Chapter 35

Carly’s POV:


            “What in the bloody hell is this?” Harry snarls, slamming down a magazine on the table in front of me.


            I jump a bit in my seat, startled. I looked up at Harry, and almost flinched at how furious he looked. His nostrils were flaring and his green eyes turned black, like they do whenever he’s really angry. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I look down at the magazine and my eyes widen. There was a picture of me kissing Duke Scott, the well-known actor. I bite my bottom lip, understanding the reason why Harry was angry, but he had it wrong. So, so wrong.


            “Look, Harry, I can explain,” I immediately start, lifting my head to look at him. He stays quiet, arms crossed over his chest as we waits for me to continue. “A couple of weeks ago, before you came out to visit me, Kristen had gotten a call from a movie director. He’s making this movie, a new version of Cinderella, so to say, and he wanted me to audition as the lead. So I did and I ended up getting the part.


            “No one knows about me filming this movie, because we’ve barely started. We only shot one scene, which was the final scene of the movie. It had a part in which I kiss Duke, and that’s the picture you’re looking at,” I explain. “It’s a staged kiss, Harry. I didn’t actually kiss Duke. It was for the movie.”


            I look at Harry, and see that he’s much more calmer than before. His arms fell to his sides as he looked down at me. “Is that really what happened?” he asks curiosly.


            I nod. “Yeah.”


            Harry nods, biting the inside of his cheek. “Alright then.”


            “Wait,” I suddenly say. “Did you actually think I’d cheat on you?” I frown, standing up.


            “Well, I, I mean,” he stumbled over his words. “It crossed my mind, once or twice.”


            My jaw drops and eyes widen as I take a step back, the back of my legs bumping into the couch behind me. “I can’t believe you!” I exclaim. “Why in the world would you think that?!”


            “Can you blame me, Carly?!” Harry suddenly shouts angrily, his deep voice bouncing off the walls of the empty hotel room. “When you see a picture of your girlfriend kissing some other guy, the worst seems to come in your brain first!”


            “Don’t you trust me, though?” I retort. “If you did, then you would know I would never do such a thing. Ever.” The damn tears start stinging the corner of my eyes, upset about the fact that such a thought even occured to Harry.


            Harry bitterly chuckles quietly. “You’re no saint either, Carly,” he says, looking down at me. “Haven’t you ever done the same? Looking at pictures of me you see on the Internet and immediately declaring that I cheated on you?”


            “That’s because whenever I saw a picture of you kissing another girl, it ended up you actually cheating on me!” I yell out, regretting it as soon as those words jumped out of my mouth.


            The hotel suite suddenly turned eerily silent. My eyes widened as I heard what I just said, my brown eyes locking with Harry’s green ones, that now instead of lacing with anger, were laced with hurt.


            “Are you really holding that over me?” Harry asks quietly, his voice dropping to a raspy whisper.


            I shake my head rapidly. “No, Harry, I-I didn’t –”


            “No, no, it’s okay,” Harry cuts me off, eyebrows scrunching together as he thinks over something. “I’m just...” he trails off. His head lowers as the ends of his wavy curls cover his green eyes. “I’m gonna head out.”


            “Harry, no, listen,” I try to stop him as I take a step towards him, but he immediately takes one back. I can literally feel my heart crushing and I suddenly feel rejected and hurt, seeing that Harry doesn’t even want me to touch him.


            “Out of everyone, I thought you would be the one person who would understand,” Harry says. I look up and see him staring – almost glaring – at me. “I guess not.”


            And before I could argue, he walks out of the hotel room.


            As soon as the door closes, I fall back down on the couch, an exhasperated expression most likely on my face. I know what I said was wrong, and I know it hit Harry extremely hard. I didn’t mean to say it, it just came out of my mouth, as if on instinct. When I get angry, I say things I don’t mean, and this was one of them.


