Carly’s POV:


            “Cierra! Cierra, where are you?” my voice called out in the big room that was full of things little kids would be able to climb and play on.


            My heart pounded as I looked around for the little dark haired, green eyed girl. There was a whole tunnel with slides, bounce house, ball pit, and lots of other things. The place was empty, and I couldn’t find her anywhere. My hands started getting clammy as I tried to find the little girl, but she appeared nowhere in sight.


            “BOO!” the familiar voice screamed, and I literally jumped a foot in the air as I swiveled around. Looking down, a sigh of relief escaped my lips as I looked at the girl. She was grinning widely, her dimples exposing as her green eyes sparkled.


            “Cierra!” I exclaimed, picking her up. “How many times have I told you not to run off like that, love?”


            Cierra giggles. “Don’t worry, mummy,” she says cutely. “Daddy was wif me.”


            Speaking of the devil, I heard a voice booming in laughter as I turned around. The curly haired boy was doubled over in laughter, clutching his stomach as he laughed like he’s never laughed before. I glare at him, Cierra giggling from next to me.


            “Harry, I’m going to kill you,” I clench my jaw.


            “Aw, don’t be like that, love,” Harry smirks, strolling over to me. “It was just a harmless joke.”


            I rolled my eyes. “I thought Cierra went missing,” I deadpan. “Nothing harmless about that.”


            “You’re cute when you’re mad,” Harry’s smirk widens, leaning down and pecking my lips softly.


            “Ew!” Cierra exclaims, causing us to look down at her only to see her covering up her eyes with her small hands. “No kissing in fwont of me!”


            “Hush, you,” I chuckle. “Come on, Uncle Louis wants us out with the cake.”


            She cheers as she skips ahead, Harry and I following her lead. The little five year old girl had a lot of energy, especially since it was her best friend’s birthday today. We all went to outside to the park area where everything was set up and where everyone was. Kids were running around and screaming, just like the adults that still remained like kids.


            A lot had changed in the past five years.


            Liam and Danielle got married, just like Eleanor and Louis did – that much was obvious. Liam and Danielle have a little boy who’s three years old, Jordan. Eleanor and Louis have a six year old girl named Emily who’s birthday party we were at right now. Perrie and Zayn have five year old twins – a boy and a girl by the name of Zack and Zoe. Niall and Soha have a four year old boy named Drew.


            As for Harry and I, well, everything’s more than great.


            We got married when we were both twenty, only a year after our first New Years together, and live in a beautiful house in central London. After getting married, Harry and I had our little five year old daughter, Cierra McKinley Styles. She had my straight dark brown hair and button nose, and Harry’s startling green eyes and heart shaped pink lips. She was beautiful, no doubt about it, and I couldn’t believe that she was ours.


            Our careers were still the same, believe it or not. One Direction was still together, and people were still crying over them. The boys had released their sixth album last month, and people were going absolutely mental over it. I had released my seventh album over two months ago, and shot a big movie in the past month as well. So far, I have had seventeen big movies, and it was looking amazing.


            When we entered the park, my eyes widened in awe. It looked beautiful. Park benches and tables were set up with food and drinks, and the trees around us had lights decorated in them to light up the dark place, since it was late in the evening.


            Harry’s right arm slid around my waist as we walked and Cierra ran up to Emily. As I started talking to the girls and Harry talked with the boys, I took a picture that Harry and I had just taken and posted it on Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: At Little Miss Emily Tomlinson’s birthday party! Happy birthday doll! Uncle @Harry_Styles and I love you!! xx http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh496/biebersgirl222/Pictures/newharly2_zps3f6c6d92.jpg


            Even after five years, Harry and I looked the same. He still had the slightly curly, slightly wavy hair and his abs were much more defined, along with his biceps. He was still the devilishly handsome boy he was when I met him – just slightly older. And sexier, but that’s besides the point. All of the guys were, to be honest.


