Chapter 18

Elena’s POV:


            “And you two haven’t talked since the James incident at the party?” Becca asks.


            I sigh, shaking my head even though she couldn’t see it. I was on a four-way call with Becca, Melody, and Candice, telling them about what happened at the party with Harry. The party was two days ago, and Harry was ignoring me. I don’t see why he’s mad, because it makes no sense to me, and I’m not apologizing for something that I most likely didn’t do.


            “Nope,” I say, plopping down on the couch in the living room. “I don’t see what his problem is, though.”


            “Give him some time, El,” Candice says. “He probably has a good reason for it.”


            “And plus,” Melody speaks up, “you two have been only going out for like, two weeks. It’s not gonna be all sunshine and paradise, Elena. You two will have fights and stuff, but it’ll work out in the end.”


            “Yeah, I hope so,” I let out a breath. I talked to my friends for a bit longer until the door bell rang. “Someone’s at the door, guys. I’ll call you later.”


            Hanging up, I drop my phone and get up and walk over to the door. Unlocking it, I open it and my expression turns one of shock when I see Harry standing there. He’s wearing a grey T-shirt that shows his tattoos on his arms, jeans, sneakers, and an orange beanie that has some of his curly ringlets popping out.


            “Harry,” I say, looking at him.


            “Hey,” he gives me a small smile. “Can I, erm, come in?”


            I nod, opening the door wider. Harry walks in and I close the door, following him into the living room. “What are you doing here?” I ask him.


            “I...” he trailed off. Harry then lifted his head, green eyes locking with my blue ones. “I came to apologize,” he finished with an out take of breath. “I was being an idiot at the party, and I’m sorry.” He clasped his hands as he sighed. “I just got really mad when I saw James. The bastard just doesn’t get the message when I tell him to back off,” he glares at the floor, probably thinking about James. “But I’m sorry, Elena. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”


            I look at him, a chuckle escaping my lips. “It took you two days to apologize?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.


            “Yeah, sorry about that, too,” Harry says, biting his bottom lip. “Mum was telling me about how her and Robin were dating and –”


            “Whoa, wait,” I cut him off. “Anne and Robin are together?” I ask, eyes widening. Harry nods and I grin. “That’s so great!”


            “It’s fantastic,” Harry says sarcastically, rolling his green eyes.


            My smile fades and I frown at Harry. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy for your mum?” I ask him.


            “I am happy for her,” Harry says, a conflicted look on her face. “I just hope this Robin guy is good for her. I don’t want him hurting her.”


            Once again, I fight the urge to say ‘aw.’ “It’s really sweet how much you care for your mum, Harry,” I smile softly. “But she’s a big girl, she can handle herself. Anne knows what she’s getting herself into, and if she’s happy with Robin, then you should give him a chance. Bond with him or something.”


            Harry snorts, a smirk on his lips. “Bond with him?”


            I shrug. “I don’t know how this thing works!” I tell him with a laugh. “But give him a shot. Maybe he’s better than you think.”


            Harry gives me a small smile and nods. “Do you forgive me?” he suddenly asks. I give him a small smile. Taking a step forward, I stand on my tippy toes and place a gentle kiss on his lips. He looks at me, a smile on his flawless face. “I’ll take that as a yes.”




            The front door suddenly slammed, causing Harry and I to jump on our feet. I looked at him, my eyes wide. Who the hell was that? Tyler’s at Uni, Lucy’s gone to get groceries, and Mum and Dad are... Oh shit.


            Looking over, I see Dad enter the living room, anger etched on his face as Mum follows after him, a somewhat heart broken expression on her face. I look at her, concern flooding me, until Dad opens his mouth.


            “Elena, what the hell is he doing here?” Dad shouts, looking at Harry in disgust.


            My heart thumped against my chest as I gripped Harry’s hand, and he squeezed my hand as I looked at my dad. He looked more than angry, but it just can’t be because of Harry being here. “Lance, you –” Mum was about to say calmly, but Dad cut her off.


            “Shut up, Melinda,” Dad snaps, shoving Mum away. My eyes widen as he does this, and Mum bites her bottom lip. What the actual hell? Dad never spoke to Mum that way – ever! What’s gotten into him?! Dad looks back at Harry and I, his icy blue eyes holding a firey tint to them. “Elena, I thought I told you to stay away from this boy? He’s not good for you!”


            I’ve had enough of his shit.


            “Dad, I don’t care!” I exclaim. “That’s your opinion on him, not mine. You need to stop judging people so easily.”


            Dad glares at me, before his gaze shifts over to Harry. He stared at Harry fiercely, taking a step towards him. “You’re the reason my daughter’s grades are dropping. You’re the reason her attention is elsewhere. We don’t need people like you coming here and destroying Elena’s chances at a good education.”


            “Dad!” my eyes widen. Something is definitely wrong with Dad, but I just can’t seem to get what. 


