Chapter 14

Elena’s POV:


            “Your hair looks so much lighter than it is in the sun,” Harry murmurs as he mindlessly strokes my semi-wet hair.


            The two of us were still at the park. He was still sitting under the tree and I was lying down with my head in his lap. We were both still a bit wet, but Harry had given me his black leather jacket, saying I would get cold. After that heated yet amazing kiss, Harry and I had been laying here in the park, just talking normally.


            “I’ve been wanting to change the color for a while,” I tell him. “Get it darker and dip-dye it at the bottom.”


            “That’d look cool,” Harry chuckles lightly. Silence passed us for a while until Harry spoke again. “Come on, I should get you home. You’re gonna be sick if you don’t get dried properly.”


            We stood up and I bit my bottom lip. “I don’t know if I can go home, Harry,” I say quietly. “Dad’s still home and –”


            “Don’t worry,” Harry tells me with a small smile, cupping my face. “You can just come home to mine. No big deal.”


            I give him a small smile, and the two of us exit the park and walk to where Harry’s house is. As we walked, Harry’s warm hand laced with mine, sending shivers up my arm and a blush appeared on my cheeks. His hand felt so right, so perfect with mine, and my cheeks were probably really red. Harry and I walked together to his house, hand in hand, as I pushed away a wet strand of hair from my face.


            We finally got to his house and walked in, still wet. “Mum?” Harry’s deep voice calls out.


            Instead of Anne coming out, Gemma walked out with my brother in tow, and Harry and I detatched our hands. “Holy crap,” her eyes widen when she sees us.


            “What happened to you guys?” Tyler asks, raising an eyebrow.


            “Um, a walk in the park?” I reply, but it came our more as a question.


            The couple rolled their eyes and Gemma smiled at me. “C’mon, I’ll get you some dry clothes.”


She took my hand and took me up the stairs. We walked into Gemma’s room that had dark purple walls with a white dressing table, single bed, and a walk-in closet similar to mine. Gemma walked towards the dresser and looked through it. She then took out a dark blue blouse and black high waisted shorts.


“Those should fit you,” she smiles, giving them to me.


“Thanks,” I smile at her.


“Bathroom’s right there,” she points towards a door.


I nod and walk in. Stripping off my wet clothes, I put on the ones Gemma had let me borrow. Once I have the clothes on, I look at myself in the mirror. My nose was slightly red around my nose ring because of the cold and my skin a bit paler than usual. My hair that was still a bit wet fell into ringlets, which actually looked a bit cute. Walking out, I turn to Gemma.


“Uh, where do I put these?” I ask, holding the clothes.


“Oh, I’ll just put these in the dryer,” she says, taking them from me. She then looks at me, raising an eyebrow. “So what’s going on between you and my little brother?”


A blush creeped on to my cheeks. “N-Nothing,” I stutter out nervously.


Gemma smirked, much similar to Harry’s. “Oh, come on, Elena,” she says. “Tyler told me how you fancy Harry.”


“Tyler,” I grumble his name. Gemma looked at me expectantly, and I sighed. “Okay, fine; we kissed.”


Her green eyes widened and a gasp escaped her lips. “Oh my God!” she shrieked. “Finally! Harry has been waiting forever to kiss you!”


My own eyes widened at her words. “He has?” I question, not believing her.


She nods, grinning with her dimples. “Yup! But don’t tell him I told you,” she winked.


I let out a small chuckle and the two of us then walk down the stairs. Gemma made a detour to the laundry room as I went to the living room. There, I saw Harry and Tyler talking – and Tyler did not look happy. When I walked in, their heads snapped towards me. Tyler walked towards me until he towered over my small figure, and I looked up at him.


“Did Dad really slap you?” he asks, jaw clenching.


I was taken aback by his question, and my eyes traveled to Harry, who was biting his bottom lip. “You told him?” I ask, eyes widening.


“I had to, Elena,” Harry speaks slowly. “Tyler deserves to know.”


I sigh as I look at Tyler. “Yeah, he did,” I admit, biting the inside of my cheek.


Anger flashed in my older brother’s blue eyes. “Why?!”


I roll my eyes. “’Cause I got a B+ on my report card.”


“What the fuck? That’s it?!” Tyler shouts angrily.