            It was amazing, how even though all of us were five years older, we were still the same group of friends like we were in the beginning. Along with our careers, we had the responsibilty of taking care of our families. Cierra would either come with Harry or I to work if both of us had to be somewhere – it just depended on what the event was. Things were looking up, for all of us, and it felt great.


            As the girls and I chatted, I glanced over to where the kids were playing. Cierra had a big smile on her face as she played with Emily and Zoe, bringing a smile on to my own face. Looking up, I saw that Harry was staring at our daughter as well, a smile on his face too. Harry’s green eyes trailed up, locking with my brown ones as he sent over a flirty wink.


            I chuckle softly, shaking my head as I turn my attention back to the girls. “You two are like one of those love-story couples,” Eleanor observes with a smile on her face, looking at me.


            I look at her, puzzled. “What do you mean?” I ask.


            “You and Harry,” she clarifies. “You two have been through so much together, and here you are, having started your own family together.”


            “Yeah, but so are you and Louis, and the rest of you all too,” I say to all of the girls.


            Perrie takes a sip of her soda. “Maybe, but you and Harry are something way special. I don’t understand it, no one does except for you two. You both have this strong connection, and it’s rather beautiful.”


            I blushed, obviously, as I sipped my drink and drunk down Perrie’s words. Suddenly, Louis’s voice shouted out, “Time to cut the cake!”


            Everyone gathered around one of the tables that had the cake. It was big cake, chocolate, I think. It said ‘Happy Birthday Emily’ in pink icing for the birthday girl as she stood behind the cake, ready to cut and eat. We all gathered around, Liam holding a video camera to record the moment.


            We all sang happy birthday to Emily, who grinned widely in response as her blue eyes sparkled, matching those of her father’s as she blew out the six candles. After we clapped for her, Eleanor cut out pieces of the cake and handed it to the kids first, and then the adults.


            As soon as she got her cake, I saw Cierra run towards the rest of the kids, and my eyes widened. “Cierra! Don’t run with the cake! You’re going to dirty your –”


            My voice was soon cut off with arms slipping around my waist from behind me, a face nuzzling in my neck. “Stop fretting,” Harry’s smooth, velvet-like voice spoke. “Let her enjoy her time.”


            “But –”


            Once again, Harry cut me off. “Shush,” he chuckles. “Eat your cake.”


            I roll my eyes as I take the plastic fork and take a piece of the cake, putting it in my mouth. “You want a piece?” I ask him.


            “Sure do,” Harry replies, still in the same position.


            Taking a piece of the cake, I take the fork and pop it in Harry’s mouth as he smiles and chews it. “Yum.”




            “She’s asleep,” I say quietly as I turn in my seat, looking at the little girl asleep in the backseat.


            “Go on inside,” Harry says. “I’ll bring her in.”


            I nod as I open the car door and step out, shutting it closed as I walk up to the front door of our house. I leave it open for Harry to bring in Cierra, and I go up to Harry and I’s room. Changing out of my clothes, I quickly changed into one of Harry’s boxers and T-shirts. Walking out, I saw Harry walk in to the room.


            “Did you put her to bed?” I ask him.


            “No, I left her in the car,” Harry replies sarcastically, rolling his green eyes.


            I scoff, picking up a pillow and throwing it at him. Unfortunately, he caught it in his hand before it could it him. “Sarcasm not appreciated, Mr. Styles.”


            “But you’ll get it either way, Mrs. Styles,” Harry winked, before going into the bathroom.


            I rolled my eyes as I lifted up the duvet from the bed, sinking myself in it as my upper half of my body sat up as I grabbed my cell phone. I was going through my calender, looking at what Kristen had scheduled for me for the next few days. More CD signings, more interviews, and an audition for some new movie. Nothing new.


            The bathroom door opened and Happy walked back out, only dressed in his pajama bottoms, revealing his toned chest that had tattoos just like before. After much pleading from Anne, Gemma, and I, Harry had finally stopped getting tattoos every other week. I mean, come on, forty-two tattoos for this guy is enough.


