Chapter 25

Elena’s POV:


            “Elena, wake up,” Melody’s voice mumbles, causing me to stir.


            “Why?” I whine into my pillow, not wanting to open my eyes.


            “I just got the wake up call. We need to get ready,” she replies.


            I sigh and stand up from my bed. When I’m up, I see Candice and Becca sprawled across their beds, sleeping. Smirking, I grab my pillow and chuck it at them, hitting them both at the same time. “Wake up!” I yell, causing Melody to wince at my voice level.


            The two of them jolt up, eyes widening in alarm. Melody fills them in that we need to get ready, and we each take turns to go to the bathroom. Taking a quick shower, I put on an aqua top that had sleeves going down to my elbows with a silver cross in the front and white pants. Grabbing the hair dryer, I walked out of the bathroom and let Candice go in as I started to dry my hair. Once it was silky and straight, I did my make up quickly, applying some lip gloss, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.


(Outfit: )


            Once I have my black sneakers on, I grab my cell phone and stuff it in the back pocket of my pants as the rest of the girls got ready. Finally, when they were all ready, Becca grabbed a key card and I grabbed the other one and we walked out and to the elevator. When we reached the lobby, we went to the place where we had dinner last night and already saw a bunch of other students walking around, getting breakfast and sitting down.


            As I walked further in, two strong arms wrapped my waist from behind me as a chin rested on my shoulder. “Bonjour, belle,” the familiar husky voice spoke.


            I turned around as I look up at Harry’s green eyes, my eyebrows raised. “You know how to speak French?” I ask, jaw dropping.


            “Oui,” he smirks, causing me to grin with my teeth.


            “That’s so cool!” I exclaim. “Teach me to say something.”


            Harry laughs and thinks for a moment. He then looks down at me and smirks. “Je suis tellement chanceuse d'être datant Harry parce qu'il est le copain le plus étonnant jamais.”


            My eyes widen as he says that fluently, my jaw dropping as I hear him speak in an extremely well French accent. “What the hell did you just say?” I ask.


            Harry chuckles. “First you have to repeat it.”


            “There’s no way I’ll be able to repeat that.”


            “Just try.”


            “Can you at least repeat it for me one more time?” I ask. Harry nods and does so, and I lick my lips. “Je suis tellement chanceuse d'être datant Harry parce qui’l est le copain le plus étonnant jamais,” I recite perfectly.


            Harry grins, nodding approvingly. “That’s really good for your first time.”


            I chuckle. “Now what did I say?”


            His smirk returns to his lips. “I am so lucky to be dating Harry because he's the most amazing boyfriend ever,” he translates smugly.


            I gape at him. “You’re so full of yourself,” I say with a laugh as I smack his hard chest. He just shrugs, smirking, as I roll my eyes. “Come on, I’m hungry.”


            We get in line as we grab a plate and fork as I look at the variety of food we have. I saw that they were serving French toast sticks, and I immediately took a few. I wasn’t that hungry, so I just went over and sat down with Louis as we waited for the others.


            “Hello there,” he grins over at me.


            “Morning, Lou,” I smile, taking a bite of one of the sticks.           


            “Are you excited to be touring around Paris?” Louis asks, taking a bite out of his omelete.


            I nod, smiling. “I’m gonna take, like, a billion pictures.”  


            Louis laughs. “Harry told me about your picture taking obsession.”


            I shrug. “What can I say?” I smile. “I’m a photographer.”


            Louis chuckles as Harry, Becca, and Liam walked over and sat down, Harry on one side of me and Becca on the other. We all ate and talked, excited about what this day will hold. When we were done eating, Mr. Hendricks stood up.


            “There will be two buses that will be giving us a tour around the city,” he announces. “Myself and Mrs. Henrie will be in one, and Mr. Cantwell and Mrs. Nolan will be on the other. Decide which bus you want to take, and fill them up until there are no seats left. Let’s go.”


            We all stood up and walked out of the hotel where we saw two big blue buses. Harry, the lads, the girls, and I got on the first bus so we could all be together. Harry and I sat together on one side while I took the window seat, Melody and Zayn in front of us, Louis and Liam behind us, and Becca sitting with us some guy on the other side of the bus, and Candice and Niall in front of her. We were on the bus with Mrs. Nolan and Mr. Cantwell, the two teachers that can’t stand Harry. I think the feeling’s mutual, honestly.


            “First stop, Notre Dame!” Mrs. Nolan calls out, before sitting down next to Mr. Cantwell at the front.


            As we drove, I looked out the window and at the beautiful city of Paris. Everyone was looking out the windows, trying to get a glimpse of the city. While we drove, I took out my phone and took a selfie of Harry and I. We both were grinning at the camera, Harry’s dimples in view along with our teeth. Putting my phone away, the bus stopped and everybody got off. We stepped off the bus, and I looked up at the monument. Notre Dame was truly beautiful, and I took a picture of it. Thank goodness my phone was fully charged.


            We stayed their for about ten minutes or more, taking pictures. I took a picture with Melody and one with the boys. I asked Harry if he could take a picture of me with the girls, and he willingly agreed. Before we left, I asked Mrs. Nolan to take a quick picture of me with the guys and girls in front of Notre Dame, and then we left and got back on the bus. Mr. Cantwell announced that we were going to the Arc de Triomphe.


            The drive to it wasn’t too long, and when we got there, it was gorgeous. Everything in Paris was gorgeous, to be honest. I smiled as I looked up at the big monument, not believing that in fact I was actually here. As I looked around, two strong arms wrapped around my waist as a chin rested on the top of my head. Harry’s cologne intoxicated my nose, and I loved the smell of his scent.


            “This place is beautiful,” I murmur, looking around.


            “I know,” Harry agrees.


            I chuckle, turning around and looking up at him. “And you said you didn’t want to come,” I say, poking his chest.


            “My bad,” Harry’s laugh reaches my ears, automatically making me smile.


            Standing on my tippy toes, I captured his lips in a kiss, much to his liking. Harry’s lips moved with mine as I wrap my arms around his neck. His hands stay on my hips as he bites my bottom lip softly. After a while we pull away and when we do, my phone beeps. Taking it out, I see that I have a new mention on Instagram from Melody.


MelodyParker: LOOK AT THESE TWO LOVE BIRDS! Kissing in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Adorable, no? ;) @ElenaCarter @Harry_Styles


            I gape at my phone as I look at the picture she posted. It was a really cute picture, to be honest. A full view of Harry and I’s bodies as we kissed, and you could see the Arc de Triomphe behind us. She had added a cool effect to it, making it look even more cute. I smile, taking a screen shot of the picture and cropping it out as I post it on my own Instagram and Facebook. I then make it my profile picture and right away I got a bunch of likes on it. I simply chuckle, putting my phone in my pocket as we looked around some more.


            Harry, the boys, the girls, and I were grouped around one part of the monument, talking and laughing as we took pictures. Quite some time passed until Candice spoke up. “Come on, let’s go back to the busses.”


            We agreed and walked back to where the busses are. I stopped short, my eyes widening as I looked around us. “Guys, where are the busses?” I ask. “Wait, where is everyone?!”


            All of us looked around, our eyes widening as we try to look for the busses, our classmates, and our teachers. Only when we didn’t see them is when it hit me.


            “They left without us!”