Chapter 9

Elena’s POV:


            The next morning, I woke up with a heavy weight around my waist. Looking at it, I saw that Harry’s arm was wrapped around it. A blush rose on my cheeks as I gently put his arm down and carefully got out of the blanket bed we made without disturbing him. Standing up, I looked down at him. He looked so peaceful as he slept. Harry’s brown curly hair was covering his closed eyes, his pink lips slightly parted as he took steady breaths.


            My eyes then traveled over to the window, and they widened when I looked outside. The rain had stopped, and only a very slight breeze was blowing by. Everything was wet and the grass out was mushy. Some sunlight was making it’s way through the grey clouds as they moved. Running a hand through my hair, I walk over to the kitchen.


            “Morning, Luce,” I say as I see her back in the kitchen.


            She turns and smiles at me. “Morning, sweetie,” she says. “You and Harry looked really adorable,” she adds with a knowing smile.


            I blushed slightly, biting my bottom lip. “Don’t even go there, Lucy,” I chuckle nervously.


            Lucy looks at me, raising a brown eyebrow. “So you don’t fancy that boy?” she questions. “Not even a little bit?”


            “Lucy!” I exclaim, shushing her.


            “Ah, so you do fancy him,” she grins widely. “He’s a cute, nice young man.”


            “Not according to Dad,” I mumble.


            Lucy gives me a small smile. “Don’t let your father stop you from going after what you want. And I’m not just talking about boys.”


            Before I could question her, the door swung open and in walked a wide awake Harry already dressed. “Morning,” he says with a small smile, his voice deep and husky. “I’m gonna head out now.”


            “Don’t you want some breakfast, dear?” Lucy asks him.


            Harry shakes his head. “No thank you,” he says politely. “I need to go and see if my mum and sister are okay.” Lucy and I nod and I follow him out towards the door. Once he has his stuff, he walks out the door but turns around to look at me. “Thanks for letting me stay, Carter,” he smirks.


            I raise an eyebrow. “Whatever happened to ‘Little Miss Perfect’?” I chuckle.


            His smirk widens. “Would you rather have me call you that?” he asks, hoisting his school bag properly on his shoulder.


            “I don’t care anymore,” I chuckle. “Call me either.”


            Harry gives me a wink. “See you at school, Carter,” he smirks, before walking down the driveway and into his car.


            I watch as he drives away, and I close the door behind me. Entering the living room, I smile when I see that Harry had made the bed. Well, by ‘made’ I mean he had folded the blankets neatly. Smiling, I picked up the blankets and walked up the stairs, putting them in the closet where they belong.


            Suddenly, when I walked into my room, everything lit up. I grinned as I found out that the electricity was back, and walked over to shut the lamps off. My phone buzzed, and I smiled when I saw that it was Melody.


From: Mel<3


Wanna walk around? I’m tired of staying locked up at the house!!!!


To: Mel<3


Sure! Meet me in front of Tesco’s? I need gum :P


From: Mel<3


Haha okay! See you! X


            Putting my phone down, I changed out of my pajamas. I wore a black tank top with a blue denim jacket on top with the sleeves rolled to my elbows, white pants, and black studded military boots. My hair was wavy, so I clipped it back. After applying some eyeliner and light lip gloss, I grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs. 


(Outfit: )


            “I’m going out, Lucy,” I call out.


            “Stay safe!” she calls back.


            Walking out of my house, I walk down the streets of my neighborhood and soon enough, I enter town. Approaching Tesco’s, I see Melody waiting in front of the entrance. She was dressed in a denim mini skirt with black tights, a red shirt and a familiar looking Varsity Jacket on top. My eyes narrow as I walk up to her.


            “That’s Zayn’s jacket, isn’t it?” I gasp. I’ve seen the guy wearing it around school a bunch of times.


            A blush appears on Melody’s cheeks. “Maybe,” she mumbles, tightening the jacket around her.


            I laugh as we enter the market. We make our way to where the gum is, and I bought a pack of orange falvored gum; my favorite. Once I had my gum, we walked out and I popped a piece in my mouth. I offered some to Melody, but she declined.


            “So how was the storm with Harry?” Melody asks, nudging my ribs with her elbow.


            I laugh. “It was normal,” I shrug. “We just talked, basically. Got to know each other a little better.”


