Chapter 26

Elenaâs POV:


            To say that I was about to hyperventilate and freak out would be the hundred percent truth. The nine of us were stuck here, in the middle Paris, with people who only spoke French and not a word of English. I looked around desperate to see if there was anything that could help us get back to the hotel, but couldnât find anything.


            âWhat are we gonna do?â Melody panicked, eyes widening in fear.


            âSh, babe,â Zayn wraps an arm around her shoulders. âWeâll find a way back.â


            âIn case you didnât notice, Zayn, weâre stuck in the middle of Paris!â Louis snaps, running a hand frustratedly through his hair.


            âLetâs not freak out,â Liam says, remaining calm. âWe can ask someone for directions.â


            Niall looks at him. âNone of us speak French, Liam.â


            My eyes widen. âHarry can!â I pipe up, and everyone looks at me as I look up at Harry. âYou can ask one of these people where the hotel is.â


            Harry nods. âI guess I can do that,â he says. âWhatâs the name of the hotel?â


            âUm,â Becca holds out the word, snapping her fingers as a frown is etched on her thinking face. âHotel Champs Elysees Mac Mahon!â


            Harry nods once again before looking around for someone. He then approaches a middle aged man off in the side and talks animatedly with him. The man nods and says something, pointing down the road and making all sorts of hand gestures. Harry then walked back over and we all looked at him expectantly.


            âHe said that we need to go down this road, take a right, another right, a left, and then weâll get there,â Harry explains. âIf we walk, itâll take us about twenty to twenty five minutes.â


            All of us groan as Liam sighs. âWell, I guess we better start walking.â


            Walking in the cool Paris air, we follow the directions Harry had told us in hopes of getting to the hotel. I wonder if the teachers or anyone else figured out that we were missing? I mean, they should since we are nine people who are lost in the middle of Paris. As we walked, I opened my hair from the pony tail I had tied it into earlier and let it fall down my back. Everyone walked ahead of me as Harryâs arm wrapped around my waist as we walked.


            âWell, isnât this how you pictured your first day touring Paris?â he asks in a playful tone.


            I chuckle, my head leaning on his right upper arm. âDefinitely,â I say. âBut hey, at least weâre getting a better view of the city as we walk on our own time.â


            âTrue,â Harry grins, dimples popping.


            âDo you think weâll get in trouble when we get to the hotel?â I ask him, wondering out loud.


            âDonât know,â he replies. âItâs not our fault Mr. Cantwell isnât loud enough to call of us to the bus.â


            I chuckle in response. We had been walking for ten minutes straight, crossing streets and dodging French people on the side walk. At one point I had gotten tired of walking, so Harry let me jump on his back as he carried me piggy back style. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my chin on his left shoulder, his curls tickling my cheek. Becca turns to look at us and starts laughing.


            âAw, look at you two,â she coos as we walk.


            I grin cheesily at her as Harry chuckles. âDonât you love Paris?â I murmur into his ear.


            âAt the moment, no,â Harry laughs quietly.


            I chuckle softly, nuzzling my face in his neck as he walked. âYou smell good,â I say quietly, loving the scent he was wearing.


            âOh, well thank you,â Harry says, and I can tell that heâs smirking. I noticed that he was wearing his Ray Bans, and smirking, I took them off with my left hand and wore them myself. Harry looks at me, raising an eyebrow as he just smirks. âHate to admit it, but you look better in them than I do.â


            I laugh. âI know,â I wink.




            âYou are to stay in your hotel rooms until we return from the remaining tour for today. The nine of you can stay in one room so it wonât be too lonely, and you cannot go past the lobby area, understood?â Mr. Hendricks says sternly.


            âBut itâs not even our fault that we got lost,â Harry says, glaring at him. âItâs your problem that you didnât call us loud enough.â


            âItâs also your problem that you got lost in Paris, Mr. Styles,â Mrs. Nolan retorts.


            âActually, itâs yours since you are the teachers,â Harry smirks.


            âEnough!â Mr. Cantwell shouts, making all of us â minus Harry â jump. âI suggest you keep your mouth shut, Mr. Styles, unless you want to stay inside your room throughout the entire trip.â


            I took the oppurtunity and nudged my elbow in Harryâs side, signing him to shut up before he makes this worse than it already is. Fortunately, he presses his lips together. âNow, you all are to stay in room 419 and not leave until we return. There will be food in there too, so donât worry,â Mrs. Henrie says. âAnd to make sure that you stay in, we are going to some of people at the security desk to check in on you every now and then. So donât you dare try to sneak out.â She adds with a huff, âWe donât need you getting lost in such a big city again.â


            âNow go,â Mr. Cantwell somewhat snarls.


            The nine of us turned around and went up to the fifth floor and to the room we were assigned to. âFucking twat,â Harry muttered as we walked away, and I giggled quietly. No one really liked Mr. Cantwell.


            Finally walking into the room, the door slammed shut and we all sighed. Letâs just hope these next eight hours pass by quickly.




            âIâm hungryyyyy,â Niall whines, holding out the word.


            âNiall, thereâs a bloody fridge in here,â Louis says. âGo get the food from that.â


            âBut what if I take too much?â Niall asks. âIâm gonna get in trouble from the teachers. Itâs their room!â


            Harry rolls his eyes from above me. âLike it matters.â


            We were all scattered around the teacherâs room, bored out of our minds. Harry was sitting on the sofa with my head in his lap and my legs sprawled across Louisâs lap. Melody and Zayn were doing something on his phone, Becca and Candice were gossiping on the other couch, and Liam was laying on the bed as he talked on the phone. Meanwhile, Niall was dying of hunger â or so he claims.


            Staying in here wasnât the best thing to do in Paris, but it wasnât so bad. I mean, yeah Iâd be visiting the Eiffel Tower or something, but I guess getting lost in Paris comes with consequences. Or maybe itâs just that our teachers are unreasonable.


            âJust eat the damn food, Niall,â I roll my eyes as I feel Harryâs fingers curl around my hair.


            The Irish boy groans, standing up. âIf I get in trouble, Iâm blaming it all on you.â


            He then went over to the fridge, pulling out some sort of drink. I just chuckled and closed my eyes, until I felt my legs being lifted and then plopped down. I opened my eyes and saw Louis walking away. âWhere are you going?â I ask him.


            âIâm done being your leg rest,â he replies.


            I furrow my eyebrows. âI thought the term was foot rest or something?â


            Louis scoffs. âLike I care,â he says, before sitting down on the couch.


            I look up at Harry. âWhatâs gotten his boxers in a twist?â I mutter.        


            Harry shrugs, frowning as he looks at Louis. âI donât know,â he murmurs. âBut Iâm gonna find out.â