Chapter 19

Elena’s POV:


            “But I have no idea what’s going on with them,” I sigh, my elbow on the counter top as my chin rests on my palm. “They’re fighting, and they’ve never done that before.”


            Harry presses his lips together as Melody gives me a small smile. “All married couples fight, El,” she tells me. “Don’t worry, it’ll all be over before you know it.”


            “I don’t know,” I say, unconvinced. “It looked pretty heated.”


            “It’ll be fine, babe,” Harry gives me a reassuring smile, putting his hand on top of mine.


            I smile at the sudden warmness, and Melody makes a gagging face. I roll my eyes at her, and she just giggles, before turning around and sauntering over to her section to serve a table. We were at Debbie’s Diner for work, and as usual, Harry was here, sitting at his usual place on the barstool as I worked behind the counter.


            A lady came in and walked up to me, ordering food for take out. I wrote down her order and gave it to the cook, Kenny, and he started up her order. When it was done, I gave her the bag and she smiles and paid for it, before leaving. Putting the money away, I look at Harry, who was staring intently at me. His green eyes searched my face as I gave him a funny look.


            “What?” I ask with a chuckle.


            He shook his head, his curls falling over his eyes. “Nothing,” he says, a small smirk on his pink lips.


            I just chuckle until the doors of the diner open, and in strolls Zayn. He’s wearing a dark grey tee with his usual black leather jacket, black jeans, sunglasses, and sneakers. Do all these boys dress the same or what? He walked over to us, sitting on the barstool next to Harry. “Hey, guys,” he says, taking off his glasses.


            I give him a smile and Harry nods over to him. “Sup, man?” he asks Zayn.


            Zayn smirks. “Just visiting my girlfriend, same as you.”


            As if on cue, Melody walked over and a smile spread across her lips as she came to my side of the counter. “Hey,” she smiles, leaning over and pecking Zayn’s lips. I made a gagging face, similar to one Melody had made before and she just rolled her eyes.


            An hour later, when my shift was done, Harry and I left the diner. Melody’s shift wasn’t over yet, so she was still there and Zayn was over there as well, keeping her company. Getting into Harry’s Volvo, he drove back to my house. When we pulled up to it, I saw that Mum’s car was parked out. What the heck? Shouldn’t she be at work?


            “I’ll come over another day,” Harry says, putting a raincheck on him coming as he glanced over at my direction.


            “She should be at work, though,” I frowned, confused as to why Mum was home. Letting out a sigh, I grabbed my bag. “I’ll text you later.”


            Harry nods and I was about to open the door when he locked it from the driver’s side. I looked at him, raising an eyebrow as he just smirked. “Forgetting something?”


            I slight smirk rested on my lips as my back leaned against the door. “Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say teasingly.


            A low growl escaped Harry’s lips. Before I knew it, he had grabbed my hands and pulled me over closer to him, our lips centimeters apart. “You know exactly what I’m talking about,” Harry whispers raspily, his hot breath fanning my lips.


            His face came closer, before he pressed his lips on to mine. I gladly kissed him back, my right hand moving up and touching his left cheek as our lips moved together. I moved my head to the side, deepening the kiss as his teeth tugged at my lower lip, sucking it in. Harry’s tongue entered my mouth as it fought with mine for dominance, my right hand going from his cheek to the top of his head, tangling itself in his curly hair.


            I pulled away with a breathy chuckle, much to his dismay. “I have to go,” I whisper, chuckling.


            An adorable pout forms on his lips. “Do you have to?” he whines childishly.


            I stifle a giggle. “Yes,” I say. “Now unlock the door.”


            He groans as he pecks my lips lightly before unlocking it. “I’ll see you later,” he says as I get out.


            I give him a smile as I shut the door and walk up to the front door. Harry drives away as soon as I open the door, making sure I actually got in safely. Closing the door behind me, I walked into the living room where I saw Mum sitting. I stood there as I watched her sit on the couch, her right hand covering her mouth. It looked like she was crying.


            “Mum?” I gasp, dropping my bag and running over to her. I sit down next to her, grabbing her hands. “Mum, are you okay?”          


            Mum looks at me, blue eyes teary as she gives me a watery smile. “I’m fine, Elena,” she says. “Perfectly fine.”


            I give her a look. “Mum, you’re crying. Obviously, you’re not okay.”


            “Don’t worry about it, Elena,” Mum says, giving me a soft smile as she wipes away her tears.


            “Mum,” I say quietly. “Please tell me. What’s wrong?”


            She looks at me, biting softly into her bottom lip. “It’s just...” she trails off. “Your father and I. We’ve been getting into arguments a lot lately, and it’s getting out of hand.”