            Melody smiles. “What’d you learn about him?”


            “Just the reason as to why he doesn’t date,” I simply say. Glancing at Melody, I see her raising her eyebrow, telling me to continue. Letting out a sigh, I say, “He basically wants to wait for the right girl, yanno? He doesn’t wanna date just for the sake of having a girlfriend. He wants a girlfriend and know that she’s gonna be with him for a long time.”


            She nods, understanding. Melody then looks at me, smirking. “You wish you were that girl, don’t you?”


            I blush slightly before shoving her. “No,” I say.


            “You know you wanna,” she says in a teasing tone.


            “Melody, don’t you have to go make out with Zayn or something?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.


            Melody lets out a dramatic gasp, eyes widening. “You want me to leave?” she asks in mock horror.


            I roll my eyes, blowing a bubble with my gum. “Of course not,” I say, popping my gum.


            Melody and I continued walking around town, passing the school and going to the local park. There were little kids playing and there were guys from our grade also playing football. My eyes then traveled over to the older kids, and they widened when I saw James with his friends. Melody and I immediately turned the other way, but it was too late. They had already seen us.


            “Ah, lookie here,” James smirks as he and his friends walk over. “It’s Zayn and Harry’s girls.”


            Melody glares at him as I raise an eyebrow. “I’m not Harry’s girl.”


            “So he wouldn’t mind if I did... This?” James smirks. He then suddenly grabs both of my wrists tightly, making me wince.


            “Hey! Let her go!” Melody shouts, but before she could do anything, another guy grabbed her.


            “What the hell do you think you’re doing, James?” I snap, looking up at his face.


            “So why’d you always reject me, huh?” he sneers, bringing my wrists up and my face closer to his. “Was I never good enough for you?”


            “Let me go,” I whimpered. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Melody struggling from the guy’s grip, but to no avail.


            James narrowed his eyes at me. “I’ve always liked you, Elena. But you never felt the same way. Why? Am I not good looking enough? Not rich enough? Or is it because of that Harry character?”


            My eyes widened. “He has nothing to do with this!” I cried. “But please, just let me go! Let Melody go.”


            “What the fuck is happening here?!” the all too familiar deep voice called out.


            All of our heads snapped and I saw Harry jogging up to us with his friends in tow. “Zayn,” Melody whispers.


            Zayn’s brown eyes dart from me to the guy holding Melody to his girlfriend. His glare hardened at the guy, snarling, “Let her go.”


            “What if I don’t?” the guy challenged. Bad idea.


            “Wrong answer,” Zayn sneers, before launching forward and punching the guy in the face.


            He staggered back as Melody ran towards Zayn. He gave her a tight hug before pushing her behind him towards Liam. Harry’s green eyes travel over to James, who still had my wrists in his grasp. I watched as Harry’s eyes suddenly darkened, turning into a dark, black color. His jaw clenches as his hands form into fists. Harry’s chocolate curls blew around slightly because of the wind, but he still looked deadly.


            “I suggest you let Elena go, James,” Harry says slowly, his voice deeper than usual.


            James smirks at Harry. “What’re you gonna do, Styles?” he taunts. “Don’t wanna end up like your daddy, do ya?”


            Something flashed in Harry’s eyes as the rest of the lads shared knowing looks. But ‘end up like your daddy’? What the hell did that even mean? Without a warning, Harry ran forward and attacked James, pinning him on the grass with his right hand around his neck and straddelling him down. I was pushed back as Louis wrapped his arm around me, and I stared at Harry as he glared down at James.


            Melody and I exchanged wide eyed looks as I looked back at Harry in time to see him tighten his grip around James’s throat and lean down so his face was inches away from James’s. “You wanna say that again?” Harry asks in a threatening tone. When James doesn’t say anything, Harry stood up. “That’s what I thought. Stay away from Elena, got it? Or else it won’t be a pretty ending for you.”


            Leaving him on the ground, Harry walks over to me. Louis moves away as Harry puts his arms on either of my shoulders. “Are you okay?” he asks me.


            I nod, looking into his green eyes. “Y-Yeah. I’m f-fine.”


            Though I was still wondering about what James said. What did he mean when he said that to Harry? How he didn’t want to end up like his father? My curiosity soon grew when the next few words fell out of James’s mouth.