I bite my bottom lip. I kept telling people that the B+ was the reason Dad had slapped me, when really there was another reason. And I need to tell Harry. Taking a breath, I look at the curly haired boy. “Harry, I need to talk to you,” I say quietly.


“O-Okay,” Harry says confusedly. To talk privately, Harry and I walk to his backyard. It was big and open, and the cool breeze flew by soothingly. “What’s up?”


I lick my bottom lip. “The B+ wasn’t why my dad slapped me,” I mumble.


Harry furrows his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”


“Dad slapped me because..” I trailed off, hesitant to tell him. “I was yelling at him because he, uh, said some things.”


“What type of things?” Harry asks, looking down at me with intense green eyes.


I ran a hand through my somewhat wet hair. I look at him, seeing his eyes search my dace. “Dad was yelling some, uh, negative things about and I was... Um... defending you, I guess.”


I watch as Harry’s features soften. “You were defending me?” he asks, and I slowly nod. “But why?”


My head lifts up and my eyes lock with his. “It was the right thing to do,” I frown. “I-I had to. I wasn’t just gonna let him say those things about you.”


“But you slapped because of me, Elena!” Harry exclaims.


“No shit, Harry,” I dead pan. “But I wasn’t gonna let him get away with it. It’s not right for him to say those things about you. He doesn’t know anything about you, so it’s not fair for him to say those things.”


Harry looks down at me, shaking his head as a small smile came on his face. “You really are something, Carter,” he smirks.


My lips curve up into a grin. “I know.”


He rolls his green eyes. “Come here,” he smirks, wrapping his arms around my waist.


Harry, pulling me in, places his lips on to mine. I smile through the kiss, my arms wrapping around his neck and my hands in his curly ringlets. Our lips moved together as I felt Harry smirking once again through the kiss.


“Well look what we have here,” Tyler’s voice broke us apart. Harry and I pulled away and looked at my brother, who stood crossing his arms over his chest and Gemma, who stood next to him with a big grin on her face. “Lip locking with my little sister, are we, Styles?”


I glared at Tyler as Harry smirks. “Maybe,” he shrugs. Sometimes I wonder how cool he can stay about things.


“So are you two, like, dating?” Gemma raises an eyebrow. “What’s happening here?”


Harry groans from next to me. “I was getting to that, Gemma.”


Excuse me, what?!


Gemma’s face lights up and Tyler grabs her shoulders. “C’mon, Gems, let’s leave them to it,” he says, before pushing her back inside.


Harry then turns to me, a small smirk on his face. He looks down at me as I bite my lip. Why do I feel so nervous? Harry lets out a breath as he looks at me. “So, Elena, would you maybe wanna go out on a date with me tomorrow night?”


I felt my heart thumping against my chest as I looked up at him. A date with Harry? The school’s number one bad ass? Of course, my father would be against it, but at the moment I didn’t care. I didn’t care that my dad wouldn’t approve. I didn’t care that Harry had a dark past that no one knew of. At the moment, all I cared about was the boy in front of me.


Looking up at him, I nod as a smile creeps on to my lips. “Yes.”




            “It’s happening. Oh my fucking God, IT’S HAPPENING!” Melody yells as she prances around my room.


            I laugh as I look at my best friend. “Calm yourself!” I tell her.


            Tonight was my date with Harry, and Melody was currently freaking out. When I told her to come over and told her about the date, she flipped. She flipped even more when she found out that we kissed, twice. Thank goodness that my parents were at work, so they wouldn’t have to worry about me going on a date, much less that it’s with Harry. It’s not like I want to sneak behind my parents, because I don’t. In fact, I want to tell them and show them how nice of a guy Harry is. But my dad, being the stubborn and hard headed guy he is, most likely won’t listen to what I have to say.


            So for now, I guess they just can’t know.


            “Sorry,” Melody apologizes, calming down a bit as she plops down on my bean bag chair. “Do you know where he’s taking you?”


            I shook my head. “No, but he said that I should wear something casual.”


            “Casual, casual, casual...” Melody mumbles as she stands up and walks over to my closet.


            I look at her from my seat on the edge of my bed. “Um, what’re you doing?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.


            “Picking out an outfit for you, duh,” she says, walking into my closet.


            “I’m more than capable of doing that for myself,” I say, standing up.


