move to a whole new different country? And why was Dad so easy on letting me go? He’s kicking me out of the house, out of Holmes Chapel. This is my home. I grew up here. My friends and life is here. I can’t just let this all go. I’ll be leaving Melody. I’ll be leaving Becca and Candice. I’ll be leaving the boys. I’ll be leaving Tyler.


            I’ll be leaving Harry.


            At the moment, I was sitting on a swing at the local park, barely swinging myself. Either of my hands were on the chains of the swing as I looked at the woodchips on the ground. Tears were brimming my eyes as I thought about leaving. Is it possible for your heart to hurt? Because I think mine is. I don’t think I’m even going to miss my own father. The people I’m going to miss are my friends, brother, and boyfriend.




            What’s going to happen to Harry and I? We won’t be able to continue our relationship. I’m going to be in a whole other country, and he’s staying here. Long distance relationships don’t work out most of the time, and who’s to say that Harry and I’s will? What if we can’t continue? What if we have to break up? What if I don’t ever see him again?


            “You’re thinking about the what if’s, aren’t you?” a voice asks, causing me to jump.


            I look up, only to have my blue eyes lock with Harry’s. His hands are shoved into the front pockets of his jeans as the winds blows around his curls ever so slightly. I shake my head, looking back down at the ground. “Yeah,” I murmur.


            I hear the swing clank around a bit, and out of the corner of my eye I see Harry sit on the swing next to me. “Don’t think about the what if’s, Elena,” Harry’s deep voice says. “They’lll just make you worry even more.”


            I shake my head, a tear leaking out of my right eye. “I don’t want to leave. The school year hasn’t ended yet and I don’t want to leave everyone. I don’t want to leave you...”


            I feel my right hand being pried off the chain of the swing and Harry’s left hand envelopes my right one. “We’re gonna be alright, Elena,” Harry says quietly, squeezing my hand tightly. “We’re gonna get through this.”


            I shake my head, looking at him with red eyes. “How are we possibly gonna be okay, Harry?” I ask him. “I’m moving to a different country. We won’t be able to see each other. We can’t do this.”


            Harry squeezes my hand. “Yes, we can,” he says. “We can get through this. I’m not letting you go that easily.”


            “But you have to.” A small sob escapes my lip. “Dad already bought the ticket. My flight leaves this weekend.”


            “He can’t just bloody do that!” Harry suddenly screams, releasing my hand and shooting up to his feet. “He’s fucking kicking you out and sending you to live in another country, even if it is with your mum!”


            I stand up, slightly scared of Harry’s outburst. He was running his fingers through his curls, clearly frustrated. “Harry,” I say, my voice dropping to a whisper. “Th-There’s nothing we can do.”


            Harry looks at me, green eyes boring into my blue ones. “I can’t fucking lose you,” he says raspily, his arms wrapping around my waist tightly.


            My forehead rested against his chest, my arms wrapping around his torso as I feel Harry’s lips on top of my head. His arms held me tightly, scared that he has to let me go. But in the end, we both know that devastating outcome.




            “This is so ridiculous!” Melody cried out as I packed my bags.


            The two of us were sitting in my bedroom as I packed my bags, my jaw clenching the entire time. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to pack. I just want to stay here. Melody was about to burst into tears as she talked to me while sitting on the bed. Mind you, she actually did cry when I told her about moving.


            “Trust me, I know,” I grumbled as I put my pair of shorts inside my suitcase. “I think this is my dad’s way of ruining my life.”


            “What about school?” Melody asks, her eyes wide.


            I sigh. “I guess I’m gonna have to go to school in California,” I tell her, zipping my second suitcase shut.


            “What about...” Melody trails off, and I can see she’s hesitant about asking me whatever question she had in mind. “What about you and Harry?”


            I suck in a sharp breath. Somehow I knew she was going to ask me about Harry. I look at her as she bites her bottom lip, waiting for an answer. “I don’t know,” I finally tell her. “Neither of us want to break up, but... How can we go on?”


            “Elena,” Melody starts, standing up from the bed and standing in front of me. “You and Harry are like, so strong. I’m a hundred and ten percent sure that you two will make it through this.”


            I bite the inside of my cheek, looking at my best friend. I let out a sigh, pursing my lips. “So why does it feel like we won’t?”