Chapter 39

*A few months later*


Carly’s POV:


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My tour was finally over, and the date of December 3rd was fastly approaching, also one of the most important moments in One Direction’s career. It was the day when they finally got to perform at Madison Square Garden, and everyone was flying out to New York City to watch the boys perform.


            Their families, Ashley, Nick Grimshaw, Clodagh, Paul's wife, Perrie, Eleanor, Danielle, Soha, Ed Sheeran, and me and my family as well. We all were staying at the same hotel, and the boys were nervous as hell. They couldn’t believe they were playing Madison Square Garden because when you play there, you know for a fact that you have made it in the big time in the music industry. And I couldn’t be happier for the boys as I am now. I’m so proud of them, it’s unbelievable.


            At the moment, Harry and I were walking in the busy evening streets of New York. Getting out of the hotel was a hassle, as the whole entrance was surrounded by fans. We signed autographs and took pictures before we took off. As we walked, we had passed Madison Square Garden itself, which caused Harry to involuntarily shiver.


            “Are you okay?” I ask with a laugh as I look up at him.


            “Peachy,” Harry mutters.


            I chuckle, shaking my head. “You look like you’re about to faint, Haz.”


            Harry sighs as his left hand tightly grips my right, his own right hand digging into the front pocket of his jeans. “I’m just nervous, that’s all.”


            I give him a small smile as we walk. “I know you are, love. But it’s going to be fine. Yes, it’s the Garden, but it’s like any other concert. Filled with fans who love you and you’re up there with your best friends. The only thing different is that all of your friends and family are going to be there.”


            “Yeah, but it’s... Madison Square Garden,” Harry tries to reason.


            “Forget about that!” I say. “If you keep telling yourself that, you’re gonna become a nervous wreck.”


            “Too late for that,” he mutters.


            “You’re gonna be fine,” I assure him, giving his hand a squeeze. “Your family, friends, and I are all gonna be there, cheering you and the lads on.”


            Harry chuckles. “Madison Square Garden won’t know what hit it.”




            “Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God,” Louis kept on repeating, nervously fiddling with his thumb as he paced around the dressing room.


            “Louis! Will you calm down?” Zayn asks exhasperatedly. “You’re giving me a headache.”


            “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous, okay!” Louis exclaims.


            “Calm down, Lou,” Eleanor says soothingly to her boyfriend, rubbing his shoulder with her hand. “You’re gonna be amazing.”


            Soha and Perrie nod. “I don’t see why you guys are fussing,” Perrie says. “You guys rock your shows before and you’ll rock this one. Focus on the positives, not the negatives. Just go out there and have fun.”


            “Is it me or is Perrie turning into a female version of a wise Zayn?” Harry smirks, causing Perrie to roll her bright blue eyes.


            The concert was in about an hour and a half, and fans were already lining up in the front. Everyone was here, ready to go as the boys were just relaxing themselves. Our families were all here, roaming around the place somewhere around here as the girls and I stayed with the boys. They were all nervous, jittery, and terrified. But overall, they were pretty excited too. I mean, playing Madison Square Garden? Who could blame them for feeling all of those emotions?


            “You guys are worrying about nothing,” Gemma’s voice spoke as she strolled in, holding on to Riley’s hand as she walked waddled in along side Gemma. “You’ll be great, alright? So shut up and relax.”


            I chuckled softly at Gemma’s words, knowing she was right. The lads are gonna be great, and they’re worrying about nothing. “Oh my goodness, Carly, I’m gonna kidnap your sister and take her away with me,” Danielle says as she picks up Riley. “She’s the cutest thing ever!” she coos as Riley giggles, loving the affection she was receiving.


            As everyone got into their own little conversations, I started humming the tune of a familiar song, smiling to myself. “Are you humming Teenage Dirtbag?” Harry’s raspy voice whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me, his chin resting on my shoulder.


            I giggle quietly. “Ever since hearing you boys sing that, the song’s been stuck in my head.” I turn my head to look at his grinning face. “I blame you.”


            Soon enough, Louis’s and Liam’s mums, Jay and Karen, walked through the doors. “They’re letting the fans in,” Karen informs us.


            “So boys, I suggest you start getting ready,” Jay adds with a smile.


            The boys nod as the girls and I leave their rooms, letting them get ready as Lou and Caroline walk in to assist them. The concert was going to start soon, and everyone was running around backstage to make sure that everything was prepared for the concert. Even backstage, you could hear the loud chatter of the fans outside, getting into their seats.


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            When the boys were all dressed up, we had to go to our seats because the concert was about to start. But before we did, the boys, girls, and all their families gathered around in a circle. I stood in between Harry and Gemma, squeezing our hands as we did a little prayer. Once we were done, I said goodbye to Harry.


            "You'll do great," I assure him, looking up into his eyes.


            Harry smiles back. "Thank you."


            Before we left, I leaned up and captured his lips in a soft kiss. "A kiss for good luck," I smirk as we pull away.


            "I'm gonna need it," he chuckles lightly, causing me to roll my eyes.


            After hugging the boys, we all went to where our seats were. Our families, the girls and I were in somewhat in the middle but towards the front. The concert was going to start soon, and the excitement was building up in the room. The girls, fans, and I were so excited for this moment for the boys. I swear their families were going to cry, even though the concert hasn't even started yet.


            Suddenly, the lights went down and screaming grew louder. Here we go.




            I literally had tears in my eyes - along with everyone else - as we watched the boys perform Little Things. The boys were sitting on the edge of the stage with their legs dangling off, singing along to the song as the fans screamed and I swayed to the music slightly, mouthing the words.


            The screaming grew even more louder when another voice joined the boys in singing, and Mr. Ed Sheeran himself popped up and sat down with the boys. It was perfect, really.


            The whole night consisted of all of us jumping around, cheering for the boys, singing along, and dancing. It was so much fun with all of us here as a big whole family, supporting the boys in one of their biggest nights of their career. The boys sang their heart and did some dances, obviously enjoying themselves.


            And just when the music for What Makes You Beautiful started playing, everything went crazy. Fans jumped, the boys grinned widely, and we all just laughed. It was the last song for the night, but we knew it was going to be epic. I mean, come on, it was One Direction.


            It was amazing when just as the song ended, it was like a cannon was fired and confetti was flying everywhere. Everyone screamed and clapped for the boys, and I quick took out my phone and snapped a picture of the boys as they stood in center stage, confetti flying all over and they had their arms around each other. The entire night I had been smiling, and it only grew wider when the boys said their goodbyes.


            Once the concert was over, we made our way backstage, pulling off the confetti that rested on our bodies. Successfully making our way through the crowds, we got backstage and all went towards the boys. Their families attacked them in hugs, exclaiming how proud they were of the boys. When they released them, my eyes found Harry’s and a grin appeared on his face.


            I literally ran over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck as I pulled him into a hug. I didn’t care that he was sweaty, because at the moment I was so proud of him. His own strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer as his face buried in the crook of my neck.


            “I’m so proud of you,” I whisper. “You were amazing.”


            “Thanks, love,” Harry smiles dimply, pulling his head back to look at me.


            Biting my bottom lip, I leaned forward and pulling him in for a kiss. Harry’s lips smiled against mine as he kissed me back, his grip around my waist tightening. When we pulled away, Harry’s forehead rested against my own as he smiled down at me, and it brought a smile on to my face automatically.


            “Now,” Niall’s dad, Bobby’s voice broke out as we looked at him. “Who’s ready for the after party?”