Chapter 28

Harry’s POV:


            Sadly, our time in Paris had to come to an end. We had landed back in Holmes Chapel a few hours ago, and I was lying down on my bed as I tried to take a nap. I felt so tired, I don’t know why, and all I wanted to do was sleep. My mum wasn’t home, so I was here all by myself. As I laid on my back on my bed, staring up at the ceiling, multiple thoughts swirled my head.


            Elena was the one thing that kept coming up in my mind. Her hair, her eyes, her smile, her everything. She was perfect, honestly. I loved being with her – she made me feel happy and she was one of the few people who actually care about me. I always got this fuzzy feeling inside of me whenever I was with her, and I honestly loved the feeling. It was fun to be with her. Elena is sweet, caring, and funny. I love when she hugs me and kisses me, leaving me craving for more. I felt so good with her. I felt happier than ever. She was coming over, actually, because since I couldn’t sleep, hanging out with her was the only thing I wanted to do.


            Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted with someone knocking wildly on the door. Confused, I stood up from my bed and walked down the stairs. Opening the door, my eyes harden when I see the person at the door. It was the one and only Des.


            “What are you doing here?” I spit out, gripping the door knob tightly.


            Des walks in, shouldering past me as he enters the house. “Where’s your girl? Got tired of you already?” he smirks, turning to face me.


            My jaw clenches. “She’s home. And I’m glad since she’ll be away from you.”


            “Aw, come on now, son,” Des  pouts jokingly. “I just want to get to know Elena. She seems like an interesting young woman.”


            I look at him in disgust, anger boiling in my blood. I take a couple of steps closer to him, my fists clenching on my side. “You’re not going anywhere near Elena.”


            “Oh yeah?” Des taunts, raising an eyebrow. “Who’s gonna stop me? You? You’re nothing but a little kid.”


            “Get out of here,” I spat out through clenched teeth. “Before I beat the shit out of you.”


            “Don’t try to act like a hero, kid,” he glares, his own jaw clenching as he looks at me. “I’m gonna make you eat those words.”


            Before I could reply, Des grabbed the collar of my shirt and threw me across the room as my back hit the wall. I grunted as I hit the floor, and then went back up on my feet. “Are you that much of a dick to show up at my house just to beat me up?” I chuckle humourously.


            Des’s eyes narrow into slits. “I’m only a dick to teach you a lesson, boy,” he spits, before charging up at me.


Elena’s POV:


            I pulled up to Harry’s house, parking my car in his drive way as I kill the engine. Getting out of my car, I run a hand through my long hair and walk up to the front door. Just when I was about to knock, I heard a loud bang coming from inside, making me jump.


            “Harry?” I called out, worried about what was going on.


            Instead of answering me, another loud bang was heard. Turning the door knob, I walk in and a gasp escapes my lip. The sight I see in front of me was beyond shocking. Des was holding Harry by the collar of his shirt, and had him pressed up against the wall. Harry’s head immediately snapped towards me and his eyes widened, meanwhile Des just smirked, still holding on to Harry.


            “Ah, if it isn’t the girl we were just talking about,” he muses, looking over me.


            I feel as if all the air was sucked out of my lungs as he looked at me. Des suddenly let Harry drop on to the floor with a thud, and he strolled over to me. I swallowed the lump in my throat as the man towered over my body just like his son does, but unlike with Harry, I feel anything but safe with this man. Des’s right hand reached up and caressed my cheek, and I flinched at his cold touch, and bit the inside of my cheek as I tried to keep down the whimper that was trying to escape my lips.


            “Don’t touch her!” Harry growled, before charging up to Des and pulling him forcefully away from me.


            My eyes widen as Des immediately reacts, his fist clenching as it comes in contact with Harry’s face. “Harry!” I gasp as he falls on his back on the wooden floor, and the older man glares down at the boy.


            “Don’t you dare touch me again, you hear?” Des spits out angrily.


            Harry stumbles to his feet, shaking his curls out of his eyes. I can see the way he’s clenching and unclenching his jaw, and the vein in his neck that’s throbbing. With one swift move, Harry manages to knock Des down to his feet by punching him in the gut, as I stand in the corner, my hands over my mouth and my eyes widening as I watch the scene in front of me. Des’s back comes in contact with the floor as Harry stands over him, glaring down at his father with a face full of rage. If looks could kill, Des would be dead fifty times over.


