Chapter 29

Elena’s POV:


            “How does your jaw feel?” I murmur quietly, staring up at the sky.


            “It’s better,” Harry replies, his fingers stroking through my hair.


            Harry and I were lying down on our backs in his backyard. My head was resting on his chest as his left hand was behind his head and his right hand tangled in my hair. The wind was blowing softly around us slightly as I drew patterns on Harry’s chest with my index finger. Harry’s hand absentmindedly stroked through my hair, and it felt super relaxing.


            Just a half hour ago, Harry had said those three strong words to me. Those three words hold so much meaning, and Harry being the one who said it, I can tell that he actually truly means it. And the smile on his face when I said the words back was so big and beautiful, I had never seen him smile like that. It was adorable, really.


            So now here we were, laying on our backs in his backyard as we stared up at the light blue sky that held some white, fluffy looking clouds. I could hear the rustling of the trees and the leaves as the wind blew, giving it a calmer environment. A sigh escaped my lips as my eyes fluttered close, the familiar musky scent of Harry’s cologne filling my nose.


            “So Mum’s wedding’s coming up,” Harry breaks the silence.


            “I know,” I smile slightly.


            “I’m happy for her. I really am. I want her to be happy again,” I hear Harry mumble.


            I lift my head slightly so I can look at him, my eyesight only catching his neck and jaw as he faces the sky. “What makes you think she wasn’t happy before?”


            “Because it was just her and I,” Harry chuckles lowly, looking down at me. “I never was and never will be enough for her. Lets just hope that Robin is.”


            I frown, sitting up fully as I look down at his laying figure. “Why do you always put yourself down when it comes to Anne? Why can’t you see that she’s your mother and that she loves you?”


            Harry sighs, still looking up at the sky as he remains laying on the ground. “I don’t know,” he says. “Force of habit, I guess.”


            “Stop making a habit of it then,” I tell him sternly. “It’s not a good thing, Harry. You’re over thinking this. Your mum loves you and that’s that.”


            In all honesty, it actually pained me to see how Harry thinks so low of himself when it comes to his mother. If anything, Anne loves Harry with all her heart – it’s visible in her eyes. She smiles when her son comes into view, and she’s always gushing on and on about how sweet he is. It’s just too bad that Harry can’t see it. He’s lucky he has a mum who cares for him, oppose to mine who just left me and isn’t trying to contact me in any sort of way.


            Sighing, I laid down on my left side and my right hand cupped Harry’s left cheek, making sure I didn’t touch his bruise. I turned his head as he looked at me curiously, and I leaned down and pressed my lips to his. Harry’s lips immediately moved with mine, as Harry’s right arm slides around my waist.


            “I really do love you,” Harry mumbles against lips.


            I smile, pecking his lips one last time. “Same here.”




            Anne’s wedding was a couple of days away, and right now I was getting ready for the wedding rehearsal dinner. I was wearing a sleeveless dress that was lace, and white from the waist up with a few ruffles along the hem of the neck. There was a really thin light brown waist along my waist and from the bottom it was light blue. I had on white strapped sandals, black and blue eyeshadow with mascara and eyeliner, lip stick, and light blue nail polish that matched my dress and eyeshadow. My hair was wavy and a bit curly and I had locks of my hair tied back.


(Outfit: )


            Gemma and Tyler had come back to town in time for the rehearsal dinner, and Tyler and I talked about our parents. We still don’t know where Mum is because she doesn’t call or answer our calls. And Dad has been basically ignoring us, enveloping himself in his work. So we don’t have a clue on what either of them is doing.  For me, it’s kind of nothing new. Mum and Dad had always been too engrossed in their own lives to acknowledge me, so I guess I’m kind of used to it in a way.


            As I walked down the stairs, the doorbell rang. I said goodbye to Lucy and walked out of my house, only to be greeted by Harry. “You look beautiful,” was the first thing that came out of his mouth as he pecked my lips in a greeting.


            I blushed, tucking a strand of a loose curl behind my ear. “Thanks,” I say as we get into his black Volvo.


