Chapter 24

Elena’s POV:


            “So class, the school has put together a field trip for the year 12 students,” our homeroom teacher announced. “The school board has been saving money all year long and we have more than enough money for this trip.”


            “Where is it to?” Chad, a kid in my class, asked.


            Mr. Hammers smirks. “Paris, France,” he says. Gasps and murmurs went around the room as my eyes widened and I looked at Melody, both of us grinning. Paris, France? Yes please!


            I raised my hand and Mr. Hammers called on me. “How long are we going there for?”


            “Two weeks,” he answes, and another round of gasps went throughout the room.


            The class soon ended and before we left, Mr. Hammers handed us our permission slips that we needed our parents to sign. The trip was this weekend, so we needed to get them signed and bring them back quickly. As I left the class, I pushed through the crowd of students as I saw Harry walking out of his class, hoisting one of his bag straps on his left shoulder.


            “Hey,” I grin as I take his hand in mine.


            “Hey,” he smiles dimply, leaning down and pecking my lips softly.


            “Did you hear about the Paris trip?” I ask and he nods in response. “Are you gonna go?”


            “Nah,” he shakes his head as we walk through the halls.


            “What? Why?” I ask him as we stop walking and stand by the wall.


            “Paris isn’t really my scene,” Harry shrugs.


            “Not your scene?” I repeat, raising an eyebrow as I look up at him. “Come on, Harry. It’s Paris! The most romantic city in the world.” When he doesn’t budge, I lean forward and brush my lips against his. “For me?” I ask in a hushed tone.


            Harry’s eyes flicker from mine down to my lips as he leans in and tries to join our lips, but I move my head back and smirk. “Fine,” he groans. “I’ll go.”


            I grin widely, pressing my lips to his. “Yay!”




            “So how’d you get your dad to let you go to Paris for two weeks?” Melody asks as I packed my suitcases.


            I shrugged, folding my shirt and putting it inside. “I told him how it would be an ‘education experience’,” I tell her, putting air quotes around the two words. “He bought it.”


            Melody laughs, tapping away on my laptop as she sits cross legged on my bed. “So we never really had this talk...”


            “What talk?” I give her a confused glance as I walk over to my closet.”


            “About Zayn and Harry. What it’s like for both of us to finally have boyfriends,” her voice spoke.


            I laugh as I grab a couple of shirts and walk out. “I know, right?” I say. “Normally, it’s only you that has a boyfriend.”


            “Because you’re too conservative to have a boyfriend,” Melody teases, smirking. “But look at you now, kissing that green eyed guy every chance you get.” A blush rose on my cheeks as Melody laughs. “It’s awesome, man. You two are so fucking adorable,” she says as she shuts my laptop and puts it on the bed next to her.


            “You and Zayn aren’t too bad yourself,” I smirk as I shut my suitcase. “There! I’m done packing.”


            “Yay!” she cheers, standing up from my bed. “Now can we please go grab some coffee?”


            I laugh and nod. Grabbing some money, Melody and I leave my house and walk to the direction of Starbucks. We had to go to bed early tonight since tomorrow we were going to Paris. The school’s bus drivers were given the house addresses of those students going on the trip, so they would be here to pick us up at six in the morning and take us to the airport. We would have to wake up earlier than usual, and that would be a pain. But hey, it’s Paris.


            Walking into Starbucks, the smell of coffee immediately hit my nostrils, making me smile. I loved my coffee. When Melody and I paid for our coffee, we sat down by the window across from each other.


            “I’m so excited for France,” Melody grins. “The Eiffel Tower’s the first place I wanna go.”


            “I know,” I smile, sipping my coffee. “It’s gonna be awesome.”


Harry’s POV:


            Waking up at five-thirty in the morning was not my cup of tea. But since it was for a big trip like France, it was worth it, I guess. When I had woken up, I grabbed my bags and said bye to Mum after eating breakfast. Now I was waiting outside on the porch for this damn bus to get here. I was wearing my Jack Wills hoodie with sweatpants and Converse, and I could tell that I probably looked dead tired. My hands reached up and ruffled my curls as I waited for the bus.    


