Chapter 7

Elena’s POV:


            “Wait, you’re going for a week?” I ask incredulously.


            Mum and Dad nod as they load their suitcases in the back of the car. “My aunt has to get surgery done for her hip,” Mum explains. “I need to be there for her, Elena, so it’ll be only you and Lucy in the house.”


            “Make sure you study,” is all Dad says before getting into the driver’s seat of the car.


            I roll my eyes, making sure they don’t see me. “See you in a week,” Mum says, before getting to the car and driving away.


            They left, just like that. Not even a proper goodbye or even an ‘I love you.’ They just got in a car and drove away. On the bright side, I won’t be having to see them for a week. Sighing, I walked back into my house, closing the door behind me. As I plopped down on my couch, my phone vibrated, telling me I have a text. I smiled slightly when I saw it was from Melody.


From: Mel<3


Party tonight at Zayn’s house! I’m picking you up at 7. Xx


            I grin, replying.


To: Mel<3


Perfect! I need something to get my mind off of things.


From: Mel<3


Everything okay?


To: Mel<3


The usual. Tell you later.


            I looked at the clock, and saw that it was quarter to six. Jumping off the couch, I ran up the stairs and into my room. I took a quick shower and then blow dried my hair. I the changed into a white full sleeved crop top with black hearts that revealed my waist and stomach along with short denim shorts and navy blue platform ankle boots. I curled the bottom of my hair and then moved on to my make up. I applied some mascara and black eyeliner, along with white and black eyeshadow. I also had on golden nail polish and put on pink lip gloss.


(Outfit: )


            Once I was ready, I saw that it was almost seven. I grabbed my phone and house keys, putting them into my pocket as I walked down the stairs. “I’m going out, Lucy!” I called out.


            “Alright!” I heard her call back, and I exit my house.


            As if on cue, Melody’s car pulls up and I jump in. The two of us then drive to where Zayn’s house was, and I ask her, “So what’s with you and Zayn?”


            “What do you mean?” she asks, trying to play dumb.


            I roll my eyes. “You know what I mean. Are you two together or what?”


            Melody profusedly blushes. “Um... Uh.. Yeah...” she mumbles.


            “WHAT?!” I shriek, turning in my seat to face her. “I’m your best friend, Mel! Why didn’t you tell me?”


            “I was gonna tell you tonight, I swear!” Melody exclaims, taking a left turn.


            “Oh my God,” I say. “My best friend has a boyfriend!” I sang.


            “Elena, stop,” Melody laughs.


            “And your boyfriend is one of the school’s badass guys,” I add with a gasp. “Damn, girl.”


            She just rolls her eyes as we pull into a neighborhood. More than two dozen cars were parked up and down the street, and I could already hear loud music from half way down the block. Once Melody found a good spot to park her car, we got out and walked up to a big house which was Zayn’s. Kanye West burst through the neighborhood as teenagers danced inside and outside of the house, already drunk.


            Melody and I entered the house, and immediately I saw the thick crowd of drunk teens. When I drink, I keep it down low and try not to get too crazy. My parents have no clue that I drink at all, and if they find out, then I’m dead meat. Suddenly, a semi-drunk Zayn walks up to us, a red Solo cup in hand full of beer.


            “You’re here!” he gives off a lop-sided grin, hugging Melody. “Glad you could make it too, Elena.”


            “Nice party,” I laughed. “Oh, and you better take care of my best friend. Break her heart and I’ll break your crowned jewels.”


            Zayn laughed over the loud music. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he winks.


            “I’m gonna get a drink,” I say as I push my way through the crowd.


            Making my way through the crowd, I finally get to the table where the drinks are. I pour myself some beer in a cup and take a sip of the bitter liquid as it goes down my throat. “Well if it isn’t Elena Carter,” a male’s voice says.


            My heart drops as I turn around to see James Kingsman. You could say he was the jock of the school – and a really annoying one, at that. He’s asked me out countless of times, and every time he asks I say no. It’s not that he isn’t good looking, because he is. But I just don’t fancy him. He’s really persistant and all he likes to talk about is himself or his car. He’s the living proof of a conceited and arrogant prick. He won’t ever leave me alone, and it’s annoying as hell.


