Chapter 20

Elena’s POV:


            “Are you sure you wanna go in by yourself?” Harry asks, pulling the car up in front of my house.


            I nod. “Yeah,” I say. “I think you were involved in enough of my family drama.”


            Harry gives my hand a squeeze. “It’s okay. I don’t care.”


            I smile as I lean over in my seat and kiss his lips softly. “I’ll text you as soon as this is over.”


            Harry bites his lip and nods as I get out of the car. He drives away as I get into my house, shutting the door. Walking further inside, I suddenly could hear shouting coming from upstairs. Running up the stairs, I went to the third floor where the yelling was coming from. Bursting through my parents bedroom door and my eyes widened. My mum’s suitcases were scattered all around, each containing her stuff. Mum stood by one as her mascara ran down her cheeks as she cried, and Dad stood off in the side, glaring at her.


            “Wha-What’s going on?” I stammer, eyes widening.


            Their heads snapped towrds me. Mum’s eyes widened as she quickly wiped her face and Dad’s jaw clenched. “Your mother is leaving,” he didn’t hesitate on saying.


            “Why?” I ask, too shocked to say anything else.


            “Lance, don’t do this,” Mum pleaded.


            “Your mother has been having an affair,” Dad spat in disgust.


            I froze as his words registered in my mind. An affair. My mum was having an affair. She was cheating on my dad. My eyes went over to her to see if it was true, but her teary eyes wouldn’t meet mine. That’s all I needed to know that what Dad was saying was true. I didn’t want to believe him, I didn’t want to believe that my mum was cheating. Why? Why would she do something like that? Did she think about how that would effect us? Dad? Tyler? Or me? Before I could ask her, Dad spoke up.


            “I’m giving you an hour,” he snarls at Mum. “Then I want you gone. I’ll send you the divorce papers by tomorrow evening.” And with that, he leaves.


            My eyes widen and jaw drops. Divorce papers?! What the hell? Could they not just talk about this, and not go so quickly into a divorce? I look at Mum, who’s sobbing on the bed. “Why would you cheat, Mum?” I blurt out.


            She shook her head. “I don’t know,” she sniffled. “I just needed someone’s attention when your father wouldn’t give it to me. And someone who works with your father found out and told him.”


            “How long has this been going on?” I whisper, scared to know the answer.


            Mum takes a breath, shutting her eyes tightly. “Two months.”


            I look at her, eyes widening. “Mum!” I exclaim.


            “I know, I know!” she cried. “I’m sorry.”


            I press my lips together, tears coming out of my own eyes. “You’re leaving,” I croak, a lump forming in my throat.


            Mum stands up, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me into a hug. “No, no sweetie. I’ll only be gone for a little while. I’m going to figure this out.” I sniffle and nod, and she cups my cheeks. “Come on, help me pack.”


            I bite my lip as I do as she said. I help Mum pack her clothes, shoes, make up, and other things. An hour later, Mum’s three suitcases are packed. When I shut the last one, I look at her. “Where are you staying?” I ask.


            “I booked a room at a hotel,” she tells me. “I have to go now, sweetie. I’ll talk to you later.”


            I bite my bottom lip as I try to keep the tears in. Helping Mum with her suitcases, we go down the stairs to the front door. Dad watches us from the living room as we pass by and walk outside. I load Mum’s bags in the boot of the car, shutting it. “Bye, Mum,” I tell her.     


            “Bye, Elena,” she says, kissing my forehead. “I love you.”


            “I love you too,” I quietly say as she gets into her car.


            I watch as Mum drives away, and I rub my cold arms as I keep my tears in. Describing how I feel right now isn’t even possible. I’m so heart broken, knowing the secret my mother as harboring and watching her drive away from here. Her home. Walking back inside the house, I go past the living room where Dad stands up. “I’m going to bed,” he says. “It’s been a long day.”


            I silently nod as Dad walks up the stairs. Once he’s out of sight, I go up the stairs and into my room. I shut the door, locking it as the tears freely fell out of my eyes. I wiped the tears away and I then suddenly felt really uncomfortable in my clothes. Stripping from my clothes, I put on my grey night shorts with a blue tank top with spaghetti straps and a lace hem. I was sniffling as I did so, and my phone buzzes. Looking at it, a small smile came on to my lips.


From: Harry<3


How’d it go?


To: Harry<3


I need you to come over.