            A few minutes later, the bus pulled up. I grabbed my two suitcases and put them in the side compartments on the side of the bus and then got on it. Mr. Hendricks was on the bus along with a couple of other students. Walking further down the aisle, I smirked as I saw the one girl I was looking for.    


            Elena sat on a three-seater set with her eyes closed and head leaning against the cool glass window. She was wearing dark red YMCMB sweatpants, a black V-neck with a white hoodie that was unzipped, and her chestnut brown UGGs. Her hair fell wavily over her shoulders as she had her red and white Beats on. She had no make up on, but she looked beautiful either way. Chuckling softly, I slid in next to her and when she didn’t notice me, I took off her Beats.       


            Her eyes fluttered open as her blue orbs met my green ones. “Oh, hey,” she mumbles sleepily as she sits up properly, putting her feet down.


            “Morning,” I chuckle.


            A groan escaped her naturally pink lips. “I want nothing but to sleep,” Elena says.


            I smile. “C’mon, you can sleep right now. I’ll wake you up when we get to the airport.”


            Elena nods as he head falls on my shoulder, soon drifting off into a deep slumber. As she slept, I took off her Beats and placed them to the side as I took my phone out of my pocket, texting Louis.


To: Lou


You on the bus yet?


From: Lou


Yeah, Liam, Zayn, Melody, and I are on one bus and Niall’s on the other bus with Candice and Becca.


To: Lou


Oh, alright. Do you have any idea how long it’ll take for us to get to the airport?


From: Lou


Depends on how many students your bus is picking up and where they live.


To: Lou


Guess you’re right.


            I put my phone back in my pocket and lean my head back on the seat. About ten minutes later, I saw that we pulled up to the airport. I shook Elena awake and we all got off the bus. Grabbing our bags, the four teachers going with us on the trip guided us through securty check until we got to the gigantic waiting area. Elena and I managed to find the boys and the girls so we walked over to them.


            “Hey lads,” I call out as we approach them.


            They all look at us and grin, while Melody smirks at Elena. “You look dead,” she states simply.


            Elena rolls her eyes as she glares at her best friend. “Gee, thanks Mel. Good morning to you too.”


            Melody grins as she throws her arms around Elena’s neck, placing a sloppy kiss on Elena’s cheek. “I love you!” she exclaims.


            “Get off of me,” Elena grunts, pushing Melody off. She laughs and goes to Zayn as Elena wipes her cheek. “Ew, Mel, you just left all of your spit on me.”


            “Okay, ew,” Becca scrunches up her face in disgust as the rest of us boys laugh.


            “Anyone know when our flight leaves?” Candice yawns, leaning her head on Niall’s upper arm.


            Liam checks his watch. “I think about half an hour.”


            We all sit down in those plastic airport chairs as we wait for our flight to be called. Thirty-five minutes later, they called our flights and the teachers told us all to get on the plane. There were several other people already on the plane, and the four teachers with us made sure we each got to our seats. The seats weren’t assigned, so we could basically sit anywhere we pleased.


            Zayn, Melody, Elena, and I took the middle aisle as we sat in a row together, with Zayn and I on the ends and the girls in between us. To my right were Louis, Liam, and Becca, and to Zayn’s left were Niall, Candice, and some other unknown passenger. We all turned off our phones as the pilot’s voice came on, telling us that we were getting ready to take off. Soon enough, the plane started moving and before we knew it, we were up in the air.




Elena’s POV:


            The I-don’t-know-how-many-but-long-hour flight to Paris finally came to an end, and we were boarding off the plane. As soon as we walked into the airport and grabbed our bags, I bit my bottom lip. “We’re actually in Paris,” I say.


            “These two weeks are gonna be awesome,” Becca sang out the last word, causing me to chuckle.


            Once we grabbed our bags, we walked out of the airport and the teachers told us to board the buses that would take us to the hotel. As we sat in the buses, Mr. Hendricks stood up and silenced us. “Now, when we get to the hotel, we’re going to be splitting you up into groups of four and you’re going to be staying in one room. Boys and girls will not be staying in the same room.”


            “Damn,” Harry jokingly muttered from next to me, making me giggle and shove him slightly.