            “James,” I say, not too excitedly. “Fancy seeing you here.”


            “I could say the same thing to you,” he grins. “You’re not much of a partier.”


            I laugh at that, sipping my beer. “Trust me, I am. Just not at the parties you go to.”


            James chuckles and I feel his eyes rake over my body, stopping at my flat stomach and then going down my long legs. I just had to wear shorts tonight, didn’t I? His light brown eyes finally meet my blue ones once again, and he asks, “You wanna dance?”


            I shake my head. “Uh, no thanks,” I say, trying to sound polite.


            “Aw, come on,” he insisted, taking a step closer as his arm snakes around my exposed waist, making me feel cringe and feel disgusted. “One dance won’t harm anyone,” he adds, his voice dropping to a whisper as his lips travel to my ear.


            I purse my lips, trying to push him away with my free hand but he wouldn’t budge. “James, let me go,” I say, putting my drink down.


            “Not until you dance with me, sweetheart,” James says, his grip on my waist tightening.


            I wince at his touch, trying to push him back. “James, seriously, let go.”


            “I don’t think so,” he says, his light eyes now turning dark as he looks at me.


            My eyes widen as he glares down at me and before James could do anything, he was being pulled away forcefully, his arm losing it’s grip on me. My breath hitches as I see Harry grabbing James by the collar, bringing him up so he could look at James in the eye. It’s safe to say Harry’s probably one of the tallest guys in school.


            “I think she told you to let her go,” Harry snarls at James, before letting him go agressively. James’s jaw clenches as he sends me a glare, before disappearing into the crowd. As he walks away, Harry steps towards me until he’s right in front and is towering over me. “You okay?” he asks, green eyes looking down at me.


            I bite my bottom lip, nodding. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you,” I give him a small smile.


            Harry smiles at me – not smirks, but smiles. “No problem,” he says. “James is a douche.”


            I laugh, agreeing. “You’ve got that right.”


            I take a glance at Harry, and see what he’s dressed in. He was wearing his usual black T-shirt with black jeans and white Converse, and I could see his paper airplane necklace that hung from his neck. His curls sat perfectly on top of his head, and he looked really good. I could see a bunch of his tattoos that peeked from under his short sleeve, and a tattoo on his wrist and two tattoos on his inner elbows on either arm. From the ones that I could see, I liked the tattoo he had on his wrist, which read ‘I Can’t Change.’


            My eyes zoom in on a smaller tattoo on his arm, and I cock my head to the side as I look at it. “What does that tattoo mean?” I ask, pointing to the ‘A’ on his arm.


            Harry’s eyes trailed after to where I was pointing until he looked at the tattoo. A small smile played on his pink lips as he looked at. “A as in Anne. You know, my mum’s name.”


            I had to try and push the urge down for saying ‘aw.’


            I smile up at him. “That’s a really sweet one,” I say softly.


            “I also have one for my sister,” he says. I watch as he pushes up the left sleeve of his tee to reveal several other tattoos. “That says her name in Hebrew,” he says, pointing to it. “Gemma.”


            I smile as I see it. This just disproves what my parents think about tattoos. They think they’re meaningless and pointless, but no. These two tattoos that Harry has represent two really important people in his life, which definitely is meaningful. A smile was on my face as I looked at both of his tattoos. “That’s beautiful.”


            I see Harry smile, dimples in view, as he looks at me with an unidentified emotion lacing his green orbs. “Thank you.”




            “No, I am NOT sitting at that table,” I laugh as Melody drags me across the cafeteria.


            “Come on, why not?” She pouts.


            “I don’t wanna ditch Becca and Candice,” I tell her, holding on to my lunch tray.


            She rolls her eyes. “Becca’s absent and Candice is at a Science Club meeting,” she tells me. “So you can sit, or else you’ll be sitting by yourself. And besides, I know you wanna sit with Harry,” she adds with a wink.


            I internally cursed at her. It’s scary to admit, but I might be developing a crush on Harry. I mean, I know I’m not the only girl who fancies him, but it’s scary for. A boy like Harry has never been my type. So me liking him is kind of strange for me. And I can’t even like Harry. If my parents find out, then I would be dead meat and they would never let me see Harry again. They don’t even know at I talk and hang out with him. They’d probably have me under supervision twenty four/seven if they ever found out.