            “She got a B+ on her report card, Mr. Carter,” Harry says, staring at my father. The two of them were at eye level, since Harry was my dad’s height. “It’s not that bad of a grade, you’re just blowing it out of proportion. And slapping her? That wasn’t a very wise choice.”


            Dad narrows his eyes at Harry. “Excuse me?” Dad says through clenched teeth. “Who do you think you are, telling me if my choice was wise or not?”


            “Harry. Elena’s boyfriend,” he replies, a small smirk on his lips. I watch as Mum’s eyes widen and Dad’s stare hardens.


            “Boyfriend?” Dad repeated, looking at me. “When the bloody hell did this happen?”


            “Two weeks ago,” I say. “When you slapped me.”


            “Hold on,” Mum stepped in. “You actually slapped my daughter? How dare you raise a hand on her!”


            Dad glared at Mum in a deadly way. “Not now, Melinda,” Dad snarls, and my eyes widen. Since when does he talk to Mum like that? Dad looks back at us, and I feel my blood run cold just by his stare “Leave,” he says, looking directly at Harry.


            My eyes widen, while Harry’s remained fixed on my dad. “Dad –”


            “No, Elena,” Dad hisses. “Leave this house, right now,” he adds firmly, glaring long and hard at Harry.


            My hand grips Harry’s tightly as he gives me a small, reassuring smile. My face drops as Harry brushes past my parents, and it isn’t until I hear the front door shut when I blow. “What the hell, Dad?!” I shriek, looking at him. “That was so incredibly rude! You can’t talk to Mum that way and you sure as hell can’t kick out my boyfriend!”


            “As long as you’re under my roof, I can do whatever the hell I want,” Dad hisses, his fists clenching. “I don’t want to see you with that boy ever again, Elena. Got it? He’s nothing but trouble.”


            I don’t know why, but I feel the corners of my eyes begin to burn as tears start to form. “You don’t know him,” I say quietly, looking down at the floor.


            “I don’t have to know him to know that he will hurt you. Stay away from him, Elena. I mean it,” Dad sternly says.


My eyes flicker over to Mum who has a sympathetic look on her face. Something was going on with her, and I have to know what. Looking back at Dad, I rolled my eyes. “Whatever,” I mumble, before running past him and up the stairs.


As soon as I enter my room, I can hear my parents shouting at each other from down stairs. But it dies as I shut my bedroom door, locking it and blocking out their voices. A sigh escapes my lips as I sink down on to the floor, leaning against the door as tears leak out of my eyes. Whatever my parents were yelling about down there didn’t have to do with just Harry and I being together. But what is it? What is it that’s having my parents scream their heads off at each other? And why were they back so early from their trip?


What the hell was going on?


My thoughts were interrupted when my phone buzzed. I sighed as I reached for my phone, seeing who texted me. My stomach flipped when I saw who it was from.


From: Harry<3


Look out your window, boo.


            I frowned slightly, standing up from my seating position. Dropping my phone on my bed, I looked out my window and jaw dropped. Harry stood there, looking up with his hands in his pockets as he leaned against his Volvo. My room was on the side of the house opposite of where my parents’ was on the third floor, and it was the side where I could see the road and across from it.


            Walking over, I unlocked the big glass doors as I stepped out on the balcony, leaning over the railing to look at him. Harry smirks as I motion for him to come up, and he does. There’s a pole on the side of my house, so Harry used that to climb up. I watched as Harry jumped on the balcony, and I smile in relief as I wrap my arms around him. Harry hugs me back, his hands resting on my lower back and lips meeting the top of my head.


            “I’m so sorry about my dad,” I mumble against his chest, taking in his vanilla and spices scent.


            “Don’t worry about it,” Harry replies, stroking my hair. “Though, I hated the way he talked to you.”


            “Seriously?” I chuckle humourously as I pull away slightly, peering up at him. “My dad was insulting you right to you face, and you’re upset about the way he talked to you?”


            “Duh,” Harry says, rolling his eyes. “You’re my girlfriend. No one can talk to you like that – whether it be your dad or the freaking Queen.”


            I let out a laugh, shaking my head. I look at Harry, observing him. He had a small smile playing on his pink lips, and his eyes glistened in the evening us as the slight breeze played with his curls. “How come you never let people see the good in you?” I suddenly ask.


            Harry looks down at me, eyebrows furrowing. “What?” he asks, confused.


            “You have this whole aura that screams ‘bad,’ when really you’re a good person. You care about so many people in your life, but you walk around like you don’t give a damn in the world. Sure, you get into fights, but that’s not so bad. You’re a good person, despite what people say about you and how reckless you may act. And I don’t get why you don’t show it.”


            A sigh escapes from Harry’s lips, his head tilting up to look at the orange-pink sky. Looing back down, Harry opens his mouth to speak. “People will expect that if I look good for a while, I’ll stay like that forever. But we all make mistakes, an I know I’m gonna make a million of them.” He sighs again. “It’s better to be like this than trying to impress people.”


            “You don’t have to impress anyone,” I say softly. “Because, in my opinion, you’re pretty damn perfect just the way you are.”