Chapter 34

Carly’s POV:  


            “No!” I laugh, moving away from the curly haired boy.


            “Oh, come on,” Harry’s deep laugh rumbles. “Let me try.”


            I shake my head. “You’re gonna mess up my face.”


            “I am not!” he declares as he corners me in the bathroom. Damn it, why did I run in here? “I’m not gonna be that bad.”


            I shake my head again. “Please, no,” I laugh.


            Harry pouts, lowering his hand that held the lip gloss. “Don’t you trust me?”


            I sigh. “Fine,” I say reluctantly. “Hold on.”


            I walk across the bathroom and sit on the counter, my back facing the mirror. My legs dangled off the counter as Harry stands in front of me and in between my legs. The dude was nagging me about doing my make up, which was something I was hesitant about. I mean, he’s never done a girl’s make up before! I’m just nervous about the turn out.


            Harry picks up my Sephora lip gloss, and I pucker up my lips as he slides it across my lips. “Wait,” I say, pulling away slightly.


            “What?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.


            “S-Sorry,” I say in between laughs. “I just... This is too funny.”         


            “Stoppp,” Harry says in a whiny voice, stomping his feet, making me laugh harder.


            “Sorry, sorry,” I say, calming down. “You can continue.”


            Harry rolls his green eyes, continuing to put on the pink lip gloss on me. When he’s done, I smack my lips together, and turn my head to look at my lips in the mirror. Fortunately, he had done it perfectly, and I smiled. It’s not hard to put on lip gloss, but as a guy, I’m thinking it was... I don’t know.


            “See?” Harry grins proudly as I turn to look at him. “I did it right!”


            I laugh, nodding. “Sure did,” I agreed, pecking his lips. Some of the gloss came on to his lips, so I lifted my right hand and wiped it away with my thumb. “Now get out because I have to pee.”


            Harry sticks his tongue out at me before walking out of the bathroom and closing the door. After doing my ‘business’, I walk out of the bathroom and into the hotel room. I had nothing planned today, except for the concert tonight, unlike yesterday. I had an interview, photo shoot, and then another interview, right before the concert. It was exhausting.


            Entering the room where Harry was at, I turned to him. “What’s the plan for today?” I ask.


            “Well, we’re in Hershey,” Harry begins, putting on his beanie. “Let’s go to Hershey Park.”


            My eyes widen, a grin on my face. “I love the way you think, Styles.”




            “We’re going to the Kissing Tower first,” Harry declares, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the attraction.


            “Is that you or your hormones speaking?” I ask with a laugh, walking along with him.


            “Both, most likely,” he sends me a cheeky smirk as we walk.


            I roll my eyes, approaching the big ride. Harry and I walked in, seeing as no one recognized us with our sunglasses on. Once inside, Harry and I stood by the wall as other couples walked in. As we waited, Harry’s arms were on my shoulders as he laced his hands together at the back of my head, and my arms were around his torso.


            “You know, I quite like this,” Harry murmurs in his low voice, forehead resting against my own.


            I frown slightly. “What?”


            “Just being here, with you,” he shrugs. “It’s been a while, and I’m just glad we can spend some time together.”


            I smile, and before I could respond, the ride started moving. We slowly moved up, and when we finally reached the top, Harry grinned at me. “Come here,” he chuckles.


            I laugh, standing on my tippy toes and pressing my lips to his. Harry’s arms wrapped around my neck as I kissed him, savoring every moment of the kiss.




Harry’s POV:


Everyone knows of Carly McKinley as the beautiful and talented British/American singer who has taken the world by storm. And they also know her as the girlfriend of British/Irish boy band member of the band One Direction, Harry Styles. People ‘ship’ the couple, as they say, but is everything as perfect as it seems for this couple?


Pictures of the popstar, McKinley, have surfaced. Pictures of what? Of the nineteen year old kissing actor and singer, Duke Scott. So what’s happening in the picture below? Is Carly actually cheating on Harry? Or is this just a well-done photoshopped picture?


Leave your comments below!


            My jaw clenched as I looked down at the article, and when my eyes landed on the picture, I felt my heart being ripped out. Indeed, it was a picture of Carly kissing that guy, Duke. Their hands intertwined as they kissed. I frowned deeply, not making sense of this.


            Carly couldn’t be cheating, right? This could just be a photo shopped picture. It doesn’t make sense, none of this dose. She would never do this to me. I fucking love her, for God’s sake. And she loves me. She would never, ever do this. Carly, of all people, would never cheat.


            There’s proof right in front of you.


            It could always be something else.


            You’re just in denial.


            I guess I’ll just have to ask Carly about this.