            “As far as I can see,” he says, stumbling to his feet with the help of his two friends, one of them being the guy Zayn punched. “You’re on the right path of becoming Des Junior.”


            Harry’s gaze hardened as he swiveled around to look at James. He strode towards him as Liam tried to stop him. “Harry, mate,” he tried, but Harry didn’t listen.


            My eyes widened as I realize what Harry was about to do. He was going to pound James in the face, and probably his friends too. I looked around as I saw all of the little kids playing around, some even looking in this direction. They would witness Harry beating the crap out of James and his friends, and they don’t need to see anything like that.


            Without thinking, I stepped forward and grabbed Harry’s upper left arm. “There are little kids around here, Harry,” I say quietly. “You can’t just beat them up in front of the kids.”


            Harry freezes as he turns slightly and looks down at me. His green eyes then travel around the park as he looks at the kids, a sigh escaping his lips. With my hand still around his arm, his head turns back to glare at James.


            “You’re lucky we’re around children,” he hisses at James. “But that doesn’t stop me from doing this.” Without warning, my grip on Harry’s arm was gone and he walked forward. Within a second, he brought his knee up right to James’s private part, making him hunch over in pain. James’s friends just bent down to help him while Harry turned around to face us. “Let’s go.”


            I looked at Melody as Harry walked away. Zayn put his arm around Melody’s shoulder as Louis did the same to me, but in a friendly, comforting way. “Come on,” he whispers.


            We walk as we follow Harry, to where, I don’t know. Suddenly, Niall piped up, “Let’s go to Pinkberry!” Whether he said that because he’s hungry or to just lighten up the mood, I don’t know, but I’m glad he did.


            Everyone mumbled their agreements, and we all walked over. Harry remained quiet the entire way, and I just walked along with the boys and Melody as Harry walked up in front of us. We entered Pinkberry and grabbed cups and spoons and went over to the machines to get our frozen yogurt. I got myself chocolate and strawberry flavor with blueberries, which tastes much better than it sounds. Once we pay for our yogurt, we grab a big round table enough for all of us and sit down, with me in between Louis and Zayn.


            My eyes wandered over to Harry, who was sitting directly across from me in between Niall and Liam. He was using his green plastic spoon to mix around his yogurt, mindlessly staring at it. My own purple spoon dug into my chocolate flavored yogurt as I brought it up to my mouth, the taste melting into my tongue.


            “So how’d you deal with the storm?” Melody’s the first one to break the silence.


            “It was okay,” Louis shrugs from next to me. “Though, I was stuck wtith my four younger sisters.”


            I raise my eyebrows. “You have four younger sisters?”


            He nods, chuckling. “Don’t get me wrong, I love them. But being stuck in the house for a couple of days with them drives me crazy.”


            I nod and turn to Melody. “Do we have work tomorrow?” I ask her.


            She shrugs, eating her yogurt. “I think so. I’ll call in later and ask.”




            “Don’t wanna end up like your daddy, don’t ya?”


            James’s words to Harry kept running through my head. I don’t know why, because it has nothing to do with me. But the look on Harry’s face when James said that showed that it greatly effected him. Was Harry in some sort of bad relationship with his father? Come to think of it, he never really talks about his dad. Whenever anyone asks about him, Harry always says that he doesn’t like to talk about it. Which makes me even more curious.


            Though, I don’t know why I care so much. Harry’s a friend – barely that. So why am I so keen on finding out what happened? It’s none of my business, yet I want to know what happened. But why? Why do I want to know? One answer went through my mind as I registered that question.


            It’s because I care.


            Yeah, I guess I care about Harry. We may not be that good of friends, but we got along really well when Harry was stuck here with me. We talked and got to know each other better, which was progress, right? And something about Harry is just really... Interesting.           


            He’s such a mysterious person. Something about the boy intrigues me. His chocolate curls, jade green eyes, his soft looking, pink lips, broad shoulders, and toned chest. Even his tattoos were attractive. I have noticed that I never act like myself around Harry. I never feel like myself, either. With Harry, I always feel like my heart is beating much faster than normal. And when his green eyes look into my blue ones, I feel weak in my knees and I have to keep myself from falling.  I feel nervous around him, to be honest. A thought hit me as I registered what I’m saying. I like Harry. And not just ‘like’ Harry.


            I really, really like Harry.