Chapter 10

Elena’s POV: 


            I walked down the hallway with my bag on my shoulder as I ran a hand through my hair that I had curled. I was clad in a black Ramones full sleeved shirt that fell off my shoulder, black jeans, and red high top Converse. As I walked down the hallway, I earned the familiar looks from guys that somewhat nauseated me.


(outfit: )


            “Lookin’ good, Elena,” Will, a guy in my grade, called out.


            I simply rolled my eyes as I walked down the hallway of my school. As I turned around the corner, I accidently bumped into someone. Looking up, my eyes met a pair of startling green ones. Harry smirks down at me as he sees me. “Afternoon, sunshine.”


            “Don’t call me that,” I mumble, shifting my weight from one leg to another.


            Harry just chuckles. “So what class do you have now?”


            “Uhh,” I think for a minute. “Biology.”


            “C’mon, I’ll walk you. I have to go to the south wing, too,” Harry says.


            I bite my bottom lip as I nod and we walk together. I try so hard to keep the blush rising on my cheeks down as we walk, our arms brushing together. I can’t help but notice people staring at Harry and I, but I chose to ignore it. Finally reaching the biology room, Harry looks at me.


            “Are you sitting with us at lunch today?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.


            I shrug. “I’m not sure. I’ll see.”


            Harry smirks. “See you later, Carter,” he says, before turning and walking away.


            I smile as I walk into the classroom, immediately catching Melody’s eyes. She’s raising her eyebrows questioningly, clearly noticing Harry before. Oh, boy; I sense an interrogation.


Harry’s POV:


            “So are you and Elena ever getting together or...?” Louis’s voice trailed off.     


            My head snapped towards him. “What?” I ask.


            Louis and I decided to ditch our seventh period class. I had geometry and he had English, and since we didn’t feel like sitting through an hour long class, we decided to hang out behind the gym building, leaning against the wall. This is where we usually come when we ditch class, and so far no one really caught us.


            I look at Louis as he simply smirks at me. “You fancy her, don’t you?” he asks.


            I shake my head. “No, I don’t,” I tell him.


            Truth is, I don’t even know for myself. Elena’s different than all of the other girls around here that I’ve seen. She’s actually a real person. She doesn’t try to be fake and isn’t a know-it-all. Elena’s a really smart girl, and knows what she wants in life. She’s smart, funny, sweet, sarcastic, and really beautiful. I’m not afraid to admit it, but yes, I find her really attractive. I mean, who wouldn’t? With her long flowing light brown hair and sky blue eyes, not to mention her full pink lips and flawless face; she’s gorgeous.


            Then that bastard James crosses my mind. How every time he manages to capture and pin Elena, making her feel uncomfortable and touching her like that. Whenever I’d catch him doing something to Elena, I’d see red. All I felt like doing was pounding the asshole in the face for trying to get with Elena. For some reason, I would always feel overprotective when it comes to her. Like no one can touch her, except for me. I have no clue on what’s going on, because I’ve never acted like that when it came to a girl. I get this sense that if she’s ever in danger, I need to protect her. I have to protect her.


            My thoughts suddenly got interrupted by Louis snapping his fingers in front of my face. “You okay, mate?” he asks once I’m out of my trance. “You spaced out.”


            I nod. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking,”  I reply.


            He snickers. “About Elena, hmm?”


            I roll my green eyes. “Shut up.”


            “Ah, so you were,” he smirks. “Do you fancy her?”


            I shrug. “Don’t know,” I say honestly. “She’s different than other girls.”


            “Yeah, I can tell,” Louis says. I raise my eyebrows and he chuckles. “C’mon, mate. Everyone can see how differently you act around her.”


            “I do not,” I lie, but he saw right through me.”


            “Yeah, you do,” Louis insists. “You’re much... Happy around her.”




            “Well, that’s not the right word to choose,” he thinks for a moment. “What I’m saying is, you don’t ignore her like you do with the rest of the girls around here. You acknowledge her. I see you stealing glances at her during lunch or whenever she walks by, and your eyes light up. You’re open with her.” He then adds, “Plus, you rescue her whenever she’s in danger.”


            “Yeah, well, I’d do that for any girl that’s in trouble,” I tell him pointedly.


            “Sure, but you and I both know you feel something for Elena,” Louis smirks slightly.


            “Fine, maybe I do,” I admit with a sigh, causing Louis’s face to break out into a large grin. “But it doesn’t matter,” I add, leaning my head back as it rests against the wall. “She doesn’t feel the same way.”


