Chapter 17

Elena’s POV:


            “Spring BREEAAAAKKK!” Melody yells out, jumping on to Zayn’s back as we all run out of the school building at the end of the day.


            I laugh as we all walk, the wind blowing around. It was spring break, which meant a full week off from school. Harry’s arm wrapped around my shoulder as we walked down the stairs of the school and towards the parking lot. I smiled as I saw Melody on Zayn’s back as she kissed his cheek. It was a beautiful day today; the sun was out and the wind was blowing slightly, the trees looking greener than usual. Definitely a spring day.


            “We should all just go to my house,” I say to the boys and Melody.


            “Yeah!” they all cheer.


            We all get into our cars, with me going in Harry’s because he had picked me up. Melody went with Zayn in his car and Liam and Niall went with Louis in his car. We reached my house in no time and walked inside. The boys, minus Harry, all looked around my house, seeing how big it is. When we walked in and entered the living room, I dropped my bag.


            “Lucccyyyyyyy!” I sang.


            “Yes, love?” Lucy laughs, entering the living room, and sees all of my friends. “Having a party, are we?”


            I laugh, and turn to the boys. “You want anything to eat? Lucy can make probably anything in the world.”


            They all shouted food items, and I laughed. “How about,” Lucy spoke up, “I make you all some burgers with fries?”


            We nod with smiles on our faces and Lucy returns to the kitchen. As Lucy left, two warm hands grabbed my bare stomach, pulling me on to their lap. I immediately knew it was Harry – who else would it be? – and snuggled into his chest as we sat on the couch. I felt Harry draw circles at the side of my bare stomach with his thumbs, his warmth spreading around. I was wearing a denim stud crop top that showed off my stomach, yellow skinny jeans, and beaded thong sandals. All of us were watching 21 Jump Street when I looked at Niall.


(Outfit: )


            “What’s going on between you and Candice, Ireland?” I ask him as he looks at me from the other couch.


            “Nothing,” he says quickly. A little bit too quickly. “She’s just a friend.”


            “Don’t lie, Nialler,” Louis snorts. “You fancy her!”


            “Just like you fancy that date of yours. Eleanor,” I smirked. This caused Louis’s eyes to widen. He then picked up a couch pillow and threw it in my direction, but Harry caught it before it could it hit me and threw it back at Louis. We all laughed as it hit Louis straight in the face and he glared at us.


            Harry’s arms tighten around my waist as we watch the movie, and I can’t help but think. Think about what Anne was saying yesterday, that something happened in Harry’s past that effected him greatly. He never told me anything about it, so I’m just wondering. I mean, we’ve only been dating for a little over a week, so maybe he’ll tell me when the time is right, like Anne had said. But when will that be?


            A few minutes later, Lucy came out with a huge tray full of burgers, fries, and soda cans. The boys’ eyes widened, except for Melody, since she was used to Lucy’s buffet. Taking the food and thanking Lucy, we all dug in.


Harry’s POV:


            After we had eaten and watched a bunch of movies, we all were chilling in Elena’s backyard. It was really big, fitting the house’s big structure. Elena had found her brother’s soccer ball, so she brough it out and the lads were playing. Melody and Elena were laying down on the grass and were staring up at the blue sky, laughing and talking. It was when I saw Melody stand up and walk inside when I walked over to Elena. She was still laying down when I stood over her, staring into her blue eyes.


            “Hi,” she grins up at me, her diamond nose ring was twinkling because of the sun beaming down at her.


            I smirk as I lay down next to her on the grass. I prop my right elbow up on the grass and look at her, and she does the same with her left elbow. “Hi,” I chuckle, looking at her.


            Not waiting any longer, I leaned in and kissed her soft pink lips, closing my eyes. Elena kissed me back, our lips moving perfectly in sync. I dropped my elbow and Elena rolled on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist as I bit her bottom lip and parted her lips with my tongue. Elena’s hands ran through my curly hair as my tongue entered her mouth, smirking against her lips. We didn’t even care that our friends were probably staring at us, because we were too into the kiss.


            “Holy Jesus! My eyes! They burn!” an Irish voice rang out, causing Elena and I to pull away.


            Elena rolled her eyes as she rolled off of me and laid down next to me. “So there’s a party tomorrow night,” Louis says, kicking the soccer ball to Zayn.


            “Where’s it at?” Liam asks.


            “Um,” Louis thinks for a moment. “Darren Luch’s place.”           


            “I’m in,” Niall grins.


            “So are we,” Zayn adds, wrapping an arm around Melody’s shoulders.


            I look at Elena as the two of us sit up. “You wanna go?”


            She shrugs. “Not like I have anything better to do,” she laughs, and I smirk. I reach my hand forward and pull out a grass piece out of her hair, and she shakes her head, laughing.


            “You know what I wanna watch?” Melody suddenly asks.


            Elena looks at her, a knowing smile on her face. The two of them then scream out, “Lion King!” and make a dash towards the house.


            The lads and I look at the two running figures and then back at each other. Louis kicks the ball up and catches it in his arms, looking at Zayn and I. “You two have some special girls.”