From: Harry<3


Already ahead of you babe. Leave your balcony door unlocked.


            I put my phone away and unlock the balcony door like Harry told me to. While waiting for Harry to get here, I walked into my bathroom. After doing my ‘business,’ I washed my face to get all of the make up off. Once I was done, I opened the door and stopped short when I saw the boy entering my room and closing the balcony door. Harry turned around and his green eyes locked with my blue ones.


            I immediately ran over to him and jumped into his arms. My arms wrapped around his neck and I buried my face in the crook of his neck as his own arms snake around my waist. I felt Harry’s lips kiss my shoulder as I hug him tightly, the tears freshly falling.


            “Sh, shh,” Harry soothes into my ear. “Don’t cry, baby. What happened?”


Harry’s POV:


            “Mum was cheating on Dad,” Elena tells me, looking down at the floor as we sat on the edge of her bed. “He found out, and kicked her out.”


            My eyes widened as I looked at her. “Wait, what do you mean he kicked her out?” I ask her.


            “Just that,” she shrugs. “She’s gone; staying at some hotel. They... They’re getting a divorce.”


            I looked at Elena, my lips parting. This was obviously hard for Elena, and I wanted to do nothing but comfort her. I watched as tears gathered up again in her beautiful blue eyes, and I wrapped her in my arms and placed her on my lap. A quiet sob escaped Elena’s lips and her face was buried in my chest as she cried. I stroked her hair as I shushed her, whispering soothing things in her ear.


            “It’s going to be okay, El,” I tell her. “Don’t worry.”


            Elena shook her head, her face still buried into my chest. She suddenly stood up, both of her hands running through her hair in frustration as I looked up at her, pacing around her room. “No, it’s not going to be okay,” Elena says, her voice strained. “Literally, Harry, my family is falling apart.”


            I stood up, walking over to her. “Your family isn’t falling apart,” I say firmly. “All family has issues, and it’s going to work out in the end.”


            “You don’t know that,” she snaps, harshly than she intended to.


            “Elena, you need to take a breath and relax,” I say calmly, my hands on either of her shoulders. “You don’t need to be freaking out.”


            Elena shuts her eyes tightly, her chest moving up and down as she took a deep breath. “I-I’m sorry,” she says quietly, looking down as strands of hair fall to her face. “I just want everything to go back to normal.”


            “I know, I know you do,” I tell her quietly, my hands trailing from her shoulders down to her hands as I grasp both of them. “But you can’t really do anything about it. You need to let your parents handle this.”


            Elena sighs and nods as our hands lace together. We stay like that for a while, and I notice that Elena is still uneasy about this. I dip my head and capture her soft lips in a kiss. Elena immediately kisses back as she unlatches our hands and cups my face as she kisses me hotly.


            “Jump,” I mumble against her lips.


            Elena does as she’s told to, her legs wrapping around my torso as my hands place themselves under her bare thighs. Neither of us cared that her father was upstairs, sleeping, because that was the least of our worries. I walk over to where her bed is, sitting on the edge of her bed. Elena’s hand gather up her long hair as she pulls it over her left shoulder. I remove my lips from Elena and trail kisses down her neck and immediately find her soft spot, kissing her sweet skin.


            A low, quiet moan escapes from Elena’s mouth as I tug at her skin, causing me to smirk. I stand up, still holding on to her. Turning around, I placed Elena down on the bed, still kissing her as I hovered over her. Her blue eyes searched mine, before placing a hand behind my neck and pulling me back down to kiss my lips.


            A few minutes later, we pulled away and I laid down next to Elena, staring up at the ceiling. As we just laid there, Elena’s phone suddenly rang. She reached for it, still lying down, as she answered it. “Hello?” she asks. She suddenly sits up, saying, “Hey Tyler.” Elena pauses for a while and licks her lips. “Y-Yeah, everything’s good. No, I’m fine. Mhm. Yeah, okay. Love you too, bye.” She hangs up, putting it down as she bites her lip.


            “Why didn’t you tell him what’s going on?” I ask her, sitting up as well.


            She runs a hand through her wavy hair. “I don’t know, I just...” she trails off. “I don’t want to tell him, not yet at least. I’ll tell him once Mum and Dad figure this out.”


            I nod, kissing her cheek softly. “It’ll be okay in the end.”