            “There will be a curfew, which is at ten thirty. If you’re not in your room by that time, there will be consequences,” Mr. Hendricks continues. “You will get a wake up call and we’ll meet in the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast, and then we’re taking a tour around the city. You’ll have a couple of days off and you’ll be free to do whatever you want, and enjoy your time in Paris.”


            We all grin as the bus came to a stop. With all of us getting off the bus, I looked up at the huge hotel. It was a golden colored building with big double doors as the front entrance with a doorman in the front. Grabbing our bags, we walked into the hotel and at the front lobby. There was a huge, beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling and people walking around.


            The teachers gathered us in the middle of the lobby, and split up the boys and girls. Mrs. Nolan and Mrs. Henrie held a bunch of key cards and looked at us girls. “Now, we have an even amount of girls, so this will be easy,” Mrs. Henrie says.


            “We want you to get along with whoever you’re staying with, so get into groups of fours, quickly,” Mrs. Nolan adds.


            Everyone scampers around and find their groups. Melody, Becca, Candice, and I get into our own little group. Once everyone’s done, Mrs. Henrie says, “We’re gonna give you a key card – two key cards per group. For tonight, you can unpack and then meet us down at the hotel restaurant for dinner. Then, we’ll go to sleep and tomorrow our tour will begin.”


            We all nod and then once we have our key cards, we go up to our assigned rooms. The girls and I entered our rooms and I smiled as I saw it. There were two double beds, a bathroom, dressing table, and a TV on a dresser, and a beautiful night view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower lighting up.


            “This is so amazing,” Becca breathes out as she drags in her bag.


            “Look at that view,” Candice gasps, dropping her bags and walking over to the window.


            “Come on,” Melody says. “Let’s just put our clothes away and go down.”


            The rest of us nod and and open up our bags. We divide the drawers on the dressing table and the ones on the TV table and put our clothes away. Once we were finished unpacking, i looked at the others. “You guys aren’t changing, right?” I ask them.   


            “Nope,” they all reply.


            Since we were done, grabbing the two key cards, we walked out and down to the hotel restaurant. We all looked like a bunch of weirdos in our pajamas and sweats, compared to all of the other men and women dressed properly and perfessionally and were giving us these weird looks. Walking inside, we saw all of the students from my grade and some other people eating the food that was laid out. As soon as I walked in, my eyes locked with the familiar green ones, and I walked over to him.


            “Who’re you rooming with?” I ask, looking up at Harry.


            “Louis, Niall, and Zayn,” he answers, arm wrapping around my shoulders.


            I pout. “Poor  Liam,” I say. “He’s gonna be left out.”


            Harry snickers. “He’ll live.”


            I roll my eyes and the two of us walk to get our food. Since the only thing I knew here were shrimps, that’s what I got with some fries and Sprite. Harry and I then walked and sat down with the rest of the lads and girls, digging into our food. As I bit into my fries, I looked over to what Becca was eating.


            “Becca, what the hell is that?” I ask, eyeing her food.


            She looked down at her plate. “Oysters,” she replies, looking back up at me. “They’re really good for you. Wanna try?”


            I shake my head, laughing. “Maybe later.”


            As we ate, we all talked about what we were going to do while we were in Paris, and the girls and I said that we had to go shopping to which the boys rolled their eyes at. When we were done eating, I gave Mr. Hendricks my phone and asked if he could take a picture of all of us at the table. He stood by, holding my phone up, as the rest of us smiled and he took the picture. I thanked him once he did, and the teachers then announced that it was time for us to go to our rooms and get ready for bed, claiming that we have a long day ahead of us.  


            “I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” Harry gives me a one-dimpled smile, pecking my lips softly. “Night, El.”


            “Night,” I smile back, before turning around and walking with the girls into my room.


            Taking turns in our room, we each went to the bathroom and then climbed into bed. Since the two beds were double beds, Candice and Becca took one while Melody and I took the one by the window. Before going to bed, I took my phone and looked at the picture Mr. Hendricks had taken. Smiling at it, I clicked on it and posted it on Instagram, making sure to connect it with my Facebook.


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            Turning my phone off, I put it on my bedside table and bury myself in the duvet, drifting off into a deep slumber in the City of Love.