"Opposites should not only attract. They should also learn from each other."


That's exactly what Elena Carter and Harry Styles do.


Meet Elena Carter.


She's the popular girl in school, beautiful, a genius, and full-on good girl. She works hard to get good grades and to impress her parents. Elena feels like she gets pressured too much by her parents, and at some points in her life, she just wants to give up on impressing them.


Meet Harry Styles


Him, along with his four best friends, are the high school's top bad boys. Going out, partying, getting drunk, getting into fights, and not caring what anyone thinks. Harry's the leader of the group, the number one bad boy Holmes Chapel has seen. With his curly hair, green eyes, and never vanishing smirk, every girl wants him. But with a dark past, Harry manages to push people away.


But when Elena and Harry are forced to work on a project together, more than an English project result from it. Elena ends up learning more and more about Harry's past, and what kind of a person he really is underneath his hard exterior. And Harry learns about Elena's pressured life, and how people expect so much of her.


The two of them start learning from each other and how much they have in common, even though it doesn't seem like it. Elena and Harry, two completely opposite people, who soon start falling for each other. Much to her parents' dismay.


So will the two of them be able to fight for what they want - which is each other? Or will Elena's parents just keep that from happening.