            “What are you fighting about?” I frown.


            “The littlest of things!” she exclaims in disbelief. Mum lets out a sigh as she shakes her head. “I don’t know if it’s working out.”


            “What’s not working out? Your marriage?” my eyes widen as I say this. No way could my parents just be done. No way are they getting a divorce.


            Mum licked her lips and looked at me with sorrowful eyes. “Elena, you know I love you, right?”


            I was taken aback with her question. This conversation just took a complete one eighty turn. “Um, y-yeah,” I say, confused.


            She lets out another sigh. “I’m sorry I haven’t been much of a mother to you, darling,” she says, looking down at her lap. “I know I’m always busy at work, and never turn to you unless it has to do with your grades. I’m an awful mother, and you have no idea how terrible I feel about that.”


            I shake my head. “No, no, Mum,” I say. “I understand that you were busy with work, it’s fine. Yeah, it would have been nice having you around more often, but I understand. You don’t have to apologize.”


            “But I need to,” Mum insists, running a hand through her hair. “You’re an amazing daughter, Elena. You have no idea how proud I am of you and Tyler, being such great students and understanding children. I’m sorry that I never showed interest in you, but you have to know that I love you very much. You’re everything I could ask for in a daughter, and I hope you know that.”


            I smile as I look at my mother, my eyes burning with tears. I immediately wrap my mother in a hug, and smile as she hugs me back. All I’ve ever wanted was for me to be close with my mum, to know that she will be there for me when I need a mother figure in my life. And it’s so great to know that Mum has finally come around and opened up to me, because that’s all I’ve ever asked for.


            When we pull away, Mum looks at me. “Do you think we can start over, sweetie?” she asks. “I wanna try and be the mother to you that you needed. Can we do that?”


            I nod, a grin on my face. “Definitely.”




            “I have to come and eat at the diner some day,” Mum laughs, popping a grape into her  mouth.


            This felt so good. Mum and I were sitting in the living room, eating a bowl of grapes as we talked about anything and everything. We talked about school, my friends, and now we were talking about how I worked at the diner. Mum looked really interested in all of the things I had to tell her, and that made me feel so good. I’m bonding with her, and it’s going so well.


            I laugh and nod along. “Yeah, you do.”


            As she chews on another grape, she looks at me. “Does Melody have a boyfriend?” she asks. “Any special guy for her?”


            I nod, smiling. “She’s been dating this guy, his name’s Zayn Malik. He’s really hot and they’re so adorable together. She’s been crushing on him for the past couple of years.”


            Mum grins. “That’s good to know,” she says, and then bites the inside of her cheek as if she’s contemplating something. “What’s Harry like?”


            My head snaps towards her and I nearly choke on the grape I was about to swallow. Swallowing it, I furrow my eyebrows. “What?”


            She smiles slightly. “What’s Harry like?” she repeats. “I want to know what he’s like.”


            I bite my bottom lip, not being able to control myself from smiling. “He’s amazing,” I breathe out, looking at my mother. “He looks like he’s not good news, but I really don’t care. At first, I was skeptical of him too, but then that soon changed. Harry’s really sweet, Mum. I don’t want you judging him for what Dad thinks he is. He’s sweet and mysterious, which is one of the many things I like.” I lick my lips as I look at Mum. “I really like him, Mum.”


            Mum smiles softly. “I’m not going to judge him by just hearing what your father said,” she tells me. “He defended you yesterday, which was very sweet of him. But just give your father some time, alright? He needs some time to think.”


            I nod and ask her, “Is everything okay between you and Dad?”


            She looks at me and sighs. “I’m not sure, sweetie. We’re trying to figure things out.”


            I nod, understanding. Mum and I talk for a while, until she feels tired and decides to take a nap. Once she’s gone, I grab my bag and head up to my room. Closing the door, I change out of my Debbie’s Diner uniform. Taking it off, I put on a pair of denim shorts and a purple crop top that shows off my stomach. Grabbing a book that I was reading, I sat on my bed and started reading. Just as I did, my phone buzzed.


From: Harry<3


I’m bored.


            I chuckle as I text him back.


To: Harry<3


Me too. Come over! x


From: Harry<3


Isn’t your mum home?


To: Harry<3


So? Sneak in the back like you did last night lol


From: Harry<3


I like the way you think ;) Be there in 5


            I grin as I put my phone down, opening up my book as I read and wait for Harry. Five minutes later, there was a knock on my balcony door. Putting my book down, I stand up and walk over. Putting the curtains away, I grin as I see Harry smirking at me, hands in his front jeans pocket with the thumbs sticking out. Reaching up, I unlocked the door and opened it, letting the breeze in.


