Chapter 22

Elena’s POV:


            “Tyler, let me explain,” I say calmly, walking down the stairs as Harry’s confused eyes trail after me.


            “Explain?” Tyler repeats. “Elena, you should have told me the minute you found out!”


            “I know I should have!” I say exhasperatedly, running a hand through my hair. “I don’t know why I didn’t.”


            To be honest, telling Tyler about Mum and Dad’s split up never really occured to me. I figured that Mum or Dad would have told him themselves, and not depend on me to do it for me. I can’t just call him up and be like, ‘Hey, Ty, how’s Uni and Gemma? And oh, by the way, Mum and Dad are getting a divorce.’ There’s no way of being subtle about this.


            “So what now?” Tyler asks, letting out a breath. “Who left the house?”


            “Mum,” I tell him, sitting down on the couch as Harry sits next to me. “She’s living at some hotel. I wouldn’t know, since she doesn’t bother calling.”


            Harry lifts my legs up and stretches them across his lap and I smile at him as he winks. “Give her some time, El,” Tyler says. “She’ll come around.”


            “How much time can I give her?” I ask him as Harry starts rubbing my feet, making me giggle slightly.


            “Why’re you laughing?” Tyler asks, sounding amused.


            “Harry’s being weird,” I tell him as Harry starting tickling the palm of my right foot, making me laugh. “Stop!”


            “Okay,” Tyler says, stretching out the word. “I’m gonna go now.”


            “Alright, bye,” I laugh.


            “Say hi to Gemma for me!” Harry shouts.


            “Will do,” Tyler laughs, hearing him. “Bye.”


            He hangs up and I put my phone down, pulling my legs towards me and away from Harry. “No tickling my feet while I’m on the phone!” I scold Harry.


            “Too bad,” he smirks, before pulling my legs back and tickling them all over again.




(Outfit: )


            “So you were like, hiding from his dad as he stood outside?” Melody asks, raising an eyebrow as we walk down the hall, pushing through the sea of students.


            I nod, sighing. “It was crazy and scary, to say the least.”


            “Damn,” she murmurs.


            The two of us were suddenly pulled by our hands as we were about to turn the corner. Looking up, I saw that Zayn had pulled Melody and Harry had pulled me. I laugh as I wrap my arms around Harry’s neck and his arms snake around my bare waist. I was wearing a sleeveless crop top from Top Shop, navy blue high waisted shorts, black thong sandals, and a nude beanie on top of my straight hair.


            “You look beautiful today,” Harry whispers in my ear so only I could hear, his warm lips brushing my ear.


            I blush, mumbling a “Thank you.”


            “What class do you have now?” Harry asks me as Zayn and Melody have their own conversation.


            “History,” I groan, not wanting to walk into that class.


            “Then let’s go,” he smirks, lacing my hand with his. “We’ll see you guys later,” he tells Zayn and Melody, who nod in respond.


            Harry and I push our way through the crowd, but that wasn’t really necessary since half of the kids moved out of the way when they saw Harry coming. When we got to my class, I stood on my tippy toes and gave him a peck on the lips. “I’ll see you later,” I smile up at him.


            Harry smiles down at me and walks away as I enter my class and take my seat next to Candice. Apparently our teacher was absent, so a subsitute walked in and handed out a few worksheets for us to do. As I did mine, my eyes trailed out of the window, day dreaming. I should never sit by the window, or else I’ll get distracted too easily. As I looked out, my eyes widened as I saw a figure standing by the cars. Squinting, a wave of discomfort washed over me as I saw who it was.




            My head snapped back to the teacher, who was sitting at the teacher’s desk and reading something. I took out my phone from my back pocket of my shorts and created a new text to Harry.


To: Harry<3


Des is standing outside.


From: Harry<3


Wait, what do you mean?


To: Harry<3


I’m looking out the window and I can see him. What’s he doing here!?


From: Harry<3


Wish I knew, babe. But trust me, I’m going to find out.


To: Harry<3


Be careful x


            I put my phone back in my pocket as the teacher looked around, and picked up my pen as I continued to do my work. As I did so, I looked out the window again and my eyes widened as I saw Harry all of a sudden walk out of the building. I watched, biting my bottom lip, as Harry walked towards Des, his face concorted into rage.


            Harry and Des talked animatedly, and Harry kept pointing to the drive way out of the school, probably telling him to leave. My heart pounded against my chest as Harry ran a hand through his curly hair, a sign that tells that he’s frustrated. Des says something before turning around and walking away, leaving Harry standing there by himself.


