Chapter 6

Elena’s POV:


            “But Elena, it’s the school’s monthly block party!” Melody whines. “You have to come.”


            I sighed. “I don’t know, Mel,” I say. “I don’t think my parents will let me go.”


            “Your parents always let you come, though,” Candice frowns. “Why won’t they let you come this time?”


            I bite my bottom lip. “My dad’s been on my case lately. I think just asking him if I could go is gonna make him blow.”


            “Then sneak out,” Becca simply says, picking her nails. “What your parents don’t know won’t hurt them.”


            Sneak out? I don’t know if I would be able to. The idea of sneaking out kind of scares me. Not that, but the thought of my parents catching me is what scares me. I would be in so much big trouble if they found out; they’d never let me go out again. But what’s a life without any risks?


            “Fine, I’ll sneak out,” I say after a while, causing my friends to grin widely. “But one of you have to park outside of my house and pick me up. If I use my car, the car engine will wake Mum and Dad up.”


            “I’ll pick you up, no worries,” Melody smiles.


            We were all here at Debbie’s Diner, and Melody and I were currently on duty. Becca and Candice were sitting on the bar stools as we talked and made plans for tonight. As we talked, Candice asks, “So how was Harry’s house?”


            All eyes are on me as I just laughed. “It was good,” I shrug. “I met his mum. She’s a really sweet woman.”


            “What’s his house like?” Becca asks.


            I give her a funny look. “Like any other house?” I say, confused. “It was a cozy little home. Why’s that so necessary to know?”


            “Because this is Harry Styles we’re talking about. No one has ever been to his house except for the other four. You’re the only girl who’s ever gone to his house,” Melody says matter-of-factly.


            I roll my eyes, dismissing what they’re saying. For some reason, I couldn’t get the image of the way Harry acted around his mum out of my head. He was so sweet and caring with her, totally opposite of the way he acts in school and around everyone else. With everyone else, he acts like a tough guy, getting into fights wherever he can. But at home, I think it’s safe to say that he’s a total mummy’s boy.


            But I’m not telling anyone that.


            After I’m done with work, I say bye to my friends and head home, after making sure that Melody would pick me up in time for the block party tonight. Once I got home, I saw that both of my parents were at home today, which made me a bit nervous. Walking in, I saw that both of them were in the living room, watching the news. They see me and give me small waves.


            “Come here, Elena. Watch the news with us,” Mum says.


            Um, no thanks.


            I shake my head, giving her a smile. “It’s okay. I just wanna get some dinner and head on up to bed. I’m exhausted,” I say, faking a yawn.


            “But it’s only seven-thirty in the evening,” Mum frowns in confusion.


            “Yeah, well, it was a rough day at school and work,” I tell them, offering a fake smile.


            Dad scoffs. “I told you not to get a job,” he says. “It only distracts you from school and is exhausts you.” He shakes his head. “But go, get dinner and go to bed.”


            “Night,” I tell them, before going into the kitchen. Lucy was nowhere to be seen, thankfully. So I took the other exit from the kitchen and quietly ran up the stairs.


The block party starts at eight, which is when Mum and Dad go to bed since they have to wake up early for work. Locking my bedroom door, I walked over to my closet to see what I could wear. I finally decided on wearing a dark pink tie front tank that exposed some of my waist and stomach along with white rolled cuff capris. I quickly curled my hair into loose ringlets and applied mascara, black eyeliner on the top and blue on the bottom, along with bronze eyeshadow and pink lipgloss. Once I finished doing that, I grabbed a pair of platform tie sandals, but didn’t put them on just yet.


(outfit: )


            I could suddenly hear my parents footsteps as they traveled up the stairs, the soft voices of their chatter as they went. I froze on my spot as I heard them travel up until they were on the top floor, and I let out a breath. Walking over to my bed, I took my gazillion pillows and stuffed them under my duvet to make it look like I was sleeping underneath there. My parents never come to check on me, but better safe than sorry. I grabbed my black iPhone and keys and checked the time. Seven fifty-eight. Grabbing my shoes in my hands, I softly opened my bedroom door and stepped out.


            Quietly, I closed the bedroom door shut and with my shoes in hand, I tip toed down the stairs. The house was dark and quiet, making it look a lot more creepy. Unlocking the front door, I walk out of my house and shut the door quietly behind me. Letting out a breath, I slip on my shoes before walking down my driveway. I see Melody’s car parked a few feet away, and I quickly make my way over to her.


