Chapter 38

Carly’s POV:


@Harry_Styles: Probably grew way too attached to this girl over the past 2 weeks. I’ll miss u, @CarlyMcKinley! Xx


            I chuckle softly at Harry’s tweet, a sigh escaping my lips. I look up at Harry who’s already smiling at me, and my right hand reaches up to his curly quiff. “I love your hair like this,” I tell him, my eyes fixed on his hair.


            A chuckle rumbles from Harry’s chest. “Oh, really now?” he smirks.


            I laugh and nod, my eyes trailing down to meet his own green ones. “You have like, no curls left.”


            “Not true!” he gasps, horrified. “I have plenty of curls!”


            I shake my head. “No, you don’t. Your hair’s just wavy now.”


            A huff escapes Harry’s pink lips. “Well thanks for ruining my dreams.”


            “Dreams about what?” I raise an eyebrow. “Having curly hair forever?”


            “Maybe,” he says.


            I laugh, rolling my eyes at him. We all were at the airport, standing in the middle as we waited for the boys’ flight to be called. No one recognized us, which was a shock but to our relief. I was going to miss Harry and the boys, no doubt, but work is work. We have to do our work in order to have a career, and I don’t want to be the person to stop the boys from doing charity work in Africa.


            “Come on, boys,” Paul walked up to us. “The jet’s here.”


            The boys nod and pick up their bags as I look at Harry. “That’s you,” I say with a small smile.


            Harry smiles back, hoisting up his bag stap on his shoulder. “I’ll see you soon, alright?” he says.


            I smile and nod, standing up on my tippy toes and capturing his lips in a kiss, for which he returns immediately. When we pull away, I smile. “Bye.”


            “Bye, Carls,” he says.


            Once saying goodbye to the boys, I watched as the boys all left for their plane. I think this was the one goodbye that had no tears. Yes, I was upset the boys were leaving, but I knew I was going to see them again. And I know that they’re doing something amazing in Africa, so I guess that’s why.


            When the boys were gone, I left the airport and towards the van that was waiting for me. Time to continue with the We Own The Night tour.




            “They have the last few scenes of the movie done, and once the tour is done, you can start filming again,” Kristen informs me.


            The two of us were having a quick meeting regarding my movie, and told me we were supposed to start filming after the tour. I was quite excited about the movie, honestly, but at the moment I had to focus on the tour. We were getting into month two of the tour, and it was becoming more and more incredible as the days went by.


            We were currently in Dallas, Texas, and it was about a billion degrees down here. It was so hot, I felt like I was about to melt. Once Kristen is out of my hotel room, I jump up and change out of the stuffy dress I was in, since I had returned from an interivew. I immediately changed into short shorts and put a blue singlet over my bra. Tying my hair into a pony tail, I let out a sigh as I turned on the air condition of the room. It’s crazy how hot it is in here.


            As I sat on the bed of my hotel room, I took my phone and went on Twitter, reading about the latest gossip. I then came across a tweet that made me frown.




            I clicked on the tweet, seeing as it had a picture attached to it. And when I saw the picture, my heart broke. It was of Harry, in the middle of what looked like him sobbing. He was wearing a somewhat dirty white shirt with the sleeves rolled to his shoulders, a headband pulling his hair back. His eyes and nose were red like they often were when he cried. I bit my bottom lip as I looked at the picture, exiting out of it as I scrolled through my time line.




            I clicked on that as well, and a YouTube video popped up. It was a video from Red Nose Day that showed Harry playing with the little kids from Africa. I noticed that the kids were all so skinny and weak, and I realized they were hospital patients. My right hand lifted up as I covered my mouth, watching Harry and the rest of the boys cry and mourn over the kids, playing with them and talking to the patients and doctors. When Zayn started crying, I had had enough, and I quickly exited out and put my phone on the bed. I hate seeing those boys be so upset.




Harry’s POV:


            The trip to Africa was short, but worthwhile. While we were there, we played with a bunch of the kids and even shot some of our video for One Way Or Another. We were back in London right now, and at an interview at that. I was still a bit tired, but I had to pull through either way.


            “So all of you are in relationships, obviously,” the interviewer, Kenzie, said. “How hard it is for you to keep up with your girlfriends? With your busy schedule and all?”


            “Well, we were on tour before so it got a bit hard to talk to them, because of the whole time zone thing,” Zayn began. “But we managed to pull through. Perrie lives with me, so it’s always good to have her around and we try to spend our free time with each other.”


            “Yeah, Soha lives with me too,” Niall was the next to speak, “so the two of us spending time together isn’t much of a problem.”


            “Liam and I really don’t have a problem,” Louis shrugs. “We visit the girls every time we can, if Eleanor isn’t busy with Uni and Danielle isn’t busy with dancing.”


            “And what about you, Harry?” Kenzie asks me. “Isn’t your girlfriend on tour? How does that work out for you?”


            I nod, smiling. “Yeah, she’s on tour,” I confirm. “And at the moment, it hasn’t been that much of a problem.”


            Kenzie smiles. “Right, because you were with her for at least two weeks, correct?”


            I chuckle and nod, while Zayn smirks. “Harry can’t stay away from her.”


            I give Zayn a glare as he snickers and everyone else laughs. “But no, it works out. Her tour is halfway done almost and we talk to each other whenever we can.”


            Kenzie nods and grins. “All of you relationships seem pretty strong, I have to say. Almost like nothing can knock you all down.”


            “It takes a lot of work,” Louis smiles. “We have to make time for the girls in between our work – because obviously, they’re one of our number one priorities. And they all each have their own thing that they attend to and keep themselves busy with.”


            “Yeah, like Danielle has dancing, Soha and Eleanor have university, and Perrie and Carly have their own music careers,” Liam chimes in. “We all keep ourselves busy with our own work, but at the end of the day, you just need to hear their voice, you know?”


            Kenzie nods, and looks back at the camera with a smile on her face. “Well, looks like these One Direction lads are pretty in-sync with their girlfriends! Check out their new single, One Way Or Another, that will be out in December 2nd! I’m Kenzie Kelly, and this was One Direction.”