            Harry got into the bed next to me, and right when he was about to say something, our bedroom door opened. Our heads snapped towards the door where we saw Cierra standing there, rubbing her left eye with her hand.


            “What’s wrong, baby girl?” Harry asks her.


            “I wannah sleep wif you,” Cierra replies in her cute, sleepy baby voice.


            “Well come on over,” I tell her with a smile.


            She smiles sleepily as she walks over, climbing up on the bed and laying down in between mine and Harry’s bodies. “Night,” she mumbles.


            “Night, darling,” I whisper, kissing her cheek softly as she immediately sinks into a deep slumber.


            As Cierra fell asleep, Harry mumbles, “She’s so cute when she sleeps... Like you.”


            I look at him, raising an eyebrow as a teasing smile rests on my lips. “You watch me while I sleep?”


            Harry smirks. “You know it,” he replies, causing me to laugh.          


            “You know, everything’s finally perfect,” I say blissfully as Harry looks at me. “After everything we went through with all that shitty drama, it all turned out good in the end.”


            “More than good,” Harry says, his left hand reaching down as he brushes a lock of brown hair from Cierra’s face. “Everything’s pretty... perfect.”


            “We actually worked it out,” I tell him. “Everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be.”


            “What, me being your husband and having the world’s most perfect baby?” Harry smirks.


            I let out another laugh, shaking my head. “You’re still so full of yourself,” I roll my eyes, my hand rubbing circles on Cierra’s back as she peacefully slept. “But I have to agree on the perfect baby part.”


            “Well,” Harry huffed.


            “Kidding, love,” I grin cheekily, causing him to smirk.


            “I know,” he shrugs carelessly, causing me to roll my eyes. “Now go to bed,” Harry says. “You have an interview early tomorrow.”


            I rolled my eyes again. “Yes, Mum.”


            Harry chuckles as I lay on my back next to Cierra, pulling the duvet over our bodies. Never did I imagine myself here in the future, married to Harry Styles and having a little girl. Through the laughter, the smiles, the heart break, the pain, the drama, the fighting, and most of all, the love, Harry and I had managed to make it through. We pushed through it all, and it was so good to know that the two of us actually made it through.


            I tilted my head to see Cierra breathing softly, and then Harry who had his arms crossed in the back of his head as he stared up at the ceiling. I gave him a curious look, even if he couldn’t see me, wondering what was going through his mind.


            “What’re you thinking about?” I voiced my thoughts.


            Harry’s head turned to look at me, green eyes meeting my brown ones. “We made it through,” he didn’t hesitate in answering. “We actually made it through.”


            I prop myself up on my right elbow, my head resting in the palm of my hand as I looked at him. “What, you didn’t think we would?”


            “I thought I’d screw up again,” Harry gave a one-shouldered shrug.


            “But you didn’t,” I tell him, reaching over as I take his left hand in my own. “And even if you didn’t, we would have made it through anyway.”


            “You never gave up on me, you know,” Harry spoke softly. “You always believed in me.”


            “’Course I did, babe,” I tell him.


            Harry sat up as he looked at me. “I love you, Carly.”


            I give him a smile, happiness clearly radiating off of me. “I love you too,” I reply, leaning over our daughter and pecking his lips softly.


            Everything was perfect, it really was. In the past, I thought there was no hope for Harry and I when we had broken up. I thought everything we had shared was gone, finished. But I was so, so wrong. Harry’s here, with me. We got married, we moved in, and we have a beautiful five year old daughter. Our relationship really was like a love story one, like Eleanor had said earlier. We went through break ups and our own problems, but one way or another, we found our way back to each other because in the end, that’s what we needed most. We needed each other, and there’s no denying that.


            Because we all knew for a fact, that I was the one for Harry and Harry was the one for me.