            “Hey,” I say, opening the passenger door as I get in, closing it and putting on my seat belt.


            “Yay! You did it!” she squealed in excitement.


            I laugh. “Duh. I didn’t wanna miss the block party.”     


            Melody grins as she starts the car up once again and drives down to the school. The block party for the school is always held in the parking lot, since it’s right in front of the school and is big enough. They set up lights and tables for food and snacks, plus a huge stereo system for music. A bunch of teachers chaperone it, making sure no one brough alcohol or anything like that.


            The two of us get out of the car and approach the party, and I see that already more than half of the senior class is here, including some juniors and sophmores. Freshmen never come, because they know if they do, nothing good will result for them. This party is for the ‘big kids’, you could say.


            I spotted Becca and Candice talking over by the drink table, and I motion for Melody to follow me. We walk past people, saying hi to anyone we knew, as we approached our two friends. When they saw me, they grinned.


            “You made it!” Becca exclaims, giving me a one armed hug.


            I chuckle. “Of course I did.”


            “You know who else made it?” Candice asks. We raise our eyebrows, telling her to go on. “See for yourself,” she says, nodding to a direction up front.


            The rest of us turn our heads, and we immediately spot those five recognizable boys. They all look really good, I have to admit. Zayn was dressed in a white T-shirt with a black leather jacket on top along with black pants and shoes. Louis was wearing a dark grey beanie along with a dark green T-shirt, blue jeans, and Converse. Niall was wearing a dark blue Snapback with a light blue T-shirt, jeans, and Supras. Liam was wearing a dark red and blue button down shirt with dark pants and Supras as well. And Harry was clad in jeans that hung low at his hips like usual, white Converse, and a dark grey Ramones T-shirt that fit him perfectly.


            “Elena, stop drooling,” Melody’s teasing voice snaps me out of my trance.


            I shake my head, staring at her wide eyed. “I was not drooling!” I say defensively.


            Becca laughs. “Don’t worry, El,” she says. “We all know you want a piece of Styles. He’s sexy – we don’t blame you.”


            My eyes widen even more, if that was possible. “Oh my God,” I mutter, walking around my friends as I grab myself a can of Pepsi. “You guys are relentless,” I say, opening the can.


            “I never thought you would go for the bad boy type, Elena,” Candice muses, sipping from her own can of Sprite. “That’s always been Melody.”


            I face-palm myself with my free hand. “I’m not interested in Harry! Or bad boys, for that matter.”


            “Whatever you say,” Melody sings, making me glare at her.


            The four of us stand and talk for a while, until our conversation got interrupted. The girls stared behind me, wide eyed and shock written all over their faces as they stared, and I got a pretty good idea on who it was. Turning around, my suspicions were correct when I saw Harry and the rest of the boys.


            “Hey there, Little Miss Perfect,” he smirks, one dimple in view as he looks down at me.


            I roll my eyes. “You’re never gonna stop calling me that, are you?” I ask, looking up at him.


            “Nope,” he grins. “You should feel special. I rarely ever give people nicknames.”


            “Oh, I’m so honored,” I say, sarcasm dripping from my voice as I grip my can.


            “Easy with the sarcasm,” Harry chuckles. “It’s not good for you.”


            I roll my eyes. “Like you know what’s good for me, Styles,” I say, sipping my soda.


            From the corner of my eye, I could see Zayn and Melody flirting it up. It’s about time that girl made a move. Becca and Candice were also too busy talking to Louis, Niall, and Liam to notice me and Harry talking. Harry looks around at the people talking around and then looks back at me. “Let’s go for a walk, hm?”


            I give him a wary look, before shrugging and nodding. Still holding my soda can, Harry and I left our friends as we walked around the parking lot. Harry shoved his hands in his jeans pocket as my left hand shoved itself in the back pocket of my pants and my other hand held on to my can. A slight wind blew around us, waving my hair around quite a bit. Music thumped from the speakers as people’s voices could be heard over from it, drowning it out only the tiniest of bit.


            “So do you just live with your mum and sister?” I suddenly ask, trying to spark up a conversation.


            “Yeah,” Harry answers, his voice raspy. “It’s just us.”


