Chapter 23

Elena’s POV:


            “She’s gone completely crazy,” Harry says. “I’m not even kidding.”


            I was with him, the rest of the boys, and Melody as we lounged around Harry’s house. Anne was out with Robin so we had the house to ourselves. “Well, she’s getting married,” I tell him. “Whether it’s her first marriage or second, it’s a pretty big deal.”


            “Anne probably wants it to be extra special,” Louis says.


            Harry nods, agreeing along. I catch Melody looking at me, a wide smile on her face. “What?” I ask her, chuckling.


            “Guess what tomorrow is,” she sing songs.


            I frown at her as the others look just as confused. “Um, Saturday?” I say, but it comes out more as a question.


            “No,” she says, holding out the word. “It’s your and Harry’s one month anniversary!”


            My lips part and form an ‘o’ shape. “Do people still celebrate those?” Harry asks as he runs his fingers through my long hair since I have my head resting on his lap.


            Zayn shrugs. “Who knows? At least we can say that you finally got yourself a girl,” he says with a smirk.


            Harry picks up a pillow and throws it at Zayn as the rest of us laugh. “So are you two gonna be doing something?” Liam asks from the other couch, sitting next to Zayn.


            “Ooh, I know,” I say excitedly, raising my hand as I sit up. “I saw we go to Pinkberry,” I say to Harry.


            Everyone laughs as Harry smirks. “You love that place, don’t you?”


            I giggle and nod. “I’m hungry,” Niall pipes up.


            “Go raid the kitchen,” Harry laughs.


            Suddenly, all of them stood up and ran to the kitchen, leaving just Harry and I. I got up to go to the kitchen too, but Harry stopped me. He grabbed my hand and spun me around, meshing our lips togeher. I was caught off gaurd by his sudden action, but kissed him back anyway as my eyes closed. My hands went to the back of his had and my fingers tangled themselves in his curls. Harry turned his head to the side and deepened the kiss. His hands held either side of my neck as we kissed, and another voice spoke.


            “Ew! Guys, stop snogging!” Louis exclaims.


            Instead of letting me pull away, Harry’s hand went to the back of my head and kept my head in place so I didn’t move, and kept my lips pressed against his. “Seriously? I’m eating here!” Louis whines.


            Harry smirks against my lips as his tongue slides into my mouth, making me roll my eyes under my closed lids but still tangled my own tongue with his. My right index finger took a curl of Harry’s and wrapped it around my finger as I kissed him. “If I throw up, I’m blaming it on Harry,” Louis declares.


            I pull away from Harry with a laugh as he smirks at me, and I turn to look at Louis. “Sorry, Lou,” I apologize, giving him a sweet smile.


            Louis shakes his head, narrowing his sea blue eyes at me. “You’re lucky you’re pretty,” he tells me.


            I grin widely. “You know you adore me,” I say.


            He rolls his eyes, chuckling slightly. “Yeah, yeah,” he mumbles, stuffing his mouth with some crisps.




            “Who’s shirt is that?” Dad’s eyes narrow on me.   


            I frown as I look down at myself. I’m wearing a simple fitted white tank top with blue skinny jeans and brown boots. My hair’s tied into a French braid as it fell over my right shoulder and on top of my tank top I’m wearing Harry’s plaid top he had let me borrow the other day with the sleeves up to my elbows and leaving the buttons open.


            “Oh, it’s mine,” I lie. Clearly Dad can tell that the plaid shirt is not mine.


            “Looks a little bit too big for your size,” he says, sipping his coffee.


            “No, no,” I say nervously. “That’s just the, uh, style these days.” I can’t tell Dad that I’m wearing Harry’s shirt – he’d get way too mad.


            “Alright then,” he nods. “Where are you going?”


            “Melody’s house,” I reply. “I have to help her with a project.” Dad nods before turning away. “Bye, then,” I mutter under my breath.


            Walking out of my house, I get into my car and drive away. I wasn’t going to Melody’s house, I was actually going to Harry’s. He called me over saying Anne needs me for something, so I got ready as soon as possible. Pulling into his driveway, I kill the car engine and walk up to the door. Ringing the doorbell, it swings open and reveals Harry wearing black shorts that went down to his knees, sneakers, and a white tank top. My eyes widened slightly at the sight of him – or well, his biceps.


            “Hey,” he smiles, pecking my lips while I walked in.


            “Hey,” I reply. “You, uh, going to the gym?” I ask, eyeing his outfit.


            He shook his head, wiping some sweat off of his forehead with the back of his left hand. “Just came back, actually,” he tells me, closing the door. “As soon as I got home Mum told me to call you up. She hasn’t told me why though.”


            I nod. “Where is she?” I ask.


            “In the kitchen,” Harry replies. He then looks at me as a smirk tugs on his pink lips. “Is that my shirt?”


            “Maybe,” I smile.


            “Looks good on you,” he winks, pecking my lips again. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”


            “Good because you stink,” I make a face.


            “Babe, you and I both know you think this is sexy,” he winks before jogging up the stairs.


            I roll my eyes before walking into the kitchen. There, I see Anne sitting on a chair at the dining table as she tapped away on the computer. “Afternoon, Anne,” I smile, sitting on the seat next to her.


            She looked at me, smiling. “Elena, you’re here!” she grins. “I need your help.”


            “Sure, with what?” I ask.


            “The wedding,” Anne replies, and I grin widely. “I was wondering if you’d like to be bridesmaid? Gemma’s gonna be the Maid of Honor, and I need three bridesmaids. Would you like to be one?”


            My grin widens, if that’s possible. “Really? You want me to be a bridesmaid?” 


            Anne nods, smiling. “Yes,” she says. “I’ve never seen Harry with a girl, ever. And I can tell that you’re definitely a keeper. So what do you say?”


            I nod, smiling. “I’d love to be, Anne,” I say. “What kind of dresses do you have in mind?”


            “Well, I still need to go wedding dress shopping,” she began. “But for the bridesmaid, I was thinking this, since it’s kind of a spring to summer wedding.”


            She turned the laptop so I could see the scene. I looked at the dress, and I immediately loved it. It was was a halter top dress that had spaghetti straps, a silver design on the waist, and it ended above the knees. It was beautiful, to say the least.


            “I love it,” I smile. “Who’re your other two bridesmaids?” I ask.


            “I was thinking Louis’s younger sister Lottie and Zayn’s older sister Doniya,” Anne says. “They’re lovely girls, you’ll love them.”


            I grin. “Can’t wait to meet them.”


            Anne and I talked about her wedding plans for ten more minutes, until steps bounded down the stairs and we turned to see Harry entering the room. He was dressed in chinos and a black Ramones T-shirt, his hair wet. “Whatcha ladies talking about?” he asks, walking in.


            “The wedding,” Anne smiles excitedly. “I’ve asked Elena to be a bridesmaid.”


            I smile as Harry grins. “When’s the wedding?” he asks, walking over as his arms wrap around my neck from behind me and his chin rests on my shoulder.


            “April,” Anne says, biting her bottom lip as she smiled. “April twenty-fourth.”