            “Ugh, fine,” I groan, letting her drag me to the table.


            “She’s sitting with us today!” Melody announces as I roll my eyes and stand in front of the table filled with five boys.


            They all look up at me, and Harry smirks. “Nice of you to join us, Little Miss Perfect,” he says.


            I roll my eyes. I was definitely used to his nickname now. To be honest, it was kind of growing on me. There was a seat empty in between Harry and Liam, so that’s where I sat as Melody took the seat in between Zayn and Louis. We all ate our lunch as we made conversation, and it gave me an opportunity to talk to Liam, Louis, and Niall. I only talk to Harry because of obvious reasons and Zayn because he’s my best friend’s boyfriend, but I never got a chance to talk to the other three. And now that I am, I can see that they’re actually really funny and cool guys.


            As I sipped my Vitamin Water, I put it down as I turned my head to talk to Melody. But when I turned back, I saw that my Vitamin Water bottle was completely empty. “Alright,” I say, loud enough for the entire table to hear me. “Who drank my drink?”


            Louis snickers as he looks at Harry, and my eyes travel to the curly haired boy sitting next to me, slouching in his chair. “It tastes really good,” Harry smirks.


            “You’re buying me a new one,” I tell him.


            “I am not,” Harry retorts.


            “Yes you are,” I narrow my eyes at him. “I’m still thirsty, go buy me one.”


            Harry stares at me for a couple of seconds before pushing back his chair and getting up to buy me my Vitamin Water. I grin triumphantly as he walks away, and the rest of the boys stare at me in wonder.


            “What?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.


            “You actually got Harry to get up and do something for so,some that wasn’t himself,” Niall says in his Irish accent.


            “So?” I ask, still not getting the big deal.


            “He wouldn’t even get up to give me the TV remote!” Liam says. “He never does what he’s asked to do. But you actually got him to get off his butt and get you something.”


            I shrug, a small smile on my lips. “I’m a magical person.” They all just chuckled as Harry came back with another Vitamin Water bottle in his hand, handing it to me as he returned to his seat. “Thanks,” I grin, taking off the cap.


            “Yeah, yeah,” he rolls his eyes, but the small smirk makes it’s way back on to his face.




            “Hey, what are you doing here?” I ask Harry as he strolls into Debbie’s Diner.


            He sits on the barstool in front of me, and the only thing seperating us was the counter in between. “I was bored and had nothing to do.”


            I raise an eyebrow. “What about the boys?” I ask, cleaning the counter top.


            “They’re doing their own thing and Zayn’s with Melody,” Harry tells me.


            I frown. “But Melody was just –” I cut myself off when I look around the diner, not spotting Melody anywhere in sight. She was just here! “She was my ride home!”


            Harry chuckles, causing me to look at him. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll drive you.”


            “Really?” I ask, raising an eyebrow as I put the dirty rag away.


            Harry nods. “Sure,” he says. “When does your shift end?”     


            I look at the clock on top of the door. “Twenty minutes,” I reply.


            “I’ll wait,” he smirks. “But while you’re at it, get me a Pepsi, will you?”


            My eyes narrow at him as he just smirks back. I let out a sigh as I walk over in the back and grab him a Pepsi. Walking back, I give it to him as he takes it with a pleased grin. Once he has the can, I hold out my hand and he looks at me, confused.


            “What?” he asks, popping open the can.


            “You gotta pay, you know,” I tell him, crossing my arms over my chest.


            Harry raises an eyebrow. “What about a discount since I’m your friend?”


            My own eyebrow goes up. “Since when am I your friend?” I ask, a small smile on my lips. Friend; that was progress.


            Harry’s green eyes look at me. “What, you don’t wanna be my friend?”


            I shrug. “I don’t know,” I say. I don’t really care if I had to be working right now; I’d much rather be talking to Harry.


            “I think,” Harry says, puttng the can down. “That you wanna be my friend. You wanna know why?”


            I furrow my eyebrows. “Why?”


