Chapter 30

Elena's POV:




            Anne's wedding was in a couple of hours, and I was all dressed. Dad was out of town for another one of his college seminars, so he didn't know about me going. My hair was curled properly and in the room next to me was Anne getting dolled up. I was in the room with Doniya and Lottie who were the other two bridesmaids, and Doniya grins at me.




            "So you and Harry, huh?" she asks.




            Lottie looks at us and I blush. "Yeah," I mumble.




            "For how long?" Lottie asks with a grin.




            "About three months," I say, tucking a lock of curly hair behind my ear.




            "You two are adorable," Doniya assures me. "I've known Harry for a while, since he's such great friends with my brother. He's a tough guy, and I've never seen him with a girl. But I think you're definitely a keeper."




            I blush once again, mumbling a thanks. Soon enough, it was time for us to go and when we stepped out, we caught sight of Anne. She looked bloody beautiful. Her snow white dress fell to her feet and, and her hair was beautifully curled and make up done professionally. We made our way to the church, and soon enough, the ceremony began.






Harry's POV:




            "You having fun?" I ask Elena who was laughing and talking to Melody and Eleanor.




            We were all at the wedding reception, having a good time. The wedding went along smoothly, and now at the reception everyone was talking and dancing. Melody and Eleanor were here as Zayn and Louis's dates. Louis finally asked her out, and I guess it's official that they're together.




            Elena turns around and smiles up at me. "Yeah," she smiles. "What about you?"




            I grin. "I am," I say. "I'm happy for Mum and Robin."




            Elena smiles back, her arms wrapping around my neck. "That's good to know."




            I smile down at her, pecking her lips softly. "How about the two of us get out of here and call it a night?" I murmur in her ear, nibbling on her earlobe.




            Elena giggles cutely. "We can't just leave your mother's wedding."




            "Oh, we can," I whisper huskily. "Besides, they're about to leave for their little honeymoon, anyway."




            Elena's blue eyes lock with mine for a second before she looks around, and then looks back at me. "Fine," she rolls her eyes. I grin widely, lacing her hand with mine as we walk out of the wedding reception. "So where exactly are we going?" Elena asks with a laugh.




            We get into my car, shutting the door. "My house."








Elena's POV:




            We stumbled into Harry's house, his lips not disconnecting from mine as he slammed the door shut. My legs were wrapped around his torso and hands tangled in his curls as Harry's own hands were under my thighs, supporting me up. As he feverishly moved his lips with mine, he carried me up the stairs and into his bedroom. Once inside, he shut the door with his foot and walked towards the bed.




            Harry laid me down, his body hovering over me as his tongue entered my mouth. My hands traveled up his chest and held the collar of his light blue button down shirt. Groaning against his lips, my finger fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, one by one prying open the buttons and practically ripping off his shirt. He shrugs off his shirt, and I get the chance of seeing all of his different tattoos.




            I felt Harry's hand travel down my right leg, stopping where my dress stopped. Harry suddenly lifted my dress, and I sat up, helping him take it off. Now all I was left in were my black lace bra and matching underwear. Harry smirks at me and I roll my eyes, before reaching up and grabbing the back of Harry's neck and reconnecting our lips as his hands grab my wrists.




            Harry's lips moved with mine one last time before he pulled away and kissed down my neck. I let out a slow moan as he nibbled on the skin, and I felt him smirking against my neck. Slowly, he let go my wrists and moved his big hands behind me to unclasp my bra. He took the piece of cloth and threw it somewhere across the room. Harry licked his lips before attacking my collarbones with his tongue, traveling down to my breasts. Cupping them, massaging them and kissing them. I throw my head back in pleasure, my right hand taking fistful of his curly hair and pulling him closer to me as my left palm was against the bed to keep me up.




            I sighed in pleasure when he moved his hands to my underwear to remove them. And then I felt the last piece of fabric on me getting pulled off as he threw it away as well. Finally, he found my lips with his, kissing me so softy, yet passionately to show me how much he wanted me. I then felt his right hand traveling down to my thigh, finding my clit. Harry moved perfectly his thumb across my clit, massaging it in fast circles. I moaned for him, wanting more.




            He slowly added one, two, and then three fingers. Fingering me, pleasuring me. In every single second of fingering I felt more and more pleasure, and I couldn't take it anymore. I came all over his fingers, and when I opened my eyes, I saw him sucking in his fingers, tasting me.




            "You taste so good," he murmurs quietly, and I groan in annoyance.




            "Can you just stop teasing already?" I groan.




            Harry smirks as I start unbuttoning his jeans, sliding them down along with his Tommy boxers. My eyes widen at the size of him as Harry simply smirks and slides on the condom he took out from his bedside drawer. His hands found mine, placing them next to my head as he laid me back down on my back. His thrusts were slow, but even then I felt pure pleasure. I closed my eyes in pleasure, enjoying this moment. I moved my hips up to meet his, letting him know that I want him to go faster. He understood, then he started to go really fast and hard.




            "Fuck, H-Harry," I moaned out, my eyes squeezing shut. I screamed out in pleasure as I felt him hit my core, and Harry grunted.




            "Look at me when you cum, Elena," he groans raspily, his voice sending shivers down my bare body.




            I don't know how I did it, but it took all of my power to pry my eyes open to meet his green ones that were covered with the curls that were hanging over his face. Not being able to take it anymore, I released and at the same time, Harry did so as well. I closed my eyes once I finished my orgasm, my head falling back on to his pillow. He fell on his back next to me on the bed, and we laid there for a while, catching our breaths.




            "That," Harry says, panting for breath. "Was bloody fantastic."