            I know how hard of a time Harry has with the media. I know how people call him a player and a flirt and a heart breaker. They had even more proof of that when he had cheated on me a couple of months ago with Kate. But I had put that behind me, and I wanted Harry to know that. He gets enough shit from the paparazzi and the media and the fans about that behavior of his, and to him, I was the only person who would know how he felt.


            And now here I am, where I have literally screwed that up. That one minor sentence I had said to Harry crushed him, and it was all my fault. I hurt his feelings more than I never meant to, and the guilt of it was already eating me up.


            So I sat there on the couch of my hotel suite, tears leaking down my cheeks as I brought my legs up to my chest, my forehead resting on my knees as I wrapped my arms around my legs. I sniffled ever so often, shutting my eyes tightly as I let out a shaky breath. When you know you hurt some one you love deeply, it hurts you a lot. Probably more than it hurt the other person. I feel like socking myself in the face for saying that to Harry.           


            After a couple of minutes of sniffling and crying, I stood up from the couch and went over to the bedroom. Entering the bathroom in there, I quickly washed my face, and re-did my make up. There, now I looked like I haven’t been crying – almost. I still have a red nose and slightly puffy red eyes. I sighed. Walking to where my bags were, I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a long dark blue jumper. Putting those on along with Converse, I brushed my hair and grabbed my Gucci sunglasses.


            Walking out of the hotel room, I took the elevator down to the lobby and walked straight through, not being recognized. But I guess I spoke too soon, because just when I did, a thousand flash lights were being snapped in front of my face with people surrounding me and microphones being shoved up in front of my face.


            “Carly! Is it true you cheated on Harry?!” No.


            “Is that your way of getting revenge on him for cheating on you?!!” Fuck no.


            “Where is Harry?!” I have no idea.


            “Did he leave you?!” I hope not.


            “Have you been crying?!” Well no shit.


            Keeping my head down and mentally answering all of their stupid questions, I shoved my way through the crowd of paparazzi and got into the car that had Randy waiting for me. Slamming the door close, I sit back in the chair, a sigh escaping my lips.


            “Where to, Carly?” Randy asks from the driver’s seat.


            I sigh, my right elbow propping up on the door as my right hand rubs my forehead. “Wherever the nearest park is.”


            Randy immediately starts up the car, driving to where I had requested him to. The whole ride I kept my eyes closed, mostly to stop those damn tears from forming again. A few minutes later, the car comes to a halt.


            “We’re here, Carls,” Randy says.


            I open my eyes and sit up. “Thanks, Randy,” I say. “You can just go. I’ll call you when I need you to pick me up.”


            Randy nods as I exit the car and step on to the side walk. I look around me and see I’m at the entrance of this big park. As Randy drives away, I enter the park and my boots mush against the grass as I walk. It wasn’t cold; in fact, it was quiet warm.


            As I walked, I felt something softly hit my leg. Looking down, I saw that it was a soccerball. Suddenly, a little girl with black hair and brown eyes ran up to me. I pick up the ball and give it to her, smiling.


            “Is this yours?” I smile, holding out the ball.


            The girls nods, grinning. “Yeah!” she says in her cute American accent.


            I smile, giving it to her. “Here you go.”


            She grins and takes it from me. “Thanks,” she says. Before running away, she peers up at me curiously. “Are you okay?”


            “What do you mean?” I ask.


            “You seem sad,” she says in a cute voice. “Are you alright?”


            I give her a small smile. “Not really, darling,” I say. “I got into an argument with someone.”


            “Was it your boyfriend?” she questions, pouting.


            I was a bit surprised, but chuckled softly. “Yes,” I say.


            “Do you love him?” she asks.


            I nod. “Definitely.”


            Her face then breaks out into a smile. “Then you don’t need to worry! If you two love each other, you’re gonna be happy again! Mommy tells me true love conquers all, that’s why my daddy came back to us!”


            My lips part as I look at this nine or ten year old girl. I bite my bottom lip, a smile soon growing on my lips. Then the four words ring in my mind, my heart hoping that it was true.


            True love conquers all.