Chapter 2

Elena’s POV:


            “So why’d you come home an hour late?” my brother, Tyler, asks me as he leaned against my bedroom door.


            I looked at him, biting my bottom lip. “I went to hang out with Melody for a while,” I easily lied.


            “Oh, alright,” Tyler says, believing me.


            I give him a small, nervous smile as he turns around and walks out. I can’t tell Tyler or my parents that I had detention. If my parents find out, I probably will be dead. To them, if their perfect daughter gets detention, then they would be so ashamed. I alredy feel pressured enough by my parents because they want perfect grades and have me get a scholarship to an amazing college. I do my best to please my parents, but it just seems like it’s never enough.


            My parents are perfectionists, you could say. They want me to be the perfect daughter and do everything right, which puts a lot of pressure on me. Mum and Dad can be pretty rough people. When Tyler was on the brink of failing Year 12 of when he was in high school, my parents gave him a really hard time. They said if he didn’t pick up the slack, they would kick him out. And they were dead serious.


            Which terrifies me. What if I can’t amount to much? What if I do bad in school and not get into a good university? My parents would be so disappointed in me. All I want is to prove to them that I’m smart and I can try and do what they want me to. It’s the thought of failure that scares me. I don’t want them to be ashamed of me.


            I let out a sigh as I got ready for work. I work at this local diner as a waitress, and it’s a good enough job for me as a high school student. My parents don’t think I need to work right now, and instead focus my attention on my school work. They told me I already have enough money and don’t need to make any more – since I’m so ‘rich’ – but I refused. Just because my parents have money, don’t mean that I don’t have to work. If every other teen here works, then why don’t I?


            Slipping on my uniform, I looked at myself in the mirror. My uniform consisted of a white fitted Polo shirt and blue high waisted denim shorts. Gathering my hair over my right shoulder, I tied it into a fish tail braid. Slipping on my dark blue Converse, I walked out of my room and down the stairs.


            “I’m going to work!” I call out as I head towards the door.


            “Kay,” Tyler’s voice calls back.


            I get into my red Nissan and drive to Debbie’s Diner. It was a cute, silver diner and the owner, Debbie Rivers, passed away two years ago. And now, her twenty seven year old daughter, Dina owns it. I’ve been working there for a year and a half now, and it’s a really friendly environment. Pulling into the parking lot, I got out and walked in. A few people were here, since it wasn’t rush hour just yet. I was greeted by Melody, who also worked here.


            “Hey, babe,” she smiles. “How was detention?”


            “Awful,” I reply with a sigh. “They were there.”


            Melody’s hazel eyes widened as she brushed a few strands of blonde hair away. “Really?” she asks. “How did Zayn look?”


            I roll my blue eyes. Melody was obsessed with Zayn. She has had a crush on him since eighth grade. Melody’s always talking about how hot he is and how mysterious he is. I mean, not that he’s not hot, because he is. But her infactuation with him gets annoying after a while. I


            “Mel, seriously?” I gave her a look, walking past her.


            “What?” she says defensively, walking along with me. “He’s hot.”


            I just chuckle and began to work. I took the orders of the customers that were sitting in my section. I knew a lot of people that were here. There was Mr. and Mrs. Livingston who are an old couple who have been married for fifty one years, and are still madly in love. There was Gabbie Morris, a thirty year old single mum with her six year old twin daughters Trixie and Kristy. And there was Mr. Lewis, an old American retired astronaut.


            “Here you go, girls,” I smile as I give the twins their order of fries and milkshakes.


            “Elena, Elena!” Melody gasps, approaching me quickly.


            I turn to her. “What? What?”


            “They are here!” she exclaims lowly. “And they’re sitting in your section!”


            My eyes widen, glancing over to where my section was. My breath hitched when I saw that indeed, the five boys I was in detention with earlier were sitting in a booth, waiting to get their orders taken. What are they even doing here? They barely ever come here! I give Melody a ‘help me’ look as I walk over to them.


