Chapter 40

Carly's POV:


@CarlyMcKinley: The babe and I tonight! Who's ready for the New Year?? Xx


The year was fastly coming to an end, and it was pretty hard to believe. It was unbelievable how this year was ending so soon, because it went by so fast. My career, the music, the fans, the boys, Riley being born, and everything else was just amazing. My first ever movie was a hit and I had also taken up acting, starring in movies here and there.


The lads, Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Soha, and I were all in New York city for New Years - Times Square, to be exact. The place was swarming with people, getting all hyped up for the new years. All of us were on the roof of some hotel, dancing and drinking with everyone else here. We met up with other singers as well, like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, and also met Ryan Seacrest.


"So, Carls," Harry says as I lean against the wall that had a door on the other side which led us down and inside.


"So, Harry," I grin, mocking his tone.


Harry chuckles, rolling his eyes. "We're about to go into the new year," he says quietly, his eyes looking down at me.


I smile. "I know, it's hard to believe," I say, my arms reaching up as they wrap around his neck, pulling him closer.


"We made it, though," he smiles. "We made it through all the crap."


I chuckle softly. "And look where we are now."


"Top of a hotel building, celebrating New Years together with our friends," Harry replies, his forehead leaning against my own. "You know, never did I imagine myself to finally settle down with one girl."


I laugh out loud, pushing him away slightly. "What, you thought you'd play around some more?" I ask, raising an eyebrow, and Harry smirks. "Well, sorry to burst your bubble, buddy, but it looks like you're stuck with me."


His smirk widens, exposing a dimple. "It's not like I mind," his voice drops to a husky whisper as his head dips down to my neck. "I'm just glad that it's you that I'm stuck with."


I giggle softly as I feel Harry leave wet kisses on my neck, a small smile on my face. Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate, and I took it out to see that it was Mum calling me. "Hello?" I shout over to the music as Harry pulls away.


"Happy New Year, sweetie!" she exclaims.


"It's not the new year here yet, Mum," I laugh. "But happy New Year to you too!"


Mum laughs from the other end of the phone. "I know you're in New York, but stay safe, darling! Don't drink too much."


"Mom," I roll my eyes with a smile on my face.


"You know I love you," she laughs. "We're just waiting for your return, Riley misses you."


"I miss her too," I say, and I suddenly hear everyone cheering. "Mom, I gotta go, the ball's about to drop!"


"Alright, bye love!" she says, hanging up the phone.


Putting my phone away, Harry grabs my hand and the two of us go over to the edge of the roof where the boys are with the girls, all looking up at the ball that was going to drop. I leaned against the railing with the girls and guys, Harry leaning over me as his arms wrap around me and his chest pressed up against my back.


"It's starting!" Niall yells.


"In... Five!" Everyone starts chanting.












The confetti blew, the people screamed, the ball dropped as the New Year begun. People turned to give their loved ones a New Years kiss, and I turned around to Harry. He had a big grin on his face as he leaned down, his warm lips brushing my cold ear.


"Happy new year, love," he whispered.


I just let out a laugh as I cupped his face, pulling him down and pressing my lips on his. The kiss was the most amazing one we have shared yet, and I know I say that all the time but this time it was different. It was our first New Years kiss, since last year we had broken up and didn't get to have one. My arms wrapped around his neck as his lips moved with mine softly and slowly, pouring every bit of love we had into the kiss.


It was crazy how much of a roller coaster ride Harry and I had been on. Through the entire drama, the hate, the fans, the media - everything. No matter how many hardships we had, in the end, we always found a way back to each other. We fought, yes, but what couple doesn't? What matters most is that Harry and I looked past all of that, and ended up together. We pushed through the shit that had been thrown at us together, and in the end, it was always fine.


When we had broken up for those seven and a half months, I felt so lonely, I just never admitted it. I was focused on my career, but when the curly haired boy waltzed back into my life, I knew it was a sign. Call it fate, whatever, I don't care. I just knew that there was something about Harry that I couldn't let go of. I couldn't let go of him. He was way too important, and I needed him. Not just wanted him, but needed him.


As Harry and I finally pulled away, everyone was hugging and cheering, screams around us. But Harry and I remained in each other's arms, his nose brushing with mine and his forehead also pressed up against mine. Harry's green eyes bore into my brown ones, sending an intense feeling down my spine.


"Happy New Year, Harry," I whisper.


"Happy New Year, Carly," Harry replies, pecking my lips softly. "Let's see what the new year brings to us."


New Year, new start, new everything. Things were going to be different for Harry and I, I just know it. We are better now, we're stronger now. And I know that no matter what is thrown at us, we're going to be okay.


We were going to be just fine.