            “Hey, babe,” Harry greets, pecking my lips softly as he walks in.


            “Hi,” I grin, closing the door. Harry sits on the edge of my bed and I grab the book I was reading before and put it on my dressing table. I walk back over to him, giving him a smile. “You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing for the past hour,” I tell him excitedly, I say, standing in front of him.


            “Hmm, what?” he hums, pulling me by my hand and sitting me on his lap.


            I chuckle slightly as Harry’s arms wrap around my bare, slim waist. My right side was leaning against his chest, so my back wasn’t against it. “We were talking and bonding,” I say with a smile. “We talked about anything and everything. For the first time, my mum was actually interesting in me and my life, not just my grades.”


            I look at Harry to see him smiling at me, dimples deepening as his nose buries itself in the nape of my neck. “That’s great, El,” he says, lips moving along with my skin.  My upper set of teeth bite into my bottom lip as I contemplate on whether or not I should tell Harry what else Mum and I talked about. “What’s going through your mind, love?” Harry’s low voice asks. My heart leaps as he calls me love, something he’s never done before.


            “Nothing,” I say.


            “Don’t lie to me, Elena,” Harry growls. “I know something’s bothering you.” His head lifts as he looks at me, green eyes searching my face.


            I sigh. “Something’s going on between my parents, Harry,” I tell him. “I walked in and saw my mum crying. She never cries, Harry. I just... I just hope everything’s okay. It’s worrying me.”


            Harry’s tongue pokes out as it moves over his lips, moistening them. “It’s going to be okay, Elena,” he says, his green eyes locking with my blue ones. “Your parents will figure it out.”


            “I guess,” I sigh.


            “Come ‘ere,” he mumbles.


            Harry grabs my thighs and places them on either side of his legs so I’m straddeling him. We’re at eye level as he leans in and envelops my lips in a kiss. I immediately kiss him back, all thoughts of my parents fighting vanishing from my mind as I wrap my arms around his neck, my elbows on his shoulders as my hands run through his curly locks.


            I push Harry back so he’s lying down on my bed, his lips moving with mine. Harry’s warm hands grip my exposed waist as he bit my bottom lip and my hands rested on his shoulders. I move my head as the kiss deepens, and Harry’s tongue slips into my mouth as our tongues fight for dominance.


            Suddenly, Harry flips us over so now I’m the one lying on the bed and Harry’s on top of me. My knees are bent over the bed as my feet touch the hardwood floor and Harry’s standing in between them. Both of my hands grab fistful of Harry’s shirt as I kiss him, and my legs wrap around his torso. I feel Harry’s warm hand place itself on my waist, the skin tingling at his touch.


            Harry then breaks the kiss and his head moves as his lips meet my jaw. He leaves pecks along my jaw as I flutter my eyes closed, and I feel him kiss around my neck, trying to find the soft spot. My hands tug at Harry’s curls as he tugs at my skin with his teeth, his tongue flickering out and touching where he bit, surely leaving a mark.


            Craving the feeling of his lips against mine again, I cupped Harry’s face and brought it back up and placed my lips on his. A low moan errupted from Harry’s throat, making me giggle against his lips. My hands drag down from Harry’s face to his jaw, neck, chest, to the bottom of his torso. My dainty hands lifted his shirt up a bit, and then they ran over his abs. I could feel Harry shiver ever so slightly at my cold touch and that caused me to smirk against his lips.


            “You’re. So. Beautiful,” Harry mumbles in between each kiss, causing a blush to appear on my cheeks. My fingers hook themselves in the belt loops of his jeans, kissing him feverishly.


            We pull away a couple of minutes later, in need for air. It felt like we had been kissing for hours, and honestly, I don’t mind. Harry hovers over me, his curls falling over and tickling my forehead as his green eyes bore into my blue ones.


            “How about we all go out for dinner tonight?” Harry asks quietly, nuzzling his nose with mine. “You, me, Melody, and the boys.”


            I look up at him. “I love that idea,” I say, pecking his lips.




            “Where are you going, sweetie?” Mum asks me as I walk down the stairs. “And my, you look beautiful!”


            I smile. “Thanks, Mum,” I say. “And I’m going out to dinner with my friends. Is that okay?”


            She nods, smiling. “I’ll tell your dad,” she says. “Have fun.”


            I smile as I walk out of my house. Harry was waiting for me out on the curb, and I walked down the drive way to where his car was parked. I was wearing a halter top with white pants and black ankle boots, and my hair fell into waves and loose curls with my make up being done appropriately.