            “Yeah, yeah,” she says, still in my closet. A few minutes later, Melody walks back out holding a shirt and pants. “This with this will make you look hot,” she grins, holding up the clothes.


            She picked out an aqua colored tank top with a chiffon front and red skinny jeans. I looked at it, a grin forming on my lips. “That’s perfect!” I grin, holding it.


            “Come on, get ready,” she says. “Harry’ll be here in like, an hour.”


            I ran into the bathroom and got out of my sweats and wore the outfit Melody picked out for me. Once I was dressed, I walked back out. “How do I look?” I ask her.


            Melody looks at me and smiles. “Great! Now put these on.” She hands me a pair of brown suede leather platform boots. I put them out, giving me more to my height.


            Melody then does my hair, tying a beautiful fish tail with my light brown hair. I then do my make up and apply some black eyeliner, mascara, and nude eyeshadow. Along with that, I put some blush and pink lip gloss. Once I’m fully ready, Melody turns to me.


(Outfit: )


            “I’m gonna go,” she says. “Harry will be here soon! Have fun on your date, and tell me all about it.”


            I nod and grin. “Okay. I’ll talk to you later.”


            With one last smile, Melody leaves. I take a deep breath and grab my iPhone that had a case that looked like the stars in the galaxy. Just then, the doorbell rang, making my heart skip a beat. Composing myself, I walked down the stairs and headed towards the door. Opening it up, I smiled as I saw Harry. His jeans hung low at his hips, like always, the waistband of his Tommy boxers peeking out. Along with that he was wearing a white V-neck, black leather jacket, and white Converse. I saw the chain of a necklace hitting his neck and collarbone, but the necklace itself was hidden underneath the hem of his shirt. Even though he probably wears the same clothes every time, he manages to make it look better each time.


            “Hey,” he grins, dimples deepening. “Ready to go?” I nod, smiling, and we walk down my drive way and get into his black Volvo.


            “So where are we going?” I ask him, strapping in my seatbelt.


            Harry smirks as we drive away from my house. “That’s for me to know and you to find out,” he says, taking a left turn.


            I roll my eyes. Of course he wouldn’t tell me. Looking out the window, I watched as we passed by stores, fields, and big buildings. Soon enough, Harry pulled the car into a parking lot. When we got out, my eyes widened when I saw where we were.


            “The aquarium?” I ask excitedly.


            Harry smiles and nods, closing the door of the drivers seat. “Yup,” he replies. “You like?”


            I grin. “I love!”


            Harry and I walked towards the entrance and he paid for our tickets. The aquarium was really big. It was one of those aquariums where you walk down a really long corridor and all around you are fishes and other sea creatures swimming around. As we walked along the dark corridor with a few other people, something caught my eye.


            “Look at the star fish,” I laugh. There was an orange star fish sticking to the glass, fogging up the place it was stuck on.


            Harry chuckles and we continue. As Harry and I walk, I felt Harry’s hand lace with mine, bringing a smile on to my face. Harry and I took longer than the other people in here, looking at all of the different sea creatures and taking out time. As I walked, something pulled my braid and turned me around. My eyes widened and a small gasp escaped my lips when mine and Harry’s chests came in contact, and I looked up to see Harry’s smirking face.


            “What are you doing?” I ask, startled.


            Harry’s green eyes flicker to my lips before returning to my blue eyes. “Just making this date a bit more interesting,” he says huskily.


            Before I could comprehend what he meant, Harry leaned down and his soft lips met mine. My heart flutered as I kissed him back, my right hand resting at the nape of his neck. Harr cocks his head to the side to get better access, his hands lifting up and cupping my face. I’ve gotta admit, kissing Harry felt really good and it was addicting. Because when we pulled away, I immediately craved the feeling of his lips against mine once again.


            “Come on,” Harry smirks, lacing our hands together again as we walked.


            My cheeks flushed as we continued walking, looking around at the fish. “So what’s your favorite type of fish?” I ask him.


            “Clown fish,” he smirks.


            I turn to look at him, raising an eyebrow. “Finding Nemo, huh?” I smirk.


            Harry chuckles, nodding. “Definitely,” he says. “What about you?”


            “Uhh.... Probably a jelly fish,” I shruh. “They’re cute.” Then with a grin, I add, “Like you.”


            Harry rolls his green eyes. With a wink, he says, “I prefer sexy.”