            “What happened to your dad?” I question.


            Harry shakes his head. “We don’t like to talk about him.”


            That only makes me more curious as to why there were no pictures of his father in his house, but I don’t push it further. “Your mum’s nice,” I muse. “She’s really sweet.”


            “Yeah, but aren’t all mums?” he shrugs indifferently.


            I shake my head, licking my lips. “No,” I say. “I know for a fact my mum isn’t.”


            Harry looks at me, shock clear in his features. “Really?” he asks.


            I nod, sipping my soda. “My mum’s a workaholic. She’s always working and if she’s ever home, all she asks about is school. That’s all my parents care about, actually. Just to focus on school.”


            “Doesn’t that get annoying?” Harry asks, quirking an eyebrow as he leans against the hood of a car. I see that it’s actually his black Volvo and shrug.


            “It does,” I say, shifting my weight from one leg to another. “But I guess I’m just gonna have to deal with it.”


            I kind of may have made the wrong choice on wearing these sandals, because they were making my feet hurt from walking. Harry must have noticed that and chuckled. “You can sit on the hood, if you want,” he says.


            “What?” I ask, confused.


            “Your feet, they hurt, don’t they?” he asks and I nod. “Then sit on the hood. I don’t mind.”


            I shake my head. “There’s really no need – Hey!”


            I couldn’t even finish my original sentence because both of Harry’s large hands gripped my hips as he easily lifted me off the ground and placed me on the hood of his car, my legs dangling off the edge. I give him a playful glare as he simply smirks back at me.


            “Now that wasn’t so hard, right?” he smirks, right dimple in view.


            I just chuckle lightly, shaking my head. I sit on the hood of Harry’s Volvo as Harry leans back on it next to me, elbows propped up behind him as he looks at the group of students, an intense look on his face. The around us slightly blows, making a whisteling sound. Rihanna plays through the stereos as people either dance to the music or talk through it. Harry and I just stay there in silence, until he suddenly breaks it.


            “So your dad hates me, huh?” he asks.


            I run a hand through my hair. “Look, I’m sorry about my dad’s behavior. I know it’s rude and uncalled for but that’s just the way he is.”


            “Don’t worry about it,” Harry chuckles. “You think I give a damn about what your dad thinks about me? His opinion doesn’t matter.”


            I bite my bottom lip, nodding. “Still. I’m sorry on his behalf.”


            “Don’t sweat it, Elena,” he says. I honestly think that’s the first time he’s called me by my name. And to be truthful, I love the way my name rolls off of his tongue.


            Oh God, what am I saying?!


            I need to get these thoughts about Harry out of my head - they’re worrying me now. Harry and I stayed where we were for a while, not saying anything to each other. It kind of surprised me, actually. Here I thought that he was some bad ass guy, but right now, he could easily be passed off as a friend of mine, a person I’d talk to on a regular basis. Hopefully, this was a part of who Harry Styles was.




            Michael and Jenna sat down after they finished presenting their presentation and telling the class about each other. More than half of the class had already went up, and Harry and I could be called up any minute now. Mr. Hendrick marked something off of his paper, before looking up. “Next up are Elena and Harry.”


            He put in the flash drive I had given him, and the video presentation had began. Pictures of me with my friends and family came up along with pictures of Harry and his friends and family. Students paid extra attention to Harry’s pictures, and Harry just watched with an expressionless face. When our video ended, people clapped and Mr. Hendrick nodded approvingly.


            “Who’s going to go up first?” he asks.


            I look at Harry who shrugs carelessly. I let out a sigh and grab my paper, saying, “I will.”


            I got up and stood in front of the class as everyone looked at me, waiting for me to start. Looking down at my paper, I began reading. “A lot of people know Harry Styles as Holmes Chapel’s number one bad boy,” I began reading, causing Harry to sit up in his chair. “But not a lot of people know who he really is. Harry may seem like a tough guy, but at home, he’s totally different. He loves and cares for his mum and sister, his bad boy act totally dissolving.”