            “How can you be so sure?” Louis raises an eyebrow.


            I shrug. “Why would she even like someone like me?” I ask. “Her parents clearly aren’t fond of me; they wouldn’t allow it. Both of us are two different people living two different lives.”


            Louis’s lips turn into a smirk. “Ever heard of ‘opposites attract’?” he asks. “And who gives a damn about her parents? Elena is her own person – she’s capable of doing whatever she wants.”


            I shake my head. “Her parents want her to focus on school, Lou,” I tell him. “They don’t let her do anything but study.”


            “But have you thought about what she wants?” he asks, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the wall as well. “For all you know, she may want to be with you too.”


            “She’s Little Miss Perfect,” I chuckle breathily. “Her life’s pure, Lou. She doesn’t need to be involved with a guy like me.”


            Louis lets out a sigh. “Forget about what happened, Harry. It happened in the past; you should move on. We all know he isn’t coming back any time soon.”


            “You don’t know that,” I say, running a hand through my hair.


            Silence follows the two of us. Five minutes later, Louis pushes himself off the wall. “Come on, we have gym now.”


            I nod and the two of us walk around and enter the giant gym. Students from my class come piling in, and my eyes immediately landed on the familiar girl. She was walking towards the girl’s locker room with her friends, a cute smile on her face. As Elena ran a hand through her hair, her head lifted and her blue eyes met mine. I smirked at her as she smiled and looked away. Melody nudged Elena, and then her own hazel eyes landed at me. I grin at her and Melody laughs, whispering something in Elena’s ear which made her blush a beet red color.


            Walking into the boy’s locker room, Louis and I meet up with Liam, Niall, and Zayn and we all change. I put on a white tank top that exposes all of my tattoos on my arms and black knee-length shorts. Once tying the laces on my shoes, I walked out of the locker room without waiting for the rest of the boys. My eyes once again traveled to the other side of the gym, where I saw Elena. Her hair was tied into a high pony tail, and she was dressed in a fitted baby blue tank top and light grey short shorts. She and her friends were on the gym floor, stretching, as I sauntered over.


            I walked up to them and stood behind Elena, making sure she didn’t see me. She and her friends were all sitting down, and her friend, Becca, looked up at me and smirked. “Hey, Elena. I think you have a visitor.”           


            “Visitor?” Elena’s confused voice asks. She turned around and looked up, her body jumping as she looked up at me. “Jesus, Harry! You scared me.”


            “Then my plan was a success,” I smirk. Elena rolls her eyes as I offer her my hand. She looks at me and then at my hand, before her dainty one meets my large one and I pull her up so she’s standing right in front of me. “Do you have work today?” I ask her.


            “No, I don’t think so,” she shakes her head, making her pony tail swing back and forth. “Why?”


            “You’re coming to my house after school,” I say. It wasn’t a question, but more of an order. Elena raises an eyebrow and I smirk. “My sister’s coming back home today, and bringing some boyfriend of hers. Plus, she wants to meet you.”


            “Meet me?” Elena asks, her blue eyes widening. “But why?”


            I shrug, my hand messing with my curls. “Apparently Mum told her about you – trust me, I have no clue why. And now Gemma wants to meet you.” And then I add, “Plus, I don’t wanna be there by myself when I’m meeting Gem’s boyfriend. He could be a total arse, for all I know.”


            A smirk played on Elena’s pink lips. “So?” she laughs. “You’d probably beat him to a pulp.”


            “Probably,” I agree, smirking as well.         


            “Fine, I’ll come,” Elena says with a smile. “But you gotta give me a ride, since I came with Melody in the morning.”


            I nod. “Sure,” I tell her. “See you later, Carter,” I give her a wink, before walking off.



Elena’s POV:


            “Harry Styles fancies you,” Becca declares as soon as I turn back to the girls and Harry walks away.


            My eyes widen as I look at her as they all stand up. “What?” I ask, startled.     


            Candice giggles. “Come on, Elena. We all can see it. And you fancy him too!”


            “I do not!” I argue, the blush rising up my neck and to my cheeks.


            “Yeah, you do,” Melody rolls her eyes. “Zayn and I both agree that you two would be an adorable couple.”


            I raise an eyebrow at her. “Why were you and your boyfriend talking about Harry and I?”


            She shrugs. “Because you’re my best friend and Harry’s Zayn’s best friend. Duh.”


            “Anyway, what did he want?” Becca asks, hands on her hips.


