Chapter 5

Elena’s POV:


            I slammed the locker shut, and my heart jumped when I saw Harry leaning against the lockers next to me. “What?” I ask, letting out an annoyed sigh.


            “What’s up, Little Miss Perfect?” he asks, that arrogant smirk back on his face.


            I roll my eyes. “Will you stop calling me that?” I ask, hiking my bag properly up my shoulder as I walk down the hall.


            I hear Harry follow me as his shoes hit the floor as he walks. “Nope,” he says, popping the ‘p.’ “So this project is due in a few days, and we still need to finish the little speech thingy.”


            “Yeah, and?” I stop walking, turning on my heel to face him.


            “My house or yours?” Harry asks, cocking his head to the side as he smirks.


            I suddenly remember what my dad was saying about Harry, and bite my bottom lip. “Um, let’s do your house,” I say.


            Harry shrugs. “Fine with me,” he says. “Do you have work today?”


            I shake my head. “No.”


            “Good. Come to my house after school,” he simply says, before turning around and walking down the opposite end of the hallway. I can do nothing but roll my eyes, before turning and walking down the hallway myself.


            The first half of school passed by quickly, and before I knew it, I was in gym, which was the second-to-last period. Gym was the only class I had with my friends and with Harry and his friends. They usually snuck out and went out in the soccer field, so the gym was free of them. So it shocked me when I walked into the gym and saw Harry and his friends already changed for gym and ready to play whatever game Coach had instored.


            I walked into the girls locker room and changed out of my clothes. Once I had on short grey shorts, white sneakers, and a blue fitted tank top, I turned to the girls. “What’re Harry and his friends doing here?” I ask, tying my hair into a high pony tail.


            “Apparently Coach got sick of them ditching, so he’s forcing them to stay in gym or else he’s gonna fail them,” Marisole, a short, red haired girl in my class, pipes up.


            I chuckle, and then Melody, Becca, and I walk out of the locker room and on to the gym. The girls’ gym teacher, Coach Evans, blows her whistle as the boys’ gym teacher, Coach Andrews, does the same on the other side of the gym. He talks to the boys about whatever they’re doing and Coach Evans talks to us.


            “Right, today we’re jumping rope,” she says. All of us girls exchange looks and Coach chuckles. “We have plenty of long jump ropes, so get in groups of four and grab a jump rope. Two people are in charge of swinging the rope while the other two jump. After every five minutes, you switch. Keep doing that for at least twenty minutes and then I’ll come back and we might do something else.”


            I roll my eyes as we stand up and Coach Evans walks away. Melody, Becca, Marisole, and I form our own group and Becca grabs a long, red and white jump rope. “Who’s jumping first?” she asks.


             “I will,” Marisole says.


            “Me too,” Melody adds.


            Becca and I take either ends of the jump rope and step a few feet apart, enough to stretch out the ropes. My eyes travel over to the boys’ side of the gym, where I see them playing soccer. They were playing inside since last night’s rain had soaked the soccer field outside.


            My eyes for some reason widened when I saw Harry wearing a white tank top and black shorts with sneakers. His curly hair was disheveled, and I could make out the intense, concentrated look on his face as he focused on the game. I suddenly felt the jump rope shake in my hands, causing my gaze to snap up to Becca.


            “Stop drooling at Styles and let’s do this,” she says in a teasing tone.


            A blush spreads across my cheeks as I slightly shake my head. Becca and I start swinging the jump rope, and Melody and Marisole start jumping to the rythm, keeping up the pace. This kept going for five minutes, until it was time for us to switch. Becca and I were great at jump rope, and I enjoyed it. Marisole and Melody took the jump rope ends as Becca and I got in the middle. The two of them counted till three before swinging the jump rope, and Becca and I started jumping.


            “Should we sing Cinderella?” Melody asks with a laugh.


            “Yes!” Becca and I exclaim together.


            Melody and Marisole start singing the song as they swung the rope and Becca and I jumped. “Cinderella, dressed in yellow went upstairs to kiss a ‘fella! Made a mistake and kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take?” they started singing, and I couldn’t help but laugh. “One... Two... Three... Four...!”