            Suddenly, the bell rings and everyone gathers their things and walks out. Walking out, I quickly make my way towards the door where Harry walks in, and I grasp his upper arm. “What happened?” I ask him, eyes wide.


            Harry shakes his head, sighing. “He’s being a freak.”


            “Harry,” I sighed.


            “It’s true,” he shrugs. “But don’t worry. He’s not coming near this place or us again.”


            “How can you be so sure?” I ask, looking up at him.


            “I’m sure.”










            “No, Elena.”


            “Pretty please?”




            “Fine,” I pout, crossing my arms across my chest. “Then I won’t kiss you.”


            Harry looks at me, eyebrows raising. “You’re bluffing.”


            “Nope,” I smirk, knowing I got him stuck.


            “Elena, I do not want to hang out with Robin,” Harry says stubbornly.


            I look at him, popping a Hershey’s Kisses into my mouth. “Harry, he’s your mum’s boyfriend,” I tell him as I swallow my chocolate. “You’re gonna have to get to know him sooner or later.”


            “I choose later,” he replies and I roll my eyes. Typical.


            “Come on, Harry,” I say, my hand tangling itself in his curly locks. “Think about how much it’ll mean to your mum.”   


            The two of us were sitting on swings at the local park as we ate Hershey’s Kisses that sat in a packet on the ground between us, reaching down and opening them up before putting them in our mouths. I was begging Harry to get to know Robin better. It would keep his mind off of Des being here and it’ll help him get along with his mother’s boyfriend.


            Harry sighs, shaking his head. “I hate you,” he mumbles.


            “Don’t lie to yourself,” I wink, chewing on my chocolate and swallowing it.


            “Fine,” he says. “I’ll try to... Bond... With Robin.”


            I grin. “Good boy,” I say, bringing my swing over and kissing his lips.


            He deepens it, his tongue entering my mouth. “You taste like chocolate,” he smirks against my lips.


            I pull away, laughing, much to his dismay. “Well duh,” I say, motioning to the chocolate underneath us. “Ugh, I feel fat,” I say, reaching down for another one.


            “You’re anything but fat, babe,” Harry rolls his eyes.


            Blushing, I pop in another chocolate kiss into my mouth. After a while, Harry and I leave the park and walk down the sidewalk. As we walked, I jumped on Harry’s back. He laughed, his hands supporting me up as he places them under my thighs as my arms wrap around neck and my chin rests on his right shoulder.


            We walk like that down the street, people turning and looking at us. “They’re so cute,” I hear an old lady whisper to her husband, making me smile.




From: Harry<3


So I need to tell you something....


To: Harry<3




From: Harry<3


I just found out Mum and Robin had been dating for over a year.


            My eyes widen as I read that, my jaw dropping. I sat up from my bed and dialed Harry’s number. He picked up on the second ring. “What do you mean they’ve been dating for over a year?!” I yell into the phone, a smile on my face.


            “It’s true,” Harry chuckles. “They told me today, when Robin and I were having our little bonding session.”


            “Oh, snap,” I laugh. “How do you feel about that?”


            “I don’t know, honestly,” he replies. “I can tell that Mum’s really happy with Robin, and I know now that he’s not gonna be anything like Des. I’m happy for her, and Robin’s actually a pretty cool dude.”


            My smile widens as he says this. I know it was hard for Harry for letting Robin into his life, since he grew up with Des as his father. So it’s good to know that Harry actually got along with Robin. “What did you and Robin do?” I ask him, crossing my legs.


            “He took me out for lunch,” Harry tells me. “We talked about things, and I could talk to him about things I never could talk to my actual father about. We even talked about you.”


            I raised my eyebrows. “Me?” I repeat. “What did you guys say?”


            “He wanted to know a bit more about you,” Harry says. “I told him how funny, sweet, and one heck of a kisser you are.”


            “Harry!” I exclaim, my jaw dropping. “You did not say that.”


            “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,” Harry says, and I can tell the smirk occuring in his voice. “You’ll never know.”


            “You’re annoying,” I roll my eyes.


            Harry simply laughs his deep laugh, making my stomach erupt into butterflies. Just his voice sends me to a high. “There’s one more thing I need to tell you.”


            “And that would be?” I trail off with a chuckle.


            “Mum and Robin are getting married.”