            “He wants me to come home with him after school,” I say. “His sister and her boyfriend are coming home and apparently she wants to meet me.”


            Becca’s hands drop from her hips as her jaw drops, Candice and Melody’s eyes widening. “What are you, the girlfriend?!” Candice exclaims. “That only happens when you’re dating someone! You’ve already met his mum, and now his sister?”


            “I don’t know what’s happening!” I say with a slight laugh. “But, I mean, I can’t say no. That would seem rude of me.”


            “You fancy him, right?” Becca asks with an excited smile. “Please tell me you do.”


            I bite my bottom lip, knowing my face is probably as red as a tomato by now. “Maybe a bit,” I murmur.


            Candice and Becca gasp as Melody smiles smugly. “When you two get married, I call maid of honor,” Candice says.


            “Oi! That’s my job!” Melody shouts, laughing.


            “Guys!” I exclaim. “Can a girl like a guy without having anyone start making plans for their wedding?” I ask incredulously, my eyes widening.


            “Nope,” the three of them smirk.


            I roll my eyes. “Good to know.”




            Once gym – the last class of the day – ended, I changed back into my regular clothes as I grabbed my bag. I didn’t need to go to my locker, so I headed right to Harry’s, knowing he’d be there. I was right, when I saw him stuffing some books into his bag. Approaching him, I give him a smile as he gives me one back, his dimples in view.


            “You ready to go?” he asks, shutting his locker.


            I nod. “Yup,” I say.


            The two of us then exit the school building along with everyone else, and walk towards Harry’s black Volvo. I loved the smell of his car, as weird as that may sound. Actually, I liked the smell of him, which gave off his scent in the car; spices and peppermint. He sometimes smelt like vanilla, which always drove me over to the edge.


            Harry drove to his house as we listened to some songs on the radio. Suddenly, Thrift Shop came on, and Harry lets out a groan. “What? You don’t like this song?” I ask with a laugh.


            “It annoys me to no ends,” his gruff voice spoke. “It’s so stupid.”


            “You’re crazy,” I say. “I love this song.”


            Harry glances at me, raising an eyebrow. “I thought you only listened to jazz and pop?”


            I smile slightly, thinking about how he actually remembered. “I listen to rap once in a while. I love Eminem.”


            Harry smirks, taking a left turn into his neighborhood. “You learn something new everyday,” he muses, causing me to chuckle.


            We reached his house in a few minutes, and we got out. I left my bag in his car, only taking my phone as we walked into his house. Suddenly, Anne came into view with a bright smile on her face. “Elena! It’s so nice to see you again!” she exclaims, giving me a hug.


             I hug her back, smiling as well. “You too, Anne. How are you?”


            “I’m good, I’m good,” she says as we pull away. “Excited for Gemma to come home, though.”


            “Who’s this guy she’s bringing?” Harry asks, dropping his bag next to the couch. “Do you know his name? What he’s like?”


            Anne shakes her head as we enter the living room. “Not a clue,” she says as she sits on the couch opposite from Harry and I. “All I know is that they met in their phsycology class. They’ve been dating for quite a few months now.”


            “Let’s just hope he’s worth it,” Harry mumbles from next to me.


            I smile at him. “It’s cute how you’re protective of your older sister.”


            Harry glares at me. “I am not cute.”


            “Okay, fine, you’re not cute,” I roll my eyes. “You’re adorable,” I add with a wide grin.


            Anne laughs as Harry mumbles some incoherent words. We all talked for a few minutes, and then the doorbell suddenly rings. “Oh, they’re here!” Anne exclaims, shooting up from her seat and running towards the door.


            “Here we go,” Harry mutters as the two of us stand up as well. We make our way towards the door as Anne opens it, revealing a beautiful girl. She had black hair like Anne’s, but her’s was a bit curly, and green eyes and a dimply smile matching Harry’s.


            “Gemma!” Anne exclaims excitedly.


            “Mum!” the girl shouts, hugging Anne tightly.


            Just then, another figure came into view, making my eyes widen in shock. Harry exchanges a look with me, knowing exactly who it is, as I stare at the guy. What in the world?


            “Elena?” he asks, eyes widening as he stands in the doorway.


            My jaw drops as I look at the guy by the doorframe, Gemma and Anne giving me looks of confusion. But my eyes remained glued on the guy, who seems just as shocked to see me as I am to see him. My mouth opens, and only one thing comes out of my mouth.


            “Tyler?” I ask, staring at my brother.