            The counting continued as Becca and I continued jumping to the rythm, laughing as we did so. We stopped at forty-six, since it was time for us to switch again. As I grabbed the rope, a soccer ball suddenly hit my hand with a strong force, making me drop the rope and let out a yelp. “Ow!” I yell, grabbing my hand.


            “You okay, Little Miss Perfect?” I hear a deep voice ask, and I look up to see Harry.


            I give him a fake smile. “Wonderful,” I say sarcastically, holding my hurt hand.


            Harry chuckles, bending down to pick up the soccer ball. “Don’t be a baby. It didn’t hit you that hard.”


            I quirk an eyebrow. “Oh really? Then why’s my hand so red?” I ask, showing him my right hand that was now turning a deep shade of red.


            Harry’s green eyes looked down at my hand and then back up into my blue eyes. Harry’s large, warm hand suddenly grabbed my smaller one, and I froze. A weird shock ran through my hand as Harry’s engulfed it and he looked down at my hand, as if he was examining it. His thumb grazed over the back of my red palm, making my breath inaudibly hitch. Harry’s head lifted up, his eyes locking with mine once again.


            “Your hand will be fine,” he says, before dropping my hand and jogging back over to his friends that were waiting for him, bag in hand.  


            I was still frozen on the spot as I watched Harry’s back jog away, and I’m suddenly surrounded by Marisole, Melody, and Becca. “Dude!” Melody gasps, her hazel eyes widening.


            “Did that just happen?” Becca asks with a chuckle of disbelief.


            “He touched you,” Marisole says. “The only time he touches anyone is to punch them or something!”


            I bite my bottom lip, a blush slowly spreading across my cheeks. My eyes wander once again to the boys playing soccer, and Harry’s gaze meets mine. He smirks, sending me a wink before kicking the soccer ball. I swallow the lump in my throat before I look back at the girls.


            “When does this class end?”




            I drive behind Harry’s black Volvo as he leads me to his house. I’m dressed in a white H&M top that has a black heart on it, magenta skinny jeans, and beige cowboy ankle boots. I had tied my hair into a braid as it fell over my right shoulder right after gym, trying to make myself look a bit decent.


(outfit: )


            I watched as Harry’s car took a left turn into a driveway, and I followed his lead by parking my car right behind his. I stepped out of the car, looking at the house in front of me. It was a medium sized, red house with a dark grey roof. They had a lawn up front, and the house looked really cozy. Harry got out of the car and walked up to the porch, and I followed him. Harry opened the front door and stepped in with me in tow.


            As I stepped into the house, I looked around. There was a living room with a flat screen TV and a couch lined up against the wall and another one opposite of the TV. Pictures of what looked like Harry with the two women he sent me a picture of before were displayed around the house, and some pictures of Harry as a baby were too. The welcome hall led to a stair case and a way to the living room. The house was so comfortable and cozy looking, much opposite of what mine is.


            My house just screams ‘we have money’, which annoys me. I’d much rather have a house like Harry’s than the one I have. My house is just too big for my parents and I. Most of the time it’s just Lucy and I at the house, since Tyler is at college and my parents are always at work. It’s lonely.


            “Follow me,” Harry mutters, walking into the living room. When we’re in the middle of it, he says, “Hold on, I’ll be right back.”


            Without saying anything else, Harry walks away, leaving me alone in the living room. I bite my bottom lip, my bag still on my shoulder as I look around the room. My eyes trailed over to the pictures on top of the small fireplace, bringing a smile on to my face. There were a bunch of baby picures of Harry, smiling adorably, his dimples deep. There were so many pictures of Harry that totally didn’t seem like the guy he is today. He seems so innocent and pure in these pictures. And now, he just looks like a fighter, a total bad boy.


            “Oh, hello there,” a female’s voice says.


            I turn around, and I see a woman who has dark brown, almost black hair with dark green eyes, almost matching Harry’s. I give her a small smile. “Hi, I’m Elena.”


            “I’m Anne,” she smiles back, dimples in view. “Not to be rude or anything, but what are you doing here?”


            “Oh, Harry and I have a project to work on,” I inform her.


