Chapter 15

Elena’s POV:


            “So are you two a couple or what?” Melody questions as we get out of my car and head towards the school building.


            I let out a sigh. “I dunno. We never really talked about it.”


            I had told Melody all about my date with Harry, just like she had wanted me to. The date really was perfect, and my parents didn’t find out so that was good. I don’t plan on telling them any time soon, fearing that they might destroy something that has barely begun. So for now, I’m just gonna keep it quiet. Because I know there’s no way they are gonna approve of Harry and I.


            Melody and I entered the building and walked down the hallway, pushing through the crowd of students. “Maybe he’ll ask you soon,” she smiles.


            I shrug. “Maybe.”


            She then goes to her locker and I go to mine. Opening it up, I took out my books for my first few classes, but then noticed something fall out of my locker. Frowning in confusion, I crouch down and pick up the folded piece of red paper. Standing up straight, I unfolded it and read over the words.


Be my girlfriend? Meet me behind the gym building during free period – Harry xx


            My eyes widened as I read the note, a smile making it’s way on to my face. I have to say, I’m impressed that Harry actually put those ‘xx’s’ at the end of the note – he doesn’t seem like the type to do so. Folding the paper back up, I put it in the back pocket of my jeans and shut my locker. Before first period started, I walked into the nearest girl’s bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing black skinny jeans, a maroon tank top with a denim jacket that had sleeves rolled up to my elbows, and beige flats. My hair fell into it’s usual waves, and I kept the make-up to a minimum.


            Just then, a toilet flushed and out walked Becca. When she saw me, she smiled. “Hey,” she says. “Any word from Styles?” she asks, washing her hands.


            I took out the piece of paper and showed it to her. Drying her hands, Becca took the paper and read it. Once she was done, her eyes widened and jaw dropped. “I know,” I say, already knowing what she was thinking as I took the paper from her.


            “Are you gonna say yes?!” Becca asks excitedly.


            I roll my eyes. “Uh, duh!” I say with a laugh. “I’ve been waiting for him to ask me.”


            Becca lets out a squeal. “Oh my gosh, this is so exciting! You two will be like, the cutest couple on campus!”


            I laugh and the bell rings. “C’mon, let’s go.”


            Walking out of the bathroom, Becca and I walked to our first period class of calculus, which we had together. Sitting in our seats, I let out a sigh, waiting for the boring class to begin.




            Before I knew it, it was free period and time for me to go to the back of the gym building and meet Harry. I felt beyond nervous. I was gonna tell Harry yes, and I can’t tell whether the butterflies in my stomach are because of my excitement or my raging nerves. Running a hand through my hair, I walked out and towards the gym building. The wind blew around slightly, my hair flying around lightly with the breeze. With my heart trying to jump out of my chest, I walked around the big building. And when I finally got to the back, I swear my heart got up and ran away.


            Harry stood there, dressed in jeans, Converse, and a dark purple Jack Wills hoodie. He was leaning against the wall as he looked up at the cloudy sky, his upper teeth digging into his lower lip. His hands were buried deep into the front pockets of his jeans, ankles crossed as his hair ruffling ever so slightly in the wind. I guess he heard me approaching, because his head suddenly turned to my direction, green eyes immediately locking with my blue ones. I couldn’t help but gulp. Is it bad that I thought he looked like a God?


            A small smile makes it’s way on to Harry’s lips as I walk over to him. When I’m in front of him, I hold up the piece of paper. “I got your note,” I say with a small smile.


            “And?” he asks, raising a brown eyebrow.


            I give him a teasing smile. “After thinking about it long and hard,” I smirked, causing Harry to roll his eyes. “I decided on... Yes.”


            “Yes?” his green eyes widened, shocked at the fact that I actually said yes. I nod and Harry grins dimply. He opened his mouth to say something, but another voice beat him to it.


            “Just kiss her already!”


            Mine and Harry’s heads snapped towards the sound of the voice, and we saw Louis sirking along with the rest of the boys. I rolled my eyes as Harry laughed, and then pulled me closer before kissing me softly. We could hear the whooping and cheering of the boys, making me chuckle against Harry’s lips. As Harry and I pulled away, we could hear the bell from inside ring, signaling the end of the period.


            “Lunch!” Niall’s Irish voice shouted, before he broke into a run. The others laughed and followed as Harry took my hand in his.


            “Let’s go,” he chuckles.


            Hand in hand, the two of us walk to the cafeteria. Once inside, Harry and I get on line to buy lunch, and I see that Becca and Candice were right in front of us. “Are you guys together?” Candice asks, eyes wide.


            I blush and nod, and the two of them squeal. “I so knew this was gonna happen,” Becca says. She then looks at Harry, narrowing her light brown eyes. “You better treat her right, you hear? Or else you’ll have to face me.”


            “Or worse; Melody,” Candice snickers.


            I laugh as Harry wraps an arm around me. “Don’t worry,” he says. “I have no intentions of facing Melody’s wrath.”


            “She can be a really scary girl,” I tell him, leaning into his side as we move forward on the line.


            “Trust me, I know,” Harry smirks. “Zayn’s terrified of her sometimes.” 