            People smile as I read, and Harry watches with a small smirk on his face. “I’ve learned quite a few things about Harry during this project. For example, how he has thirty six tattoos.” Everyone’s eyes widen as Harry lowly chuckles. “Each tattoo means something to him, and it just makes me curious as to what he’s marked on his skin. I’ve also learned how Harry doesn’t really care what other people think about him. For Harry, other people’s opinion on him don’t matter because he could care less on what they think about him. Harry’s the type of guy who looks like he doesn’t care, but in reality, he does. He wants to get a good job and get somewhere in life, to land on his feet.” I take a breath before finishing. “It takes a while for someone to figure out Harry Styles, but when you do, the answer’s pretty interesting,” I finish off with a smirk.


            Everyone claps and I go back to my seat next to Harry. He looks at me, a slight smirk on his face as he picks up his paper and stands in the spot where I was before. His green eyes dart to the paper as I lean back in my chair, arms crossed over my chest as he begins to speak in that deep voice of his.


            “Everyone knows who Elena Carter is. She’s the good girl with the grades, the looks, and the personality,” Harry begins. “To me, she’s known as Little Miss Perfect.” I let out a semi-annoyed sigh at the mention of that nickname. “She works hard to get the good grades and is liked by everyone. In the couple of weeks I’ve gotten to know her, I realized that looks could be deceiving. I saw how hard Elena really has to work to get the grades she deserves, and at the same time trying to please her parents. She doesn’t fool around like most people do in their last year of high school. Instead, she’s working herself to her full potential.”


            I bite my bottom lip so I can keep myself from smiling as I hear Harry speak. “Elena isn’t one to judge people too quickly, which I admire about her. She apologizes for other people’s mistakes as if they were her own.” My mind immediately ran back to my dad and how he so quickly judged Harry, and how I had apologized on his behalf. “She’s willing to give people a chance. Elena’s also pretty head strong. She knows what she wants in life and is willing to do everything it takes to get it. She’s a pretty interesting person, to be honest. Oh, and she thinks I’m attractive, too,” he finishes off with a wink and smirk, causing everyone in the class to chuckle and for me to slightly blush.


            I’ve come to realize that I only blush when it has to do with Harry Styles.




            “So what’s going on between you and Zayn?” I ask Melody during free period.


            Free period was one of the most relaxing periods ever. It was only for the seniors, though. We either got to sit in a class while we just hang out and chill as a teacher watches us, or we could just walk around the halls. All the Year 12 students had free period at the same time, so it some times got a bit hectic. Melody looks at me as we sit at a round table in the classroom.


            “N-Nothing’s going on,” she stutters, a blush evident on her cheeks.


            I scoff. “Oh, come on, Mel,” I say. “You two were totally flirting at the block party the other night. And I catch him staring at you during lunch.”


            It was true. Whenever we are eating lunch at the cafeteria, I would always catch Zayn staring at Melody from his table, an intense look in his eyes. Some times I just want to tell Melody that he’s staring, but other times I just stay back and watch amusingly as the two of them steal glances at each other. It’s cute, actually.


            Melody’s hazel eyes widen. “H-He does?!” she squeaks.


            I nod. “Just go and talk to him, Melody,” I say. “You never know; maybe he likes you too.”


            She rolls her eyes. “Doubt it,” she says sadly.


            I let out a huff, annoyed that my best friend was so damn stubborn. An idea pops in my head, and I stand up. “I’ll be right back,” I tell Melody, who just nods.


            Walking out of the classroom, I walk down the halls in search of the person I was lookng for. I finally found him, leaning against a row of lockers as he talked with his friends. His green eyes met my blue ones as I approached him, and he smirks at me. “Something I can help you with, Little Miss Perfect?” he asks.


            I roll my eyes. “I need to talk to you, Harry,” I say. “Alone.”


            Harry raises his eyebrows as he pushes himself off of the lockers, and the two of us stand away from the boys, making sure we were out of ear shot. “What can I do for you?” Harry asks, looking down at me.


            “Has Zayn ever said anything about Melody?” I ask quietly, making sure Harry was the only one who heard me.


            Harry’s smirk widens. “Ah, here to play match maker, huh?” he says. “But yes, he has. He goes on and on about how beautiful she is and how he wishes that she was his. It’s quite annoying, actually,” Harry says in a bored tone.


            “It’s not annoying!” I argue quietly. “But it’s good to know that Zayn actually fancies her,” I smile excitedly. “You need to help me get them together. I’m also getting tired of Melody’s whining.”


            Harry raises an eyebrow at me. “And why should I help you?” he asks, taking a step forward.


