Chapter 16

Elena’s POV:


            Saying I felt tired was an understatement. Tyler and Gemma’s flight for some unknown reason was at four-thirty in the morning, and Tyler had woken me up at four in the morning to say goodbye. I need my full amount of sleep without waking up in the middle of it, or else I will be dead tired. That’s what I feel like right now. I feel so tired and all I want to do is go to sleep. Getting my books out of my locker, I shut it and leaned my forehead against the cool metal and let out a sigh.


            “You look dead,” the all too familiar voice teases.


            My head lifts up and I glare at the boy. “’Cause that’s the way you greet your girlfriend,” I say sarcastically.


            Harry bites his bottom pink lip as he smiles cutely. “You look adorable today,” he compliments.


            I roll my eyes. “Nice save,” I say, hoisting my bag on my shoulder.


            “Why so tired?” Harry chuckles.


            “Ty woke me up at four to say goodbye,” I say. “I need something to wake me up.”


            A smirk rests on Harry’s lips as he takes a step towards me and his lips met mine. I smile as I kiss him back, and we pull away. “That wake you up?” he asks, holding the strap of his backpack that rests on his shoulder.


            I grin and nod. “Definitely.”




            “You’re having dinner at my place tonight,” Harry announces from behind me, causing me to spin around and look at him.


            We were at my house after school, chilling in my living room as we eat and watch movies. I look at Harry, furrowing my eyesbrows. “What?” I ask him.


            Harry chuckles, sitting on the couch. “Mum wants you over for dinner.”


            I raise an eyebrow, sitting next to him as I tuck my legs underneath my legs. “Why?” I prop my elbow up on the head of the couch as I rest my palm against my cheek, looking at Harry.


            He shrugs. “Something about wanting to meet you officially.”


            I frown. “But she already has...” I trail off.


            “Yeah, but this time as my girlfriend,” he explains further. “Don’t look at me – I dunno what goes on in my mum’s head.”


            I laugh but nod along, agreeing with the dinner. It would be nice not having dinner all by myself in the living room. As Harry and I sat and watched some movie that was playing, he suddenly pulled me over and placed me on his lap, arms wrapping around my waist and pulling me in so my back was against his chest, and his face buried in the nape of my neck as his curls tickled my cheek. I watched the movie as I felt Harry’s lips kissing my neck, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. Harry was probably the only guy who made me feel like he did.


            I felt Harry’s lips go from my neck and travel upwards. They went up and Harry kissed my jaw, my eyes fluttering closed, loving the feeling of Harry’s lips against my skin. Letting out a small groan, I turned my head and kissed Harry fully on the lips. I felt him smirking against my lips as our moved perfectly together. As I was sitting on his lap, and my head was turned, Harry picked me up without any effort, not disconnecting our lips, and laid my back on the couch. He hovered over me, arms keeping him above my body as I wrap my arms around his neck, as his teeth lightly biting my bottom lip.


            Yup. Kissing him was sure damn addicting.




            We pulled up to Harry’s house, and I ran a hand through my wavy hair. I was wearing a cute little baby blue summer dress that ended above my knees, and my dark brown ankle boots. Stepping out of Harry’s Volvo, we walked up to his front door and walked inside his house. I could immediately smell the aroma of lasagna filling the house. Just them Anne entered. She was wearing a dark turqoise blouse with boot cut jeans and black flats. Her long black hair fell over her back and shoulders; looking gorgeous.


            “Elena, you look beautiful!” Anne exclaims, giving me a hug.


            I hug her back, smiling. “You do too, Anne.”


            Suddenly, some man appears from behind Anne, and I frown in confusion. I look at Harry, who’s also looking at the guy in confusion as well. I’m guessing he didn’t know who he is, either. “Um, hello?” Harry says, raising an eyebrow.


            “Oh!” Anne says. “Harry, Elena, this is Robin, a co-worker and a good friend of mine,” she introduces with a smile. “Robin, this is my son Harry, and his girlfriend, Elena.”


            “Nice to meet you,” Robin smiles pleasantly, reaching out his hand.


            Harry narrows his green eyes at Robin, and I nudge his ribs and he snaps out of it. “You too,” he murmurs, reaching his own hand and shaking it firmly. Anne grins and we enter the living room.


            “I’m gonna check on the food,” Anne says as Harry and Robin sit down.


            “I’ll help you,” I offer her with a smile, walking with her to the kitchen. I followed Anne into the kitchen and I grin at her. “So who is this Robin guy?”


            Anne looks at me. “A good friend of mine,” she replies, and I can easily detect the nervous smile.


            I laugh. “Come on, Anne,” I say. “I’m pretty sure he’s not just a friend.”


            A blush appears on Anne’s cheeks as she takes out the lasagna from the oven. “We’ve been talking a lot, and have many things in common. He’s a really nice man,” she confesses with a smile.


            My eyes widen as I grin, setting glasses at the round dinner table. “Anne, that’s so exciting!” I laugh.


            “But we’re just co-workers,” she adds quickly, putting the lasagna dish at the table.


            “Yeah, for now,” I add with a smirk, causing Anne’s blush to deepen. “Should I call them in?” I ask her and she nods. Turning around, I open the kitchen door and poke my head in the living room, where I see Harry and Robin talking. “Dinner’s ready,” I tell them.


            Robin and Harry walk in and we sit down at the table, with me in between Harry and Anne. We serve ourselves Anne’s lasagna and soda and we all start eating. Everyone starts talking, and I can notice Harry giving Robin the suspicious eye, and I nudge his foot with mine. Harry looks at me curiously and I give him a look, causing a small, inaudible sigh to escape his lips.


            The conversation then turns towards Harry and I, with them asking me what I want to do and what I like. It’s safe to say that I felt nervous. “So, Elena, what do you plan on doing after high school?” Anne asks, sipping her water.


            “Well, I really want to go into photography,” I say.


            “Oh, you like taking pictures?” Robin asks, raising an eyebrow, impressed.


            I nod and smile. “Love to,” I say.


            “She’s always taking pictures whenever she’s out,” Harry chuckles deeply.


            “What do you have planned for spring break?” Anne asks.


            “Wait, when is spring break?” I ask with a laugh.


            “Tomorrow’s our last day,” Harry says, and my eyes widen, causing my lips to form an ‘o’ shape. 


            We all talk for a while, and Harry and Robin leave for the living room and I help Anne clean up. “You know,”Anne speaks up, “I’ve never really seen Harry with a girl.”


            I turn to her, handing her a dirty plate. “Really?” I ask.


            Anne nods, smiling slightly. “He used to date, but then just stopped,” she frowns slightly. “Saying that the girls he sees and meets don’t appeal to him. You’re the first girl he’s dated ever since then.”


            I smile, biting the corner of my lip slightly. “He’s great,” I say, smiling.


            Anne grins as she turns on the dish washer. “Harry really does like you, Elena. It’s obvious he does, and I’ve honestly never seen him smile as much as he does when it comes to you.”


            I look at her, confused. “R-Really?”


            She nods. “Ever since what happened...” she trailed off. “Harry’s never been one to be happy regularly, given his past. But with you, it’s a whole different story.”


            “Wait.. What happened in the past?” I ask, frowning in confusion.


            Anne looks at me, biting her bottom lip much like Harry does. “Harry will tell you soon enough,” she gives me a small smile. “He’ll tell you when the time’s right, love.”


            Tell me what?