            “Can I take your order?” I ask bluntly, getting straight to the point.


            They all look at me, and once again, Harry as a smirk on his face. “Oh, Little Miss Perfect actually works?” he asks, feigning shock.


            I bite the inside of my botto lip, controlling myself from lashing out on him. “Your order?” I ask impatiently, holding my notepad and pen tightly.


            “Cheeseburger with a beer,” Harry replies, still smirking.


            “Same but with a Pepsi, please,” Liam says, but more nicely. At least one of them is decent.


            “I’ll have the buffalo wings with fries and a beer,” Zayn says, closing the menu.


            “I’ll have a double beef burger with some fries and a Sprite,” Louis says next.


            “And I’ll have two cheeseburgers with buffalo wings and fries with a beer,” Niall says. Wow, hungry much?


            I nod, writing down their orders and taking their menus. “It’ll all be out in about fifteen minutes,” I inform them, before walking to the kitchen.


            Once I gave Kenny the cook the order, I quickly walked into the employee’s bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror, my bottom lip slightly quivering. I don’t know why, but being around them just makes me nervous. Especially Harry. His intense green eyes staring into me and that smirk. That damn smirk that makes me feel like he’s mocking me. And what’s with the Little Miss Perfect thing? Is that his nickname for me or something? That name just irks me. It’s official.


            Harry Styles scares me.




            “I have a project planned out for you,” my English teacher, Mr. Hendrick, announces. “It’s a project I do every year with my Year 12 students, and they seem to enjoy it.” We all quiet down and wait for him to continue. “Since there is an odd number of students in this class, -”


            He gets cut off by someone knocking on the door. He goes over to open it, and my eyes widen when I see that it’s Harry Styles himself. He was wearing jeans that hung low at his hips just like yesterday, but this time his boxers were Tommy Hilfiger. He was wearing a dark blue T-shirt with a black and dark blue button down on top of it with the buttons open and sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Harry’s hair sat messily on top of his head, and his side was leaning against the door frame, hands buried in his jeans pocket.


            “Harry,” Mr. Hendrick says. Every teacher knows him and his friends. “What are you doing here?”


            Harry walks in, uninvited, with his back pack strap on one of his shoulders. “I guess Mrs. Nolan got sick of me,” he smirks nonchalantly, referring to the other English teacher. “So she transferred me into this class.”


            My eyes widened as the girls in the class start whispering and grinning widely. But me?I was shocked and frozen. He’s in my class now? I swallowed the lump in my throat when Mr. Hendrick pinched the bridge of his nose. “Okay,” he says with a sigh. “Take any free seat.”


            Harry smirks and strolls down the aisles. My head turns when I see that a seat next to me is free. I then look and see that Harry also notices the seat, and walks towards me and sits in the seat next to me. I bite the inside of my cheek as he leans back on the chair, arms crossed against his chest.


            I look at Mr. Hendrick, who continues to talk about his project. “As I was saying,” he starts again. “This project will be worth twenty-five percent of your grade. Basically what you’re doing is, you are going to be working with a partner. The two of you are to write down twenty questions each. They could be same or not, it doesn’t matter. You are to question your partner using the questions you write down, and put it into a Power Point Presentation all together. You can take pictures and videos of yourselves including friends and family and put them in the presentation to make it a bit more personal, along with the questions. Once the project is done and you come in with it, you are to present it. In the end, you have to give a small, five to ten minute speech on what you learned about your partner.”


            Everyone smiles and nods, liking the idea. A girl sitting in the front with auburn hair raises her hand. Mr. Hendrick points towards her and she asks, “Do we pick our own partners? Or are you assigning them?”


            Mr. Hendrick shakes his head. “I’m assigning them,” he says, causing some people to groan. He looks around, and then smiles slightly. “Your partners are the people sitting next to you.”


            My eyes widen, bulging out of my sockets. Oh no. I look to my side, to find Harry already smirking at me. Harry’s my partner. Like I said before...


            Oh no.