            I immediately take a step back. “You’re not helping me, you’re just helping Zayn. He’s your best mate, isn’t he?” Harry nods. “Then do it for him. You know how much he fancies Melody. It’s just you and I being good friend and giving their relationship a little push.”


            Harry lets out a sigh as he glances at Zayn, who’s busy talking to the other guys. Harry looks back at me, green eyes boring into mine. “Fine,” he says. “What do you need me to do?”


            I grin widely. “Tell Zayn to come at the local ice skating rink tongiht at seven,” I explain. “Just don’t tell him who he’s meeting. Make sure it’s just the two of you; I’ll bring Melody.”


            Harry nods. “Okay,” he says. “See you then, Elena,” he winks, before stalking off back to his friends.


            I roll my eyes before turning around and walking back into my classroom. I see Melody reading a Pretty Little Liars book and she looks up at me as I sit down next to her. “You wanna go ice skating tonight?” I ask.


            She smiles and nods. “Sounds like a plan. Just the two of us?”


            “Yup,” I easily lied, smiling. This was gonna be too easy.




Harry’s POV:


            “So why aren’t the other boys coming?” Zayn asks as we enter the ice skating rink.


            I shrug. “They had plans, I guess,” I lie as we get in line to rent some ice skates.


            I had agreed to Elena’s plan because I know how much Zayn fancies Melody, so this is just me being a good friend. Zayn and I rent our ice skates and put them on. As we do, the door opens and in come Elena and Melody. Melody’s hair was curled and she was dressed in dark blue skinny jeans, pink flats, and a light red crop top with a blue tank top underneath. My eyes trailed over to Elena, who was smiling as she talked to Melody. Her hair was perfectly straightened, and she was wearing washed ripped jeans, black high top Converse, and a light pink fitted jumper that said ‘Young & Wild’ in big black letters.


(Outfits: )


            My eyes didn’t leave Elena. She looked so... Beautiful. I shook my head, trying to get these thoughts out of my head. Why am I thinking about Elena this way? “Hey, Zayn, look who it is,” I smirk as Elena and Melody rent their own ice skates.


            Zayn’s eyes wandered over to where the two girls were, and his brown eyes widened as he looked back at me. “Did you know they were coming?” he asks, jaw dropping.


            I smirk, standing up on my skates. “Maybe,” I shrug.


            I saw Elena and Melody sit on the seats opposite from us as they put on their skates, and I watched as Elena whispered something in Melody’s ear. Melody frowned as her eyes trailed over to me and then to Zayn, widening fractionally. She whispered something harshly in Elena’s ear, causing Elena to laugh and shrug. The two of them stood up and walked over with their skates on.


            “Hey, boys,” Elena says, smiling.


            “Hey, Little Miss Perfect,” I smirk.


            Elena rolls her eyes as Zayn says, “Hey, Melody.”


            The two of them get into their own conversation, causing Elena to smirk. Zayn and Melody mindlessly walked over to the rink and started skating on the ice, and I followed Elena’s lead by getting on the ice as well, but staying away from the two.


            “It’s about time,” I hear Elena mutter as she watched Zayn and her friend skate around the ice, laughing.


            “Looks like your match making skills aren’t so bad,” I smirk at her as we skate.     


            “Please,” she laughs. “My match making skills are amazing.”


            Elena skates around the rink, doing little twirls here and there which caused me to laugh. My eyes trailed over to where Zayn and Melody were, and saw the two of them resting on a bench, talking animately. “I bet you by the end of the night, they’ve kissed,” I tell Elena as we skate.


            She chuckles, nodding. “That most likely will happen.”


Elena’s POV:


            Talking to Harry so normally felt kind of weird – but in a good way. It wasn’t like he was the  school’s bad boy anymore, it was like he was a normal guy. Harry and I skated together as we tried to keep our distance from Zayn and Melody, wanting to give them their private space. As Harry and I skated, my phone buzzed, telling me I have a text.


From: Dad


When are you coming home?


            I let out a sigh as I reply.


To: Dad


In an hour or so.


            My dad can be so annoying and persistant. He can’t let me out of the house without texting or calling me. I’m seventeen, for God’s sake. I don’t need to be checked in on every other hour. Putting my phone away, I continued making conversation with Harry as we skated.                


