Chapter 27

Harry’s POV:


            The teachers and rest of the class had finally returned from their outing, and released us from what I call the prison. They told us to stay in our rooms until we are called down for dinner, so that’s what we did. Zayn, Louis, Niall, and I went to our room while Liam went to his room with his own room mates. As we walked into the room, I watched as Louis plopped down on his and I’s shared bed as Zayn and Niall started watching some TV.


            I walked over to my best mate, sitting down next to him. He had been acting strange lately, not his usual cheery self. Instead, he was a bit grumpy, and I needed to know why. “Are you alright, mate?” I ask him quietly.


            Louis looks at me, a sigh escaping his lips. “Just a bit frustrated.”


            I raise an eyebrow. “About what?” I ask him.


            He stays quiet, running his fingers through his hair as I wait patiently for him to speak. “I want Eleanor.”


            I was a bit taken aback by his statement, and I looked at him, confused. “And what’s frustrating about that?” I ask.


            He shrugs. “I don’t know how to do it. She’s a smart, innocent girl and well, I’m anything but that.”


            I chuckle. “Louis, you have one of the highest grades in our school,” I remind him. “And who cares about innocence? We’re guys; we fight, we get drunk, we get over it.”


            Louis looks at me, his blue-green eyes lacing with confusion. “How’d you get Elena?”


            A smile tugged on my lips at the mention of her name. “Well,” I clear my throat slightly. “It started with that English project we had to do together. We got to know each other better, and I guess it just went on from there.”


            Louis smiles. “I can tell that you really like her, Haz,” he says. “The way you just smiled when I said her name and you talked about her, you must really like her.”


            “I do,” I smile, nodding. “I just wish she didn’t have to meet Des,” I say through gritted teeth.


            His eyes widen. “She met Des?” he hissed. “How?”


            “He showed up, unannounced, on my door step when she was over,” I say. “Bastard had the nerve to just walk over and talk to her.” I lick my lips. “She’s terrified of him.”


            “She has every right to be,” Louis says. “Des is a dangerous guy, Harry. I don’t understand why they let him out of jail, but now that he’s out and about, there’s no telling what he can do.”


            Des is someone I want my family, friends, and Elena to stay away from. He’s done so much more than just abuse me and get into street fights and drink. I hadn’t told Elena something about Des because it would scare her more than she already is. It’s not like I lied to her, because I told her everything about Des, but just left out one detail.


            He raped someone.


            What I mean is that one night, when he was seriously drunk, he did something he didn’t realize. He was walking the streets by himself late at night, already half drunk with a beer bottle in his hand. Des came across a woman, probably a couple of years younger than him. What he did next was unforgivable.


            He had drawn her to an ally, dragging her there as she sceamed for help. Of course, it was late at night so nobody was really outside. Who knows what this woman was doing late outside. Des, who was drunk but sober enough to know what he was doing, had raped the woman. He had raped the woman and when he was done with her, he killed her. Taking the empty beer bottle, he smashed it on her head I think it was, and she died on the spot.


            That was the night that he had been taken to jail.


            That is also why I don’t want Elena anywhere near him. She’s my girlfriend, and I care way too much about her to get involved with Des, especially since I know what he’s capable of. If he did that to a woman he didn’t know, I can’t begin to imagine what he can do to Elena. I don’t want to imagine it. That sick bastard disgusts me.


            “Did you tell Elena what he did?” Louis’s voice snaps me out of my trance.


            I shake my head. “I told her everything else, but that one major thing.”


            “Good,” he nods. “She doesn’t need to know that, at least not yet. If Des is still back in town when we go back, and approaches Elena with or without you, you then tell her. Because I don’t mean to freak you out man, but this could be her life we’re talking about.”


            Louis’s words hit me like a truck. What if Des catches Elena? What if I’m not there to protect her? What if he does something to her? I would never be able to forgive myself for that. But I don’t want to focus on the ‘what ifs’ right now. Right now, Elena is safe and sound. She’s up in her hotel room with her friends, safe as can be.


            “You’re right,” I nod finally, breaking away from my thoughts.


            Louis grins. “Of course I am.”


            I roll my eyes, shoving his shoulder with mine. He just chuckles and I grin, happy to see that he’s in a better mood.


            An hour later, we were called down to the dining hall for dinner. When I walked in, I immediately caught sight of Elena, who was laughing along with her friends. Walking over, I put my arms around her waist, causing her to jump slightly in surprise and her friends to laugh.


            “Are you always gonna greet me like this?” Elena laughs, her head leaning back so it was resting against my shoulder.


            I rest my face in the crook of her neck as her friends go to get food. “Maybe,” I mumble.


            “Come on, I’m hungry,” Elena says, trying to wriggle out of my grip.


            I smirk as I release her, and we walk over to the food table and fill up our plates. Looks like another night in Paris.