            Getting into the passenger seat of Harry’s Volvo, I lean over and greet him with a kiss. “Hey,” I say, shutting the door and putting on my seat belt.


            “Hey,” he smirks. “You lookk beautiful.”


            I blush deeply. “Thanks,” I say.


            As Harry drives down the road, he says, “The boys are all bringing a date, just so you know.”


            I look over at him, raising an eyebrow. “Louis is probably bringing Eleanor,” I say, and Harry nods, smirking. “What about Niall?”


            “Your friend Candice,” Harry replies, taking a left turn.


            My eyes widen and jaw drops. “When did that happen?” I ask with a laugh of disbelief.


            “That’s what I’d like to know,” he smirks.


            I just laugh, shaking my head. I glance at Harry, taking him in. His left hand is stretched out to hold the steering wheel while his right elbow is propped up on the window of his door. His green eyes remain locked on the road as he drives, his curls rustling as the wind coming from the window hits his face. Harry’s jaw clenches and unclenches like it often does regularly, which I find kind of sexy.


            He’s dressed in his dark blue jeans and regular white shirt with Converse. The only thing different is that he’s wearing a navy blue blazer on top with the sleeves folded up to his elbows, making his arms more defined as he sports a silver Rolex watch on his right wrist. Harry’s green eyes glance at me and then back at the road, a smirk settling on his pink lips.


            “Take a picture,” he says. “It’ll last longer.”


            I smirk. “My phone’s in my bag, and I’m too lazy to take it out,” I say.


            Harry chuckles, shaking his head slightly and putting the car into a stop. I look out to see that we had reached the restaurant, and I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car. Harry and I walk to the entrance of the restaurant and he opens the door for me, and I walk in with him following behind. Harry walks up to the ‘bouncer’ or whatever you call it, and he looks up at us.


            “Table reserved under Styles,” he tells him.


            The guy looks down at his clip board and nods. “Follow me, your friends have already arrived.”


            We follow him further inside, and off to the left corner where we find our friends sitting at a big, round table. They were all laughing and smiling, conversing with one another. Each of the girls looked beautiful, I have to say. Melody wore a dark blue tank top with ruffles in front with a black leather jacket, bootcut jeans, and flats that had a bow on them, with her hair loose and some locks of hair pulled back to form a braid.


            Candice was wearing a white vest top with black skinny jeans and nude heels, her hair falling into beautiful curls. Eleanor wore a white tie hem blouse with ripped shorts, her long tan legs in view and brown sandals at her feet. Her hair was tied up into a messy bun, but she definitely rocked it. Danielle an orange and white tunic top with light brown jeans and white wedge sandals, her usual curly hair straightened perfectly.


(Outfits:  )


            “Hey, look who showed up,” Louis smirks as Harry and I aproach them.


            We smile as I take a seat next to Candice and Harry sits down next to me. “Did you guys already order?” Harry asks, pushing his chair in.


            Zayn shakes his head. “We were waiting for you,” he tells us.


            We all pick up our menus and look through them as a waiter comes by. When we’re ready to order, we tell him what we want and he leaves to get our food. I take a sip of my water and put it down, leaning over to Candice.


            “So what’s going on between you and Ireland?” I whisper, making sure Niall didn’t hear us. He was sitting on the other side of Candice, but was busy conversing with Liam.


            A blush forms on Candice’s otherwise pale skin. “I think it’s going somewhere, El,” she whispers back, a smile on her red lips. “I really do like him.”


            I grin. “You two would be so good for each other,” I say.


            Candice giggles slightly and the waiter soon returns with our food. When we have it, we all start digging in. The dinner is full of laughs and smiles, everyone forgetting their worries in the world and just enjoying their time with their friends. But then again, every fun time just has to get ruined, doesn’t it?


            In the middle of talking to Harry, my phone buzzed, telling me I have a text. Taking it out, I checked to see who it was. My blood ran cold as I saw who it was from and what it said. Something tells me this text isn’t meant for me.


From: Dad


I’m done with you and your shit, Melinda. Before I get home, I want you and all of your stuff gone.


            My eyes widened and the phone dropped from my hand and on to my lap, my body frozen in shock. Harry looks at me, a concerned look on his face. “Babe? Babe, what’s wrong?” he asks lowly, so that the others couldn’t hear him.


            I couldn’t move, eat, or think. Melinda is my mum’s name, and I’m sure Dad didn’t mean to send that text to me. But he was going to send it to Mum. Why would he do that? Why would he say such a thing? And most of all, why does he want Mum gone?




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