            Harry’s arms rest on the counter top as he leans in, face a few inchs from mine. I could feel his hot, minty breath as he spoke. “Because you’d do anything just to be near me,” he smirks cockily.


            My jaw drops as those words come out of his mouth. “That is not true!” I laugh, pulling back from him.


            Harry shrugs, smirking. “Think what you want.”


            I just roll my eyes as I go on and serve customers as Harry waits for my shift to be over. Twenty minutes later, I’m taking off my apron and grabbing my stuff. Harry and I leave the diner as we get into his Volvo, and he starts it up as we drive back to my house. When we reach my house, I unbuckle my seatbelt and look at him.    


            “You can come in, if you want,” I say.


            Harry looks at me, eyebrows furrowing. “Won’t your parents mind?”


            I shake my head. “They’re out of town for a week, so it’s just Lucy and I. She wouldn’t care.”


            Harry thinks for a moment, before shrugging and killing the engine. “Sure,” he says.


            The two of us get out of the car and walk up to my front door, as I unlock the door and walk in. “You can go in the living room. I just need to change,” I say, looking down at my Debbie’s Diner uniform.


            Harry nods as he walks into the living room and I quickly go up the stairs. Once I’m in my room, I change out of my uniform and put on a simple purple V-neck and jeans. The only thing I have on my feet are my socks, and my hair fell glossily over my back. When I’m changed, I go back down the stairs and into the living room where I find Harry staring at the certificates that were framed and hung up on the walls of the living room next to the TV. There my dad’s certificates and mum’s certificates, and a couple of mine too. I had won first place in the Science Fair three years in a row, and my parents felt the need to hang them up.


            Harry noticed me walk in and turns to give me a small smile. “Are you hungry?” I ask him. “Because I’m starved.”


            He shrugs. “I’m a bit hungry.”


            I smile and sing out, “Oh, Luuuccccyyyyyyy!”


            Harry just chuckles as Lucy walks in from the kitchen, laughing. “What can I do for you, doll?” she asks.


            I look at Harry. “Mac & Cheese sound good to you?” I ask him, he smirks and nods, and I look back at Lucy. “Can you please make us some mac & cheese?”


            Lucy chuckles and nods. “Sure thing,” she says, before walking back into the kitchen.


            “Love you, Luce!” I call, and I can hear her laughter.


            I chuckle as Harry and I sit on the couches, and he looks at me. “So where did your parents go?” he asks.


            “My mum’s aunt had to get surgery done, so they went to visit her,” I shrugged.


            “Why didn’t you go with them?” Harry asks, confused.


            I let out a sad sigh. “They’d rather have me be in school than go with them.”


            Harry frowns. “That’s stupid,” he says.


            I chuckle dryly. “Tell me about it.”


            A few minutes later, Lucy comes out with two bowls of hot and freshly made Mac & Cheese, and we thank her as she leaves us in the living room with our food. As Harry takes a bite of his, he lets out a moan. “This is so good.”


            I laugh, nodding. “Lucy’s the best of the best. She can cook probably anything.”


            Harry looks at me, swallowing his food. “I need to come here more often.”


            For some reason, that makes my heart skip a beat. I just chuckle as I eat my own food, loving the cheesy taste. I crossed my legs on the couch and reached for the remote, turning the TV on. As we ate, we watched Iron Man since it was playing on the TV. While we were eating and watching, thunder suddenly roared outside and lightening flashed afterwards. I looked out the window and within seconds, rain was falling from the sky. Harry and I dismissed it and continued watching the movie until it was interrupted as the words ‘Breaking News’ flashed across the screen.


            “We interrupt this program with an important announcement,” the lady says. “High storms are occuring throughout England, especially in the north-west area. The storm consists of heavy winds and lots of rain, so we suggest you stay inside your homes and don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary.” She looks down at her papers before looking back at the camera. “It is said that the storm is to occur for a couple of days, so all flights in and out of England have been canceled. We hope you stay safe, good night.”


            I switched the TV off, her words replaying in my head. We suggest you stay inside your homes and don’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary. We can’t go out because of the storm which means...


            Harry’s stuck here with me.