Chapter 11

Elena’s POV:


            Anne exchanges confused looks from us. “How do you two know each other.”


            “We’re... He’s my brother,” I say, shocked as I stare at my older brother.


            “Um, Gems, this is my friend, Elena,” Harry introduces us.


            Gemma smiles at me, her dimples in view. “It’s nice to meet you!” she grins. “You’re Tyler’s little sister?”


            I nod and look at him. Since when in the world did he have a girlfriend? Even more, since when in the world was his girlfriend Gemma Styles? Tyler never told me, or our parents, that he had a girlfriend. And Anne said that this was going on for a while. Not only do I feel confused, but I’m also hurt. Hurt that Tyler wouldn’t tell me – of all people. The two of us are so close, and he had been hiding something like this from me. And I’m going to find out why.


            “Ty, can I talk to you?” I ask, narrowing my blue eyes at him.


            He bites his bottom lip and nods, and the two of us step outside as the door closes. “Uh, what’s up?” he asks, looking nervous.


            “How can you not tell me you were dating Gemma?” I ask, trying to keep my voice low. “I’m your sister!”


            “Look, I’m sorry, okay?” Tyler sighs, running a hand through his shaggy hair. “I never got the time, since I was busy with school.”


            “And hiding your girlfriend,” I glare.


            Tyler frowns. “What are you doing with Gemma’s little brother, anyway? Didn’t Dad tell you to stay away from him?” he whispers the last part.


            I bite my bottom lip. “It’s harder than it sounds, Ty,” I say quietly. “I can’t just stay away from Harry...”


            Tyler smirks down at me. “You fancy him, don’t you?”


            I blush deeply. “Shush!”


            My brother chuckles. “Don’t worry, I approve of him. Dad may not, but I do. If he’s Gem’s little brother, then he’s fine.”


            I just shake my head. “Let’s go back in.”


            The two of us walk back inside the Styles household and meet them in the living room. “Everything okay?” Harry asks me quietly as I sit down next to him.


            I nod, giving him a smile. “Yeah, everything’s fine.”




            “I’m so excited for Spring Formal,” Melody grins as she stuck up a flyer on the boy’s bathroom door.


            Melody and I had free period, so we were walking around the school and putting up flyers for the upcoming Spring Formal dance. I was excited too, but not as much as Melody. She was more excited because it was her first dance with Zayn ever since they started going out. I don’t blame her, seeing as the two of them are an adorable couple. But me? I was going dateless. The dance was in a week, and several guys asked me. But I would always turn them down, because they were either jerks or I just didn’t like them.


            I still had to buy a dress, so Melody and I would be going dress shopping tomorrow. I mean, if I’m going without a date, I might as well look good.


            “I know you are,” I chuckle as I stick up another flyer on the girl’s bathroom door. “You’ve been ranting about it for the past twenty minutes.”


            She laughs as we walk down the hall. “Who’re you going with?” she asks.


            “No one,” I shrug.


            “No one asked you?” Melody’s eyes widen, clearly shocked.


            I chuckle. “It’s not that no one asked me,” I say. “It’s just that who ever did ask me, I just didn’t like them.”


            A smirk plays on my best friend’s lips. “Or you just want a certain curly haired boy to ask you.”


            I roll my eyes as I stick up another flyer on the wall. “No, I don’t,” I tell her.


            “Oh, really?” she snickers. “So you don’t want to go to Spring Formal with Harry?”


            I bite my bottom lip. “No,” I say.


            Truth be told, I actually did want to go with Harry. But I really don’t think that that’s gonna happen, because I doubt Harry’s gonna ask me. I doubt it even crossed his mind. I let out a small sigh as Melody and I walk down the hall, a few flyers still in our hands. As I stuck up a flyer on the school’s bulletin board, a voice spoke from behind Melody and I.


            “Spring Formal, huh?” the voice asks. Melody and I turn around, and I look up to see Harry smirking down at us. He looks at Melody and says, “Zayn’s looking for you, Melody.”


            She grins and hands me the flyers, before running off. “Dude!” I call out, and she turns around. “You’re supposed to help me with this!”


            “Ask Harry to do it!” she says, before turning the corner.


            I sigh and look at him, before handing him the flyers. “You’re helping me.”


            “So I’ve been told,” Harry rolls his eyes, and the two of us start walking. “Are you going to this thing?” he asks, looking down at the flyers.


            I nod, putting a flyer on a classroom door. “Yeah,” I reply. “Are you?”


            Harry shrugs. “Don’t know,” he says. “Not my type of scene.”


            “Not your type of scene?” I repeat with a slight chuckle.


            “Yup,” he says, handing me another flyer. “I don’t really like dances.”




            “Ah, well, we’ll miss you at the dance,” I crack a smile, putting up the last flyer and turning to face the tall boy.


            “Who’re you going with?” Harry asks, looking down at me.