            Just then, Zayn and Melody skated over to us, and I looked at my friend. I took her hand and we skated away from the boys. “Well?” I ask, quirking an eyebrow.


            Melody’s face broke out into a smile. “He wants to see me again,” she says. “We got along so well, Elena! It was great.”


            “Did you two kiss?” I ask, wide eyed. A blush creeps on to Melody’s cheeks and I already know the answer. “Oh my God,” I gasp. “You did! Damn, I missed it!”


            “You were too busy with Harry,” she says in a teasing tone. “But seriously, Elena. You two looked like a couple.”


            I raised an eyebrow. “How would you know? You were too busy lip locking with Mr. Malik.”


            Melody rolled her eyes. “It was before and after kissing Zayn,” she chuckles. “When you and Harry get married, name your baby girl after me.”


            “MELODY!” I exclaim, my eyes widening. “I swear to God. You’re blowing this whole thig out of proportion.” My friend just laughs and I take out my phone. “Come on, I need pictures. My little picture hobby isn’t dying anytime soon.”


            She laughs as I reach out my phone and take a selfie of the two of us. Melody’s making a kissy face and I was making a wide grinning face as my tongue sticked out of the corner of my mouth. Once I snapped the picture, I saw the two boys skating over to us.


            “Taking pictures without us?” Harry smirks, arm around my shoulder. I look up at him, giving him a funny look.


            “You wanna be in it?” I ask, chuckling.


            “Heck yeah,” Zayn laughs.


            I grin as I go on the CamWow app on my phone and reach my hand out again. I take another selfie of the four of us, grinning widely. I then asked Zayn to take a picture of Melody and I, and he took my phone. Melody and I stood on the ice, arms around each other’s waist as our other hand was rested on our own hip, smiling at the camera. Taking my phone from Zayn, I grin.


            “Now I need a picture of the happy couple!” I exclaim.


            Zayn and Melody stand by each other, Zayn’s hand around Melody’s waist as she leans into him, the two of them smiling. I take the picture and Melody gives me an evil smirk. “Now one of you and Harry.”


            I shake my head. “No, I –”


            “Why not?” Harry smirks. “You don’t like me?”              


            I give him a look before reluctantly handing my phone to Melody, giving her a glare. I stand by Harry as he puts an arm around my shoulders and we smile at the camera. Once Melody takes the picture and gives me my phone back, I look at the four pictures we just took. I then make them into a little collage, before going on the Facebook app and posting it.


Elena Carter: Ice skating with these three :D – with Harry Styles, Melody Parker, Zayn Malik.


            I tagged the three of them in it as I posted the picture, and saw that I already got a lot of likes and a bunch of comments.


Rebecca Butler: You two went ice skating with those hotties & DIDN’T invite me? Mhm I see how it is. ;D


Candice Laurence: Look so cute, all of you! X


June Kelly: You all look like a couple, not even kidding!!


            I exited out of Facebook and looked at the other three. Melody suddenly pulls me by my hand, skating me away. “Zayn wants to take me out for coffee right now,” she says. “We’re going in my car. Can you ask Harry to give you a ride home or something?”


            I bite my bottom lip. I don’t know if Harry driving me home is a good idea, but I don’t want Melody to give up on her date with Zayn. So I nod, giving her a smile. “Yeah, sure. No problem.”


            She squeals and gives me a quick hug before we skate back over to the boys. “You ready to go?” Zayn asks her.


            Melody nods and we all skate out of the rink. We all give back our rental skates and get back into our regular shoes. Harry and I say goodbye to Zayn and Melody, and then he turns to me. “You ready to go?”


            I nod and the two of us exit the rink and walk to the parking lot. Approaching his black Volvo, Harry got into the driver’s seat and I got in the passenger’s seat. His car smelt just like him; peppermint and spices with a hint of vanilla. With our seatbelts on, Harry started up his car and drove to the direction of my house. The two of us sat in silence as Harry’s right arm was on the steering wheel and left elbow propped up on the door that had the window down.


            We got to my house soon enough, and once the car is parked, I unbuckle the seatbelt and open the door. “Thanks for the ride,” I say to the curly haired boy next to me.       


            “It’s not a problem,” Harry replies, hand still on the wheel. I get out of his car and shut the door behind me, giving him a small smile before walking up my to my door and inside my house.