            The drive was short as usual, and Harry pulled up in front of Harry’s house that was surrounded by cars. When he parked the car, we got out and approached the front door. Harry opened the door and I walked in, and he followed. He guided me to the backyard, and I immediately saw a big group of people, and they were all Harry’s family and friends. I think Anne and Robin had booked the place for the dinner, so I guess it’s just the wedding party.


            I think all of the boys were here too, along with their families since they were invited. I think Louis’s mum, Jay, was Anne’s Maid of Honor since Harry had told me that the two were best friends. When we walked in, I saw Gemma and Tyler laughing and talking with a guy who looked like he was in his late twenties.


            “Harry, Elena!” Gemma grins as we approach them. “This is Mike Twist, Robin’s son. Mike, this is my brother Harry and his girlfriend Elena,” she introduces.


            Harry smiles as he shakes Mike’s hand. “Nice to meet you, mate,” he says.


            “You too,” Mike smiles, and then looks at me. “Pleasure to meet you.”


            I smile, shaking his hand. “Pleasure’s all mine,” I say. I look at my brother,  raising an eyebrow. “What, no hello for your little sister?”


            Tyler chuckles, giving me a tight hug. “You know I love you,” he says.


            I roll my eyes, smiling as we pull away. We were then greeted by the guys, and Zayn, Liam, and Louis each walked up with a couple of girls. “Elena, this is my older sister Doniya and my younger sisters Waliyah and Safaa,” Zayn introduces.


            I smile and greet the girls, and they do the same. “And these are my younger sisters Lottie, Fizzy, and Daisey and Phoebe,” Louis says, pointing to two girls who look about fourteen or thirteen, and two younger twins.


            “And these are my older sisters, Nicola and Ruth,” Liam smiles, introducing two older girls.


            We all greeted each other, and I got to talk and get to know Louis, Liam, and Zayn's sisters, and they were all fun girls. This rehearsal dinner was actually a barbeque. Since wedding’s are formal and stuff, Anne thought it would be a great idea to make the rehearsal dinner a little less formal. There were was a grill where I think Anne and Robin’s dads were grilling the food, and on a long table were bowls full of chips, sodas, cups, and some snacks. The smell of hot dogs and burgers was in the air, and I frankly liked it.


            “Here,” Harry smiles, giving me a blue plastic cup full of Pepsi.


            “Thanks,” I smile back, taking a sip of my drink.


            “Come on, my family wants to meet you,” he says, taking my free hand.


            My blue eyes widen, trying to pull my hand away from his. “Um, no,” I say urgently.


            Harry chuckles, looking at me in amusement. “Come on, why not?”      


            I shake my head. “You’re lucky I met your mother,” I tell him. “I don’t think I can handle meeting your entire family.”


            Harry looks down at me, his green eyes wide as he pulls a puppy dog face. Oh crap. “Please?” he begs. “They’ll love you.” He leans down and pecks my lips, his forehead resting against mine.


            I sigh, glaring up at him. “Fine,” I mumble in defeat.


            He grins, dimples in view as he takes my free hand and drags me over to where two women were laughing and talking with Anne. When we approached them, they all grinned. “Elena, these are my Mum’s older sisters Amanda and Alyson. Guys, meet Elena, my girlfriend.”     


            The two women grin at me. “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” Amanda says. “Anne’s told us a lot about you.”


            “My, aren’t you a beauty,” Alyson smiles, looking at me and then at Harry. “You got yourself a good one, Haz.”


            Harry grins, his arm wrapping around my shoulder. “I know,” he grins, and I just chuckle and roll my eyes. So modest.


            We walked around as Harry introduced me to different family members of his, and they were all extremely sweet and welcoming. Harry’s grandfather and Robin’s dad finished making the burgers, and I sat with the rest of the boys in the side as I ate my beef burger. As I took a sip of my drink, my eyes locked with Harry, who was staring at me with a smile on his face. I was sitting across from him and in between Zayn and Niall. I smirk, making my eyes cross eyed for a split second before going back to normal. Harry let out a laugh as everyone looked at him.


            “What are you laughing at?” Louis asks, raising an eyebrow.      


            Harry chuckles, his green eyes locking with mine. “Nothing.”