            “If you ever even think about touching, much less coming near Elena again, I won’t hesitate on beating the shit out of you and calling the cops,” Harry snarls, his deep voice coated with nothing but anger. “Now get the hell out of my house.”


            Des gets up on his feet, glaring at Harry as he clenches his stomach. He then turns around and heads towards the door. Before he leaves, he looks at me, and I immediately divert my gaze from him, to frightened to meet his eye contact. As soon as I hear the door slam, I can breathe a sigh of relief.


            Footsteps sound against the wooden floor as Harry walks over to me, his figure towering over mine. I look up to him, my blue eyes locking with his worried green ones. “Are you okay?” he asks me.


            My eyes widen. “Am I okay?” I repeat. “Are you okay? Des punched you, not me.”


            “I’m fine,” Harry’s gruff voice speaks.


            Rolling my eyes, my right hand reaches up and I gently grab Harry’s chin. Turning his head to the side, my eyes widen and a small gasp escapes my lips as I see a blue-ish pruple bruise forming on Harry’s jaw where Des had punched him. “You need to get some ice on that,” I tell him.


            “It’s fine, Elena,” he stubbornly says, his hand gently grabbing my wrist and pulling my hand down.


            I give him a dead look. “Harry, get some ice on it, please,” I say. “It probably hurts.”


            A sigh escapes his lips. “If I put ice on it, will it make you happy?”


            I nod. “Very much.”


            “Fine,” he chuckles lightly, before turning around and walking into the kitchen. I follow him there as he takes out an ice pack from the fridge, and puts it on his bruised jaw.


            I lean against the wall, my arms crossed behind my back. “Why was he here, anyway?” I ask quietly.


            Harry sighs, pressing the ice pack to his jaw again. “Who knows?” he shrugs.


            I narrow my eyes at him. “I think you know,” I say flatly.


            “He was just being an ass, okay?” Harry says frustratingly. “He came and just taunted me. Threatened me in a way, I guess.”


            My expression drops to one of worry. “Threatened you how?”


            “I don’t want to worry you,” he sighs, his free hand rubbing the back of his neck.


            “Too late for that, Harry,” I tell him, pushing myself off of the wall. “How did he threaten you?”


            Harry’s jaw clenches as his teeth grit together, having an inner battle with himself on whether or not if he should tell me. “Des is a dangerous guy, Elena,” Harry says almost so quietly that I couldn’t even hear him. “You have to stay away from him.”


            “Obviously,” I say, a little bit confused. “It’s not like I’m gonna go looking for him.”


            “I’m serious, Elena,” Harry says, looking at me directly in the eye as he takes a few steps towards me. “He’s gonna try and get to you, whether I’m there or not. I can’t let anything happen to you.”


            My arms drop to my sides as my lips part, looking up at the boy in front of me. My eyes widen slightly as realization dawns on me, and Harry looks down at me as he bites his bottom lip. “Is that what that was about?” I ask, my voice dropping into a quieter tone. “You fought your own dad because of me?”


            Harry gives me a small smile, his left dimple coming into view. “Like I said before,” he says huskily, “I don’t care if it’s my dad, your dad, or the Queen. No one’s gonna hurt you.”


            A breathy laugh of disbelief escapes my lips as I shake my head slightly, looking up at the flawless boy. This boy in front of me literally fought his dad for me. No one ever has done something like that for me, and just by doing that, I can tell that Harry actually does care about me. He cares about me far more than I thought he did, and that’s all I need to know.


            Standing on my tippy toes, I put the palm of my hands against Harry’s chest as I press my lips to his. He kisses my back, putting the ice pack down as his arms wrap around me. He cocks his head to the side to deepen the kiss, and my left hand slides around his neck as my right stays on the nape of his neck. In between the kiss, Harry pulls away only a tiny bit. His forehead is pressed against mine and his nose is brushing mine as he looks at me deep in the eye, murmuring three words that I never thought he would.


            “I love you.”