Elena’s POV:


            For the past few days, Dad has been leaving the house early and coming home late at night. I never had the chance to ask him what was going on between him and Mum, and if whether or not the divorce was final. I’m living in suspense, since I have no idea what’s happening with my parents. Spring break was over and I was at school right now, wanting it to be nothing but over.


            As I walked down the hallway to my next class, I caught Harry at his locker. I walked over to where he was and walked up behind him. Once I was right behind him, I leaned my forehead against his back. “Get me out of here,” I groan, feeling tired.


            Harry turns around and smirks down at me. “You tired?” he asks.


            “You have no idea,” I say, my head now against his chest.


            Harry laughs, hugging me tightly. “Come on, let’s blow this joint.”


            I look up at him. “Don’t ever say that again,” I laugh, and he smirks. “And ditch? I don’t think I can.”


            Harry looks at me. “Yes you can,” he says. “Besides, there’s only like, three periods left.” I give him an uneasy look. “Come on, Elena. Live a little.”


            I let out a sigh, looking up at him. “If we get caught, I’m blaming it all on you.”


            Harry rolls his green eyes. “We won’t get caught. Come on.”


            This time I roll my eyes when Harry grabs my hand and takes me out the school doors. We get into his Volvo and Harry drives away from the school. “So where are we going?” I ask him.


            “Hmm, I was thinking maybe we grab some smoothies?” he suggests with a smirk.


            I grin and nod, liking that idea. Harry pulls up to Smitty’s Smoothies and we got out of the car. Harry opened the door for me and we walked up to the counter. “Hey there,” the guy behind the counter says. “What can I get for you?”


            “A strawberry smoothies, please,” I smile.


            “And a banana smoothie for me,” Harry says.


            The guy nods and goes to make our drinks. As we wait, Harry wraps his arms around my waist as he stood behind me, rested his chin on my shoulder. The guy returned with our smoothies and once Harry paid for them, we took our drinks and walked out. Instead of going to his car, the two of us walked around Holmes Chapel while drinking.


            “Have you talked to your mum yet?” Harry asks.


            I shake my head, sipping my smoothie. “She said she’d talk to me, but hasn’t called and isn’t answering my calls either.”


            “Don’t worry about it, love,” Harry tells me, draping his arm over my shoulders as he sipped his own smoothie with his other hand. “She’ll come around.”


            Harry and I walk around for a good ten minutes, even though we finished our smoothies. As we walked, I felt a drop of water on my forehead. Frowning, I look up and see grey clouds gathering around. Within a second, it started pouring rain and Harry cursed.


            “Shit,” he exlciams. “Come on,” he yells, grabbing my hand.


            We both ran down the side walk to get to his car, getting pelted by fat rain drops. Suddenly, a voice yelled out, “Yo, Des junior!”


            The two of us stopped short and turned around to see who it was. My eyes widened when I saw that it was James, sitting in the driver’s seat of his car with his friends. “What do you want?” Harry shouted over the rain, gripping my hand tightly.


            James smirks as his right hand grips his steering wheel. “Just wanted to let you know that Des senior is in town!”


            I feel Harry tense up suddenly, squeezing my hand. I look at him, confused as to why he’s so tense. Water trickles down the side of his face as his jaw clenches. Harry looks – more like glares – at James. Harry’s expression turns deadly as James simply smirks. “How the fuck do you know that?” he shouts.


            “I saw him,” James carelessly shrugs. “Why? You scared to face your old man?”


            I frown as James says this. Harry isn’t really scared of anything. And if he is, why is it his dad? Why is Harry tensed at the fact that his father is back in town? “Harry, what’s he talking about?” I look up at him.


            James looks at me, his smirk widens as he hears my question. “So you never told her, huh?” he asks Harry over the rain. “Why? You scared she’ll run away when she hears how demented your family is?”


            Harry’s jaw clenches, and I can tell he’s two seconds away from jumping James. “Come on, Haz,” I say quietly, moving a piece of wet hair from my face.


            Harry looks down at me and then at James. Taking a breath, we turned around and walked back to his car. Getting in, we drove to wherever Harry had in mind, the car completely silent. As he drove, Harry had a conflicted and angry look etched on his face, but I didn’t dare ask him what was going through his mind.


            We finally pulled up in front of Harry’s house and walked inside. It looked like Anne wasn’t home, so it was just us. “Follow me, I’ll get you some dry clothes,” Harry says. Harry and I walked up the stairs and into his room. Still dripping, Harry walked over to his drawers and pulledout some clothes. “These will fit you.”