            Anne’s eyebrows rise as she nods, understanding. “Ah, alright! I’ve never met any of Harry’s other friends before; except for the boys, of course.”


            I chuckle. “We don’t really talk. Just project partners, I guess.”


            “Hey, Mum,” Harry’s voice says as he emerges from somewhere, and I smile slightly as I see him kiss his mother’s cheek. “I see you’ve already met Elena.”


            Anne nods, smiling. “I have,” she grins. “Can I get anything for you two? Snacks? Tea?”


            I shake my head. “I’m fine, thank you.”


            “Nah, we’re good, Mum,” Harry says. “We’ll just be working on our project in here.”


            Anne nods and says to me, “Nice to meet you, Elena.”


            I smile back. “You too, Anne.”


            She turns and walks away, leaving Harry and I alone. He motions for me to sit down, and I do on one of the couches. Harry sits on the other couch and says, “So we need to just write a little speech on each other, yeah? Then we’ll be done?”


            “Then we’ll be done,” I say with a sigh, taking out a notebook and a blue pen.


            Harry and I worked together to help write each other’s essays, and my eyes trailed over as I watched Harry write so effortlessly. It kind of made me wonder what in the world he was writing about me. I bit my bottom lip, looking back down at my paper as I wrote my essay on him. Our proximity let me take in his scent. He smelt of peppermint and spices, and it was a really good smell on him, to be honest.


            I finished writing my little essay just when Harry finished writing his. “So are we done?” he asks, putting his pen down.


            I nod. “Yeah, we are,” I say, putting my pen back in my bag. “All we have to do is present it.” Harry nods and I sigh. “I should go,” I say, gathering up my stuff.


            Harry merely nods as I  stand up, and he stands up as well. As we head out of the living room, Anne returns. “Oh, you’re leaving already?” she asks.


            I nod, giving her a smile. “I should be heading home now,” I tell her. “It was nice meeting you, Anne.”


            “It was nice meeting you too, sweetie,” she gives me a warm smile. “I hope to see you soon.”


            I give her a small smile, not knowing whether that’s going to be happening any time soon. Anne completely reminded me of what a decent, good, caring, and loving mother would be like – opposite of mine. My mum only cares about work, and has always favored Tyler. She’s always working, and I rarely get to see her. And the only time I do see her, is when she’s judging me or critisizing me.


            “Bye, Anne,” I give her a smile as I head towards the door.


            Anne gives me a small wave as I walk out the door. Harry stays by the door, hand on the door knob as I exit the house. “So, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” he says, making it sound like a question.


            “Uh, yeah,” I say. “Bye, Harry.”


            “Bye, Elena,” Harry says, before I turn around and get into my car.


Harry’s POV:


            I watched as she drives away, returning back inside my house and closing the door behind me. I re-enter my living room, meeting my mum in there. “I like her,” she smiles, leaning against the wall. “She seems like a nice girl.”


            I snort, rolling my eyes. “Elena’s the most liked girl in school, Mum,” I say. “Of course you’d like her. She’s Little Miss Perfect,” I smirk at the little nickname I had given her. I loved how annoyed she got at the same; it entertained me.


            Mum gives me a disapproving look. “Looks can be decieving, Harry,” she says. “Elena may seem perfect, but you never know. Her life may be harder than you think.”


            “Mum, have you seen her house?” I quirk an eyebrow, sitting down on the couch. “It’s three times the size of our house.”


            Mum sighs, sitting on the other couch. “Just because she has a big house, doesn’t mean she likes it. Do you know anything about her?”


            I furrow my eyebrows, thinking. “I know she likes to take pictures and read. I know she likes jazz and pop music. I know she likes A Walk To Remember. I know she wants to live in Paris or LA. I know she never wants to disappoint her parents...” I trail off. Mum raises an eyebrow, looking at me as to how I know those things. “It’s because of the project,” I add quickly.


            “Mhmm,” Mum nods, seeming a bit unconvinced. She runs a hand through her dark hair, offering me a small smile. “Elena seems like a nice girl, Harry. Don’t be so quick to judge her. You never know, you might be completely wrong on what you think about her.”