Elena’s POV:


            I ran a hand through my silky, straightened hair as I looked at myself in the mirror. The party was tonight, and I was fully dressed. I was wearing black skinny jeans with a turquoise top with black spaghetti straps and ruffles, black heels, earrings, a necklace, charm bracelet, and a clutch that matched my shirt. I had on the amount of make up I always where, and was ready to go to the party.


            I suddenly got a text, and I saw that it was from Harry, telling me to come outside. Saying goodbye to Lucy, I walked out of my house and got into the passenger’s seat of Harry’s car. Harry drives us to the party, and we pull up to a big house that’s pumping loud music throughout the house. Getting out of the car, Harry’s hand laces with mine as we enter the house, immediately getting pulled in to the crowd of dancing and drunk teenagers.


            “You want a beer?” Harry asks me over the loud music.


            I nod and the two of us walk over to where the drinks are. Harry hands me a red plastic solo cup that’s full of beer and takes one for himself. As the two of us drink, Louis and Niall walk over, stumbling. Yup, they both are definitely drunk.


            “You guys are herreeee!” Louis slurred, giving off a lop sided grin.


            Harry and I laugh, and my eyes land on a petite brunette girl in the middle of the dance floor. “Hey, Louis, I think I see Eleanor over there,” I grin.


            Louis swivels around and sees Eleanor. He smirks at us and says, “If you’ll excuse me,” and walks over to the girl.


            Harry laughs, drinking his beer as Niall says, “And I’m leaving too, since I saw Candice a while ago.”


            As he leaves, I roll my eyes. “How long till they all get together?”


            Harry smirks. “Not long,” he says slowly.


            Once we finish drinking, I look at Harry. “Come on, let’s dance!”


            Harry looks at me. “You know I don’t dace, El,” he says.


            I cock my head to the right. “You danced at Spring Formal,” I point out.


            He smirks. “That’s ‘cause I had to.”


            I roll my eyes. “Well, you have to right now,” I say, grabbing his right hand. “Let’s go.”


            The two of us get on the dance floor where everyone else was as Evacuate The Dance Floor blasted through the speakers. Harry and I danced to the beat, and I had to laugh a bunch of times as he gave me a playful glare. At one point, I plopped down on the black leather couch. Instead of sitting down, Harry picked my up and sat down himself, placing me on his lap.


            My legs dangled off the arm of the couch, and then I swung my legs over and stood up. “I have to pee,” I say.


            Harry chuckles. “Have fun.”


            I roll my eyes and walk over to where the bathroom is. Opening the door, I step inside and make sure I lock the door. After doing my ‘business,’ I open the door and walk out, only to be pushed up against the wall. My eyes widen when I see Jame’s blue eyes gleaming down at me. Jesus Christ, what does he want now?!


            “James, what the fuck are you doing?” I snap, trying to move. But he had his left hand trapping me and his right hand gripping my hip. It felt disgusting.


            An unpleasant smirk settled on his lips. “Are you really with that Harry guy?” he asks, alcohol clear in his breath.


            I glare up at him. “Yeah, I am,” I say. “What’s your problem? Why can’t you just leave me alone?”


            James looks at me. “You know why,” he whispers. “Because I love you.”


            I almost laughed. “You don’t love me,” I roll my eyes, back pressing up against the wall. The loud music thumped through the speakers, shaking my ear drums. “You’re drunk, James. Just stop before you hurt yourself.”


            “NO!” he shouts over the music, making me flinch. How is no one noticing this? “I need you, Elena,” his alcoholic breath fans over my face, making me cringe is distaste. “Be mine.”


            “What the fuck are you doing?” Harry’s loud voice booms. Mine and James’s heads snapped towards Harry, and I see how his jaw and fists were clenching.


            “Just having a bit of fun,” James smirks drunkly. “No harm in that, huh mate?”


            Harry steps forward, glaring at James. He looks more than angry – he looks furious. “I’m not your mate,” he snarls. Before James could respond, Harry grabbed James collar from behind and picked him off of me. Without hesitating, he threw James across the wall across from us, making me gasp and eyes widen. Harry looks at me, grabbing my hand. “Come on,” he hisses.


            He pulls me through the thick crowd until we’re outside in the cool air, in the middle of the front yard. There were teenagers here too, drinking and just talking. Harry doesn’t slow down, clenching my wrist as he pulls me along. “Harry, can you slow down?” I ask him, almost stumbling in my heels.


            Harry suddenly stops, and turns around as he glares down at me. “Why is it that whenever I find you, it’s with James?” he snaps, shocking me. “Can you for once, just not get trapped by him?”


            I look up at Harry, startled by his out burst. “What are you talking about?” I ask. “Do you honestly think I like it when he does that? James annoys the hell out of me.”


            “Then stay away from him.”


            “Don’t you think I would if I could?! He sneaks up on me!”


            “Pay more bloody attention to your surroundings!”


            “Are you seriously angry at me about this?”


            “I –” Harry cuts himself off. He runs a hand over his face, letting out a deep sigh. “Look, I’m sorry, okay?” he says.


            Before I can even reply, Harry turns around and walks back inside. I look at his retreating figure, my lips slightly parted. Did we really just have our first fight?