            I nod and take the clothes, walking into his bathroom. I take off my wet clothes and wear the ones Harry gave me, which were his dark blue button down shirt and Calvin Klein boxers. With the shirt on, I rolled the sleeves up to my elbows and left the top two buttons unbuttoned, revealing my neck and collarbone. Sighing, I grabbed my wet clothes and walked out.


            I saw that Harry had changed into his grey sweatpants that hung low at his hips and a simple white V-neck. “Where do you want me to put these?” I ask him, holding my clothes.


            “Here, I’ll put them in the dryers,” he says, taking them from me.


            Harry leaves the room to put them in the dryer, along with his wet clothes, leaving me alone in his room. A couple of seconds later, I walked out myself and down the stairs. Walking to the laundry room, I leaned against the door frame as Harry put the clothes in the dryer.


            “Are you ever going to tell me what that was about back there?” I ask.


Harry’s POV:


            I turn around as I look at Elena, biting the inside of my cheek. I can’t help but check out how hot she looks in my clothes, her long legs coming out of my boxers as her hair fell into cute wet ringlets. Shaking my head slightly, I look at Elena, her expression questioning. I think about telling her what had happened and why what James had said to me was so shocking.


            Instead of answering her, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the living room. The two of us sat down on the couch, and Elena looked at me, waiting for me to respond. I took a deep breath, before spilling out the whole truth.


            “When I was fourteen, my dad was never really around,” I began. “He was always out, drinking and stealing. He’d rob all these different shops, only going after one thing. Drugs. My dad, Des, was a big alcoholic, drinking whenever he could and whatever alcoholic drink he could get his hands on. He was this big, tough guy. Des would get into bar fights and street fights – he wasn’t exactly your average, everyday father. He would put me down, yell at me and probably hit me if I ever stepped out of line.”


            I looked at Elena, and saw that she was biting her bottom lip lightly as she listened to me. “At times, he would come home wasted, not being able to walk straight or talk properly,” I continued. “When Des is drunk, he’s mad. One time it got so bad, he actually slapped my mum. I had to watch him do that, and I know if I tried to stop him, he’d just hurt me. He was bigger, stronger than I was, and I could do nothing about it except watch him abuse my mother.”


            “Eventually, the cops found him and took him away,” I say with exhaling. “He’s been in jail ever since, because the amount of stealing, drug use, and fights he got in was tremendous. It’s been four years since we saw him, and we really have no intentions of seeing him again. James and his dumbass friends know about what Des did, since James’s uncle is a police officer. And now that he’s back...” I sigh.


            “Why didn’t you tell me before?” Elena asks, concern lacing her voice as she looks at me with wide blue eyes.


            I let out a breath, running a hand through my wet, curly hair. “I was afraid that if you found out, you’d judge me like everyone else,” I tell her. “People know what kind of a person Des is, and they think I’m just like him. I get into fights and I drink, so I must be, huh?” I say with a bitter chuckle. “People think I’m no different than Des, and I didn’t want you thinking that either. I... I didn’t want to scare you away.”


            Looking up hesitantly, I see Elena looking at me. There was an expression on her face that I couldn’t quite decipher as she let out a sigh. “You are an idiot,” she began, looking at me directly in the eye, “to think that I’d judge you. People can say a lot of shit around here, but I’m never one to judge someone on what other people say.”


            “I know, and –”


            Elena cut me off. “And besides,” she says with a smile, “you definitely showed me that you’re not what other people make you out to be. I think,” she says, moving closer to me with a smirk on her face. “You’re funny, sweet, and care about people. Who cares if you get into fights and drink? Don’t all teenage guys?” I give her a small smile at that. “Trust me, Harry, you’re a pretty great person.”


            Smiling at her words, I pull Elena closer and envelope her pink lips in a kiss. She smiles through the kiss as I lick her bottom lip. Much to my dismay, our kiss was cut short as the doorbell rang. I groaned as she just chuckled, pulling away.


            “Noooo,” I groan, pulling her back.


            “Go see who it is,” Elena laughs at my childishness.


            I mumble incoherent words as I stand up and walk over to the front door. Taking the door knob, I turned it and swung the door open. My blood froze and my eyes widened as I looked at the person at the door.


            The man at the door smirked at me. “Hello, Harry.”


            I glared at him, my jaw clenching tightly. “Des.”