Chapter 37

Harry’s POV:


            People often think that teenagers don’t seem to understand the concept of love. But to me, it’s pretty clear. When you love someone, they’re all that matters in your life. It becomes your purpose to make sure they are happy and content and that they feel the love you have for them. A smile comes on your face when you see the person, or simply just hear their name in a sentence. They make you a new person, a better person.


            That’s how I felt at the moment. I loved the girl who was performing on stage right now, singing her heart out to the screaming New York City fans. I watched as Carly danced around on stage, singing her songs as a huge smile was plastered on her face.


            “Close your mouth, Haz, you’re drooling.” The all too familiar voice startled me.


            I swiveled around, my eyes widening as I see my four best mates. “What are you all doing here?” I grinned widely.


            “Thought we’d drop by,” Louis grins, his arm wrapping around my shoulders.


            “We’re leaving for Africa soon, anyways, so we thought we’d just leave with you,” Zayn addded.


            “When are we leaving?” I ask, frowning.


            Liam thinks for a moment. “In four days.”


            I sigh. “That means we’re leaving from Toronto,” I say, thinking about Carly’s tour schedule.


            The boys nod as they look over my shoulder and on the stage. We were all standing backstage as we watched Carly perform When The Sun Goes Down, her last song. When the concert finally ends, Carly says goodbye to the crowd and walks backstage.


            “Look who’s joined us,” I tell her, my arm sliding around her waist.


            Carly looks at me, confused, until she finally sees the four lads. “You’re here!” she exclaims excitedly, hugging all of the guys.


            “You didn’t think that we’d miss out on visiting you on tour, did you?” Niall asks her teasingly, giving off a braceless grin.


            Carly laughs. “Of course not,” she says. “Just give me a minute, I need to change.”


            We all nod as Carly walks into her dressing room to change, closing the door behind her. As we wait, the lads turn to me. “Did ya miss us?” Louis asks, grinning.


            “No,” I answer seriously. Louis’s grin turns into a scowl and I laugh out loud. “I’m kidding, mate! Of course I missed you.”


            “How long have you been gone?” Liam wonders. “A week?”


            “Two weeks, actually,” I reply with a chuckle.


            The five of us continue talking, until we hear a click and Carly’s dressing room door swings open. She’s standing there, wearing denim shorts, a long and flowy T-shirt, and sandals. Her hair is still in curls and make up is still on her face, but not caked.


            “Come on in,” she says, opening the door wider. “We have to wait for Randy to bring the van.”


            We all nod, walking in Carly’s dressing room and sitting down on the couch. As we talk, Carly snaps a picture of us all on her phone, all of us smiling as we get a mention from Twitter.


@CarlyMcKinley: What a pleasant surprise @Harry_Styles & I got w. the boys of 1D showing up! xx @NiallOfficial @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson


            “So what brings you guys here?” Carly asks the boys as I wrap my right arm around her shoulders as we sit on the couch.


            “We’re leaving for Africa in four days,” Zayn breaks the news for her. “So might as well join you two.”


            “Four days?” Carly’s eyes widen. “That soon?”


            I sigh. “I know, babe,” I say. “But don’t worry, we’ll be back soon.”


            “When does your tour end?” Louis asks her.


            Carly thinks for a moment. “Four more weeks,” she says with a sigh.


            I chuckle. “Enjoy it while it lasts, babe.”




Carly’s POV:


            It wasn’t that I was worried about Harry leaving. It was just the drama that came with it. With the two of us being so far away from each other, who knows what new rumors are going to start. The tabloids take advantage of the distance, trying to add unnecessary drama to the relationship. But I guess every celebrity relationship goes through that. Like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, I guess.


            The boys were leaving for Ghana, Africa in two days, and I already knew I was going to miss Harry a lot. I always do. It’s never easy having to leave your boyfriend, not knowing when the next time is gonna be where you two will see each other again. But that’s what keeps us going – that’s what keeps me going. Knowing that Harry’s there, also waiting to see me too.


            “So what exactly are you guys going to Africa for?” I ask Harry as the two of us stroll through the streets of Vancouver, the wind blowing around us.


            “Charity work,” Harry replies. “We’re doing it for Red Nose, visiting the kids there that are sick in the hospital and the ones at schools there.”


            I nod. Red Nose was one of the biggest charity companies in the United Kingdom, doing all sorts of things for people in need of food, education, and homes. And what the boys were doing was great. “That sounds amazing.”


            Harry smiles. “We’re doing a re-make of Blondie’s One Way Or Another.”


            My eyes widen. “I love that song!” I exclaim with a laugh. “Can’t wait to hear your version, though.”


            “It’s gonna be awesome,” Harry says cockily.


            My lips go up in a smirk. “Or maybe you’re just gonna ruin the song.”


            Harry scoffs. “We all know that’s not possible.”


            I roll my eyes. “So modest.”