            This causes the girls and I to laugh. We move on the line and grab ourselves a tray. They were serving types of sandwiches, so I grabbed a turkey one with a can of Sprite. Becca and Candice leave to sit with their friends, and I wait for Harry to pay for his lunch. With our food, Harry and I walked towards the table where the bos and Melody sat. Whispers were going around as Harry and I sat down, and I frowned in confusion.


            “They know you two are dating,” Melody tells me. What the...?


            “News travels fast in high school,” Harry mumbles, biting into his hamburger.


            I just chuckle as I eat my sandwich. Lunch passes by quickly, and when it ends, I go to my locker to get my books. I shut it and see Harry leaning against the lockers next to me. “Hey,” I laugh as we walk.


            “What class do you have?” he asks me, pushing himself off the lockers.


            “Chemistry,” I answer with a sigh.


            Harry chuckles. “C’mon, I’ll walk you,” he says, causing me to smile. We walk to my class and when we get there, he turns to me. “I’ll see you soon,” he smirks, pecking me lightly on the lips and walking down the hall.


            I can get used to this.




From: Dad


I’m going out of town for a college seminar.


To: Dad


Does Mum know?


From: Dad


She’s coming with me.


To: Dad


Wait, why? What does she have anything to do with your seminar?


From: Dad


No questions, Elena. We’ll be gone by tonight and will be back in a five days.


            I frown as I put my phone in the pocket of my shorts. I was working my shift at Debbie’s Diner when I got that text from Dad. Was it me or did it look like that Dad was trying to hid something from me? Mum never goes with Dad to his seminars – so why is she going now? Sighing, I grabbed the tray full of food and walked it over to the table that ordered it. When I had given them their food, I made my way back to the counter when I saw a certain curly headed boy walk in and sit on the bar stool.


            “Hey,” I grin, going on my side of the counter, opposite of him.


            Harry looks at me and smiles, showing his dimples. “Hey,” he says, leaning over the table and kissing my lips. “How was your day?”


            I shrug. “Boring; same as always,” I say. “Although, my dad just told me that he and my mum are going out of town for a couple of days.”


            “Again?” Harry frowns and I nod. “Why?”


            “Some college seminar he needs to attend,” I reply.


            “And why’s your mum going?” he asks, shaking the curls out of his eyes.


            “That what I’d like to know,” I mumble. “Do you know when Gemma and Tyler are going back to Uni?” I ask.


            “Tomorrow, I think,” he says, “why?”


            I shrug. “I wanna spend some time with him, I guess.”


            “How about we all go and catch a movie tonight?” Harry suggests with a smile.


            I nod as the cook rings the ‘order up’ bell from behind me. “Can you text them and ask? I gotta get this order.”


            Harry nods as he takes out his black iPhone and I grab the tray. Walking over, I give it to the table and walk back to Harry. “They’re in,” he says and I grin.


            Half an hour later, Harry and I were driving back to my house. He had walked to the diner, so he didn’t have his car. When we got to my house, I quickly changed out of my diner niform. As Harry waited down stairs, I put on short white denim shorts, a black tank top with a hot pink Victoria’s Secret crop top over it, and black flats. With my hair still in waves, I walked back down stairs and Harry looked at me.


            “Ready to go?” he asks and I nod. “I’ll drive.”


            I chuckle and throw the keys at him, and he catches them in his right hand with ease. Getting into my car, Harry drives us to the movie theatre. We get there soon enough and see Gemma and Tyler waiting for us.


            “Hey, sister,” Tyler smirks and I roll my eyes.


            For a couple of minutes, we decide what movie we wanna watch. We pick Oz: The Great and Powerful. The guys pay for Gemma and I and we buy a bucket of pop corn and drink per pair, and find empty seats as we put on our 3D glasses. I sit in between Harry and Gemma, with Tyler on the other side of Gemma. To fulfill my little photography need, I take out my phone and stretch my arm out. We all gather in and I take a picture of the four of us with our 3D glasses on, and I post it on Facebook.


Elena Carter: Moviiiieeesss(: – with Harry Styles, Gemma Anne Styles, & Tyler Carter


            A few minutes later, the movie begins. The lights dim down as a few trailers come and go, until the actual movie starts. We were halfway through the movie as I whisper, “James Franco is so hot.”


            “Excuse me?” Harry whsipers from next to me, raising an eyebrow.


            I smirk. “Not as hot as you, though,” I say in a playful tone.


            “Damn right,” he grumbles, causing me to giggle slightly.




            “Did Dad tell you that he and Mum are leaving tonight?” Tyler asks me as the two of us get into my car.


            The movie ended a while ago, and after grabbing some dinner with Gemma and Harry, we decided it was time to go home. “They’re always leaving,” I mumble, starting up my car.


            Tyler’s silent for a while until he speaks up again. “So you really like Harry, huh?” he smirks.


            I blush, gripping the steering wheel tightly. “Yeah,” I say. “I just wish I didn’t have to hide it from Mum and Dad, you know?” I say and he nods. “Do they know about you and Gemma?”


            Tyler shakes his head. “Not yet.”    


            “Why not?” I take a left turn. “Gemma’s nice. Why don’t you just tell them?”


            “They have other things to worry about,” he mumbles.


            I give him a confused glance. “What?” I ask, not sure if I heard him right.


            “Nothing,” he says, dropping the subject.


            Something tells me that it’s not nothing.