            I bite the inside of my cheek. “No one,” I shrug, and Harry raises an eyebrow. “Guys asked me, and I turned them down.”


            “How come?” Harry raises an eyebrow.


            I shrug. “Just didn’t feel like going with them,” I tell him. It was partly true, with the other reason being that I want him to ask me.


            A smirk made it’s way  on Harry’s lips. He took a step towards me and I automatically took one back, my back hitting the wall. I looked up at him, his green eyes locking with my blue ones. My back is pressed up against the wall as Harry corners me and looks down at me, the smirk still on his pink lips.


            “So if I asked you, would you say yes?” he smirks. Harry lifts his right arm up and rests the palm of his hand next to my head on the wall, leaning down, his nose almost touching mine.


            My heart skips a beat, and I feel a nervous lump forming in my throat. I look up at him, quirking an eyebrow. “That depends,” I say. “Are you asking me to Spring Formal?”


            Harry leans down even more, the tips of his curly ringlets tickling my forehead. “Maybe,” he whispers, his hot, minty breath tickling my lips.


            The corner of my lips slightly curve into a smile. “Then I’d say yes,” I say quietly.


            Harry’s smirk widens as he pulls back. “I’ll pick you up at seven,” he winks, before turning around and walking away.


            I watch with wide eyes as Harry’s figure walks down the hall, before turning around the corner. I’m too shocked to move, considering the fact that the guy I have a crush on just asked me to Spring Formal.


            Wait till Melody hears about this.




            “I still can’t believe Harry asked you!” Melody grins excitedly as we walk into Forever 21.


We were out shopping for the dance, which was in a couple of days. My parents had called yesterday and told me they were staying another week, because Mum’s aunt they went to visit had passed away. They were staying there and organizing her funeral, and I asked why they didn’t want Tyler and I there. They said that because we didn’t know her well enough, they didn’t want us at the funeral. Like, really? But as horrible as the situation is, it benefits me. This way, my parents don’t have know that Harry is my date for the dance.


I chuckle. “I know, right?” I ask, looking through a rack of dresses. “I didn’t think he’d ask me either.”


“You must be, like, dying inside,” she snickers, holding up a strapless black dress. “Do you like this one?”


I shake my head, making a face. “Ew, no. Don’t wear black at Spring Formal. Pick one that actually has color!”


Melody nods, putting the dress back. “Good thinking,” she says.


The two of us look through some dresses, holding them up and seeing if they were good enough for Spring Formal. “Ugh, I need a pretty dress,” I groan, running a hand through my light brown hair.


“Well, duh,” Melody rolls her eyes. “You’re going with Harry Styles – your dress needs to be perfect, El.”


I look around the big store, and my eyes suddenly land on a beautiful dress hanging up. I walked over to it, my eyes widening at how gorgeous it was. I picked it up, looking at the dress. It was a peach-baby pink strapless dress that would end around my mid-thigh. The waist band was thick with beads. The waist down were flowing ruffles, the colors being peach, pink, and a hint of yellow. Taking the dress, I turned to face Melody.


“Mel,” I say, my eyes widening. She looks at me, her eyes widening as well at the sight of the dress. “I think I found the dress.”      


Melody nods absentmindedly, still looking at the dress. “Hell yeah, you did.”


We kept shopping for Melody’s perfect dress, until we finally found it. It was a baby blue strapless dress that ended above her mid-thigh, and the breasts were sparkles and beads. The waist down was ruffles, sort of like my dress. Once we bought our dresses, we left the mall. I dropped Melody off at her house, and then I went back to mine. Tyler was out with Gemma, so I was home by myself. I enter my room and put the shopping bag on the bed, until my phone starts buzzing. Picking it up, I see that it’s a text from Harry.


From: Harry


What does your dress look like? Mum says I need to buy a matching tie..


To: Harry


Haha omg. Hold on, I’ll send you a pic.


            I then take the dress out of the bag, and snap a picture of the pink fabric, making sure that I didn’t take a picture of the whole dress. Once I sent it to him, I got his reply a few minutes later.


From: Harry


Oh god, a pink tie?!


To: Harry


Hey, I never planned on the dress being pink. But c’mon, grow up. Real men wear pink!


From: Harry


Yeah, yeah. But can I see the dress? ;)


To: Harry


Nope! You’ll see it the night of the dance.


From: Harry


-.- Fiineee. I have to go, Mum’s forcing to take me tie shopping. Like really.


To: Harry


Have fun! ;D Tell Anne I say hi!


From: Harry


Whatever. I’ll talk to you laterrrr.


            I threw my phone on my bed as I walked over to my closet, taking out a hanger. Walking back over to my bed, I took out the dress and hung it, then hung it in the closet. I let out a sigh, sitting down on my dressing table chair. Just five more days till Spring Formal, and seven more days till I have to see my parents again